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CIA World Factbook 1999 Now Available

September 21, 1999

The World Factbook 1999 is now available on the Central Intelligence Agency Web site ( The World Factbook remains the CIA’s most popular and most widely disseminated product. Since January 1999, an average of nearly a quarter of a million people have accessed the Factbook each month on the CIA Web site. In addition, the Web version of the Factbook is widely linked to from commercial, academic, and other Web sites.

This reference work provides wide-ranging, hard-to-locate information about the geography, people, governments, economies, communications, militaries, and more of 266 geographic entities. There are nine primary information categories and 100 subcategories for most entities, including geographic coordinates, GDP, number of telephones, natural resources, legal systems, political parties, and mortality rates. Included among the 266 geographic listings is one for the "World," which includes data and other information summarized where possible from the other 265 listings.

The World Factbook contains eight appendixes with reference information ranging from descriptions of international abbreviations and international organizations and groups to cross-reference lists of Country Data Codes. The 1999 edition includes 19 reference maps which are available in both .jpg and .pdf formats. The latter format requires a free reader—available from Adobe Systems Incorporated—to view and, in most cases, is suitable for printing on a single sheet of paper.

New information subcategories in the 1999 edition include population below the poverty line, household income or consumption by percentage share, electricity exports and imports, and electricity production by source (fossil fuel, hydro, nuclear, other). A reference map of Kosovo is included and terrain features have been added to most of the reference maps.

Printed copies of The World Factbook 1999 will be available for purchase later this year from the Government Printing Office ( and the National Technical Information Service ( The CIA will announce the availability of all Factbook versions as they become available. Ordering and pricing information for both domestic and international customers will be available on the GPO and NTIS Web sites.

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