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DCI Tenet Appoints New Executive Director

March 16, 2001

The Director of Central Intelligence (DCI), George J. Tenet, announced today the appointment of A.B. "Buzzy" Krongard to serve as Executive Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

The Executive Director is the third ranking position within the CIA and the incumbent functions essentially as the Chief Operating Officer of the Agency. For the past three years Mr. Krongard has served as Counselor to the DCI.

In announcing Mr. Krongard’s selection, Director Tenet said: "The CIA and the nation are fortunate to have someone of Buzzy Krongard’s experience willing to help ensure that the management and operation of the Agency is as efficient and effective as possible. I have treasured his wise counsel and ‘no-nonsense’ businesslike views on how to address the challenges facing the Intelligence Community." Tenet added: "Buzzy is the perfect individual to build upon the successes we have had in recent years and to bring the management of the Agency to the next level of performance."

A longtime consultant to DCIs, Mr. Krongard joined the Agency full time in February, 1998 following an extraordinary 29-year business career. During his private sector career he served as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Alex.Brown Incorporated, the nation’s oldest investment banking firm, and Vice Chairman of the Board of Bankers Trust.

Mr. Krongard received an A.B. degree with honors from Princeton University and a Juris Doctor degree with honors from the University of Maryland School of Law. He served three years of active duty as an infantry officer with the United States Marine Corps.

Director Tenet also announced today the appointment of John O. Brennan to serve as Deputy Executive Director. Mr. Brennan is currently Chief of Staff to the DCI and has had an outstanding 21 year career in the Agency’s Directorates of Intelligence and Operations including significant postings overseas. In making the appointment, Tenet said: "John Brennan will provide excellent breadth and depth of experience to complement the unique skills that Buzzy Krongard brings to the ExDir’s office."

Mr. Krongard will succeed David W. Carey. Mr. Carey has been Executive Director since July, 1997 and, as such, is the second-longest serving Executive Director over the past two decades.

Director Tenet praised Carey’s performance as Executive Director. "Dave has brought order, rationality, discipline and dedication to the job of being the Agency’s Executive Director," Tenet said. "Much of the success the Agency has achieved in strengthening our analytic capabilities, restoring the vitality of our clandestine service, and recruiting and retaining the best and brightest people for our Agency family has been the result of Dave’s hard work," Tenet concluded. Mr. Carey will undertake several special assignments for the Director before moving on to another assignment.

As Deputy Executive Director, Mr. Brennan will succeed Ms. Regina A. Genton, whose performance Director Tenet described as "superb." She has recently been selected to head up a major office within the Agency’s Directorate of Science and Technology.

Mr. Krongard will assume his new duties effective Monday March 26, 2001.

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