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CIA Posts Web Pages with Anti-Drug Theme for Kids

October 27, 2000

In support of the White House and Office of National Drug Control Policy's campaign against drug use by young people, the Central Intelligence Agency this week added to the "CIA's Homepage for Kids" a set of pages with an anti-drug theme. In adding these pages, the CIA joins other federal agencies in projecting an anti-drug message to America's youth.

With the theme "Get high on intelligence, not drugs," the Web site puts drugs in the perspective of the world of intelligence gathering. Children see the roles CIA plays in the war on drugs, view Agency publications dealing with such topics as how narcotics production damages the environment, and learn how substance abuse can affect an individual's potential to serve as an intelligence officer. The web site invites children to take a pledge, with their parents support, to not take drugs. A reading list on the subject and links to other anti-drug web sites are included.

The Agency hopes the information contained within the Kids Anti-Drug page gives children additional tools and the inspiration they will need to make the right choices when faced with the temptations of substance abuse.

The new pages may be viewed at

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Posted: Apr 12, 2007 07:55 AM
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