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Senator, Physicist Receive US Intelligence Medal

Senator Warren Rudman and Physicist Sidney Drell Receive Highest Award Bestowed by US Intelligence

January 9, 2001


Director of Central Intelligence George J. Tenet today presented the National Intelligence Distinguished Service Medal--the highest award bestowed by the U.S. Intelligence Community--to both Sen. Warren B. Rudman and renowned physicist Sidney D. Drell in recognition of their decades of distinguished service to the nation.

Both Sen. Rudman and Drell were appointed by the President to the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board (PFIAB) in 1993. Sen. Rudman served as PFIAB's Vice Chairman and then its Chairman for the last three years.

Speaking at a ceremony at CIA Headquarters this morning, Tenet praised Sen. Rudman for "tackling the most complex, sensitive, and critical issues with rigor, candor, fairness, and vision."

"Sen. Rudman has set the model for Board leadership in the 21st century--not just by virtue of his legendary capacity to 'get to the heart of an issue' and to 'get things done,' but because of his unwavering determination to 'do what is right' for our country," Tenet said.

In a citation read at the ceremony, Sen. Rudman was lauded for his "impeccable, lifelong reputation for superior achievement, unquestioned integrity, and unwavering dedication to our nation's security."

At the same ceremony, Tenet said Drell is "one of the nation's most invaluable intelligence assets," adding that he is "the personification of radiant energy" and "excites the thinking of everyone around him."
In a citation read at the ceremony, Drell was credited with "bringing White House and Intelligence Community attention to bear on a wide range of critical scientific and technical challenges confronting this nation."

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