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CIA’s Directorate of Intelligence Marks its 50th Anniversary

November 4, 2002

The Central Intelligence Agency will mark the 50th anniversary of the creation of its analytical arm, the Directorate of Intelligence (DI), during private ceremonies at its headquarters in McLean, Virginia on Thursday, 7 November.

In 1952, then-Director of Central Intelligence Lieutenant General Walter Bedell Smith implemented a reorganization of the CIA, placing all analytical functions, which had previously existed in several components of the Agency, into a single directorate.

In a message to the current DI workforce commemorating the anniversary, Deputy Director for Intelligence Jami Miscik said, “No less than at the time of its creation, today’s DI is helping our government understand and deal successfully with a challenging international environment and grave threats to peace.”

“We do so with the same spirit and dedication that have characterized our important work throughout the years,” Ms Miscik said. “Inspired by those who have gone before us, we look forward to working together and with our colleagues to build on the tradition of excellence and legacy of service that make ours a uniquely challenging and fulfilling profession.”

During commemorative ceremonies, two senior DI analysts will be honored with the first ever William Langer Award for outstanding analytic contributions to the DI. Langer - a distinguished scholar and pioneer OSS analyst - was the first chairman of CIA’s Office of National Estimates and later served on the President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board (PFIAB). During his career, Langer demonstrated the feasibility of performing intelligence analysis by combining information from multiple intelligence collection disciplines, including imagery, signals intercepts, and human intelligence.

Following the award ceremony, a symposium entitled “Recalling the DI’s Past: A Look at Three Historic Crises,” will be held in the CIA auditorium. The classified symposium pairs senior intelligence officers with senior policy makers to discuss each of the crises. Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski, Former National Security Advisor and Douglas MacEachin, former CIA Deputy Director for Intelligence will discuss the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan; Richard Haas, Former National Security Council member and current State Department Director of Policy Planning and Winston Wiley, former CIA Deputy Director for Intelligence and current Assistant DCI for Homeland Security will discuss the Persian Gulf War; and finally, Ambassador Winston Lord, former US Ambassador to China during the period leading up to the Tiananmen Square crisis, will share his insights along with Martin Petersen, who was CIA’s Deputy Director of East Asian Analysis at that time and is currently Chief of Human Resources at CIA.

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