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CIA Updates Web Site's Look and Features

November 3, 1999

The Office of Public Affairs posted today a redesigned interface for the Central Intelligence Agency Web site and a number of new features, including new Web pages about the Office of General Counsel and the Office of Public Affairs.

Key among the enhancements is a concerted effort to make it easier to navigate and find information on the CIA Web site. Top-level pages, like the CIA and Director of Central Intelligence homepages, contain links which enable visitors to directly access all major areas of the Web site and several popular products.

Complementing the site map added in August is an extensive index, cross-referenced where possible using words reflecting the way people might think of a subject-like employment, careers, jobs, and recruiting. Top-of-the-page and left-side-of-the-page navigation tools have been added to many pages to further ease finding information on the site.

The new Office of General Counsel Web pages focus on recruiting attorneys. The new Office of Public Affairs pages describe the varied missions of the Office of Public Affairs and its branches. The new home page for kids provides a more attractive and easier to navigate interface for the kids' area. A new Break the Code game will challenge older kids to use a variety of methods to decode messages related to the CIA.

The About the CIA page contains expanded information and the Virtual Tour of the CIA and CIA Museum pages are easier to navigate. Links to the CIA's privacy and security notices have been included on all top-level and many second-level pages.

The enhancements do not extend to the organizational areas of the Web site: the Directorate of Intelligence, the Directorate of Science and Technology, the Center for the Study of Intelligence, the CIA FOIA Electronic Reading Room, and the Intelligence Community pages. These pages and their content are managed independent of the Office of Public Affairs.

Over time, we plan to continue adding to and improving the site. Our goal is a Web site that provides Americans as much information as possible about the Central Intelligence Agency, consistent with the protection of information which should remain classified, such as sources and methods.

Please Contact Us with your comments, suggestions, or complaints about the preceding changes.

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