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DCI Appoints Deputy Director for Science and Technology

DCI Announces Appointment of Deputy Director for Science and Technology, Joanne Isham

January 12, 2000

McLean, Va. - Director of Central Intelligence George J. Tenet this week announced the appointment of Joanne Isham as the CIA's Deputy Director for Science and Technology (DDS&T).

Ms. Isham, who had served as the CIA's Associate Deputy Director for Science and Technology (ADDS&T) since February 1996, replaces Dr. Gary L. Smith, who informed the DCI recently that he would like to step down as DDS&T.

"Gary had retired as Director of the Applied Physics Laboratory of Johns Hopkins University when we asked him to fill the vacuum created by [former DDS&T] Ruth David's resignation," Tenet said in a statement to CIA employees. [Dr. David left CIA in September 1998 to accept a position in the private sector.]

"Gary has facilitated an effective transition and would now like to continue his interrupted retirement plan," Tenet said in the statement to employees. "I know you all join me in thanking Gary for his contributions and in our commitment to supporting Joanne in her new position."

Regarding the appointment of Ms. Isham, Tenet said: "I have no doubt that under Joanne's leadership, the DS&T will carry on its great tradition of putting technology to work to enhance the effectiveness of clandestine collection and all-source analysis—the key components of our Strategic Direction efforts here at CIA."

Tenet also announced that James Runyan would succeed Ms. Isham as ADDS&T.

As ADDS&T, Ms. Isham was the principal deputy for all scientific and technical programs in the CIA. Prior to this assignment, she served in key executive and substantive positions throughout the Intelligence Community, including: CIA's Director of Congressional Affairs; Deputy Director of the Resource Management Office of the Community Management Staff; and Chief of the Program Analysis Group of the Community Management Staff.

Ms. Isham joined the CIA in 1977. Her biography is attached.

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