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Statement by CIA Director of Public Affairs Jennifer Millerwise

March 18, 2005

Today’s front-page story in The New York Times on testimony by Director of Central Intelligence Porter J. Goss creates the false impression that US Intelligence may have had a policy in the past of using torture against terrorists captured in the war on terror. That is not true.

All approved interrogation techniques, both past and present, are lawful and do not constitute torture.

The truth is exactly what Director Goss said it was: "We don’t do torture." CIA policies on interrogation have always followed legal guidance from the Department of Justice. If an individual violates the policy, then he or she will be held accountable.

Lawful interrogation of captured terrorists is a vital tool in saving American lives. It works—and it is done with Congressional oversight, in keeping with American law.

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Posted: May 02, 2007 06:57 PM
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