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Statement on the 9/11 Commission Report

Statement By John E. McLaughlin Acting Director Of Central Intelligence on 9/11 Commission Report, 22 July 2004

Statement by the Acting Director of Central Intelligence John E. McLaughlin on the 9/11 Commission Report

July 22, 2004

On behalf of the men and women throughout the American Intelligence Community, I want to express appreciation to the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States for producing a comprehensive report that will serve our nation in the fight against terrorism in the years ahead.

The Commission cites the systemic weaknesses and other shortcomings that kept the Intelligence Community—and the government as a whole—from preventing the devastating attacks on 9/11, despite US intelligence’s recognition of the seriousness of the terrorist threat and often heroic efforts. We appreciate the Commission’s observation that the Central Intelligence Agency is in the foreground of the story and of some of its criticisms partly because before 9/11, no Agency had more responsibility—or did more—to attack Al-Qaida.

In the weeks and months ahead, we will carefully study the conclusions and recommendations of this important report. And we will consider how these conclusions and recommendations can enhance the many changes that have been made since the 9/11 attacks—changes that have not only transformed the Intelligence Community’s collection, operational, and analytic capabilities in the war on terrorism, but have also strengthened our government’s ability to deal with the threat to our homeland.

The Commission members have performed an important service to our nation with this report, and we look forward to examining their findings.

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