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DCI Pesents R.V. Jones Intelligence Award

DCI Tenet Presents Dr. William J. Perry with Prestigious R.V. Jones Intelligence Award

April 16, 1999

Director of Central Intelligence George J. Tenet today presented Dr. William J. Perry, the former Secretary of Defense, with the prestigious R. V. Jones Award at a ceremony at CIA Headquarters.

The award, named after the late British physicist Reginald Victor Jones, who received the award in 1993, was created to honor individuals whose career accomplishments mirror those of Professor Jones in substance and style - "Scientific Acumen, Applied with Art, in the Cause of Freedom."

Presenting the award, Tenet said, "Bill Perry has helped us find the critical places where national security needs and technology come together. He has helped us marshal the best minds in academia, industry, and government."

Tenet added, "His well reasoned arguments have helped policymakers make the right decisions to secure our country's future. Judging by any one of those extraordinary contributions, you would think that Bill Perry has earned the R. V. Jones award many times over."

Tenet told Dr. Perry: "We in the Intelligence Community are deeply indebted to you for bringing to the highest councils of government a deep understanding of our intelligence mission."

Tenet praised Dr. Perry for his leadership and technical innovations during his career of service to our nation -- in defense, intelligence, technology, academia, industry, and as a governmental advisor. "In the mid-1950s, he played a preeminent role in developing new collection capabilities essential to understanding the Soviet missile threat," Tenet said. "His leadership and vision in promoting, modifying, and upgrading our national SIGINT capabilities are legendary."

Tenet added that, during the Cuban missile crisis, Dr. Perry played an essential role on the intelligence team providing assessments of the missile threat directly to President Kennedy. His collection systems innovations and insightful concepts led to the development of the Guardrail System, the US Army's renowned airborne reconnaissance capability.

"During his career in government culminating as Secretary of Defense, his leadership and innovations in national security focused not only on strategic intelligence but also on battlefield information dominance in the information age," Tenet said.

Dr. Perry was nominated for the R. V. Jones Award by the Security Affairs Support Association (SASA). In addition to R. V. Jones, previous recipients of the award were Dr. Albert Wheelon, CIA's first Deputy Director for Science and Technology, who received the award in 1994, and Dr. Richard L. Garwin, noted scientist, who received the award in 1996.

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