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Tenet Lauds Appointment of McLaughlin as Acting DDCI

June 29, 2000

Director of Central Intelligence George J. Tenet said he was "delighted" by President Clinton’s decision yesterday to designate John E. McLaughlin as Acting Deputy Director of Central Intelligence.

McLaughlin, 58, served as CIA’s Deputy Director for Intelligence (DDI) since July 1997. Previously he served as Vice Chairman for Estimates and as Acting Chairman of the National Intelligence Council.

"Though his career has been in the Directorate of Intelligence, John has worked closely with leaders and officers of every one of our Directorates," Tenet said of McLaughlin, who came to CIA in 1972. "He knows and appreciates the unique contributions of each."

"His knowledge—of both world affairs and the American foreign policy process—is deep and wide. His thoughtfulness and eloquence have won him friends and admirers throughout the Intelligence Community and among its customers downtown and around the globe," Tenet added.

The DCI praised McLaughlin’s service as DDI, crediting him for introducing advanced technical tools that will vastly improve the ability of CIA analysts to accomplish their mission. "That said, the greatest legacy of John’s three years as DDI is not the hardware on the desktop, but the men and women who use it."

Tenet said McLaughlin has made investments in people and the enhancement of their skills the cornerstone of his leadership. In March 2000, he launched CIA’s Senior Analytic Service, which rewards world-class expertise in topics of key concern to the US Government. He also was the driving force behind the new Sherman Kent School, which houses CIA’s first comprehensive training program for professional intelligence analysts.

Tenet also thanked General John Gordon, who has been appointed Administrator of the National Nuclear Security Administration and served as DDCI since October 31, 1997, for his "exceptional service."

"John Gordon combines the curiosity of a scientist with the discipline of a soldier and the patience of an expert in arms control," Tenet said. "He put his rare mix of skills and experience at the service of our Intelligence Community, and he has left it a far better place."

Tenet also announced today that Winston P. Wiley, 53, currently the Associate Deputy Director for Intelligence, will serve as Acting Deputy Director for Intelligence.

White House Press Release on President Clinton's naming of John E. McLaughlin as Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency

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