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DCI Names Deputy Director for Intelligence

Director of Central Intelligence Names Deputy Director for Intelligence, Associate Deputy Directors for Intelligence

August 18, 2000


Director of Central Intelligence George J. Tenet announced today the appointment of Winston P. Wiley as CIA’s new Deputy Director for Intelligence. Wiley succeeds John E. McLaughlin, who was appointed Acting Deputy Director of Central Intelligence on June 29, 2000. Wiley has served as Associate Deputy Director for Intelligence (ADDI) since July 1997.

Wiley holds a B.A. in economics from The American University and a M.A. in Public Administration from the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University. Before joining the CIA, Wiley spent three years in the Army Security Agency as a Russian linguist. Wiley has held a wide range of analytic and senior managerial positions in the Directorate of Intelligence, including Chief, Persian Gulf Task Force. Wiley also served as the Deputy Chief, DCI Counterterrorist Center, and then Chief, DCI Counterterrorist Center prior to being named ADDI.

Tenet also announced today the selection of Jami Miscik to succeed Wiley as ADDI. Miscik, a native of Redondo Beach, California, joined the CIA in 1983 as an economic analyst after receiving a BA in political science and economics from Pepperdine University and a MA in International Studies from the University of Denver.

Miscik completed a rotational assignment to the National Security Council as Director for Intelligence Programs and, upon returning to CIA, was named Executive Assistant to the DCI. She was subsequently appointed Deputy Director of the DCI’s Nonproliferation Center and then Director of the Office of Transnational Issues, Directorate of Intelligence.

Additionally, Tenet announced the appointment of Martin C. Petersen to the new position of ADDI for Strategic Planning and Programs. Petersen, a native of Lynwood , California, received a BA in political science with high distinction from Arizona State University and a MA in Asian Studies from the East-West Center, University of Hawaii. Petersen served with the US Army in Vietnam.

During his CIA career, Petersen held a series of analytic and senior managerial positions dealing with East Asia, including Director of the Office of East Asian Analysis. Following the reorganization of the Directorate of Intelligence in 1997, Petersen was chosen as the first Director of the Office of Asian Pacific and Latin American Analysis. In 1999, Petersen became Director of Strategic Programs, Directorate of Intelligence.

In making the announcements today, Tenet said: " I have asked Winston, Jami, and Marty to continue to pursue the DI’s objective of providing the best possible intelligence support to senior policymakers, the Congress, the diplomatic, military, and law enforcement communities as well as to other national customers."

"The key to securing this objective is a focus on meeting the needs of the customer, the continued development of substantive expertise, and building strong alliances and partnerships with collectors, other communities of analysts, and experts outside the intelligence community," Tenet added.

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