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Statement: WMD Commission Recommendations

Statement by Director of the Central Intelligence Agency Porter J. Goss on the WMD Commission Recommendations 

June 29, 2005

At CIA, we are improving how we do our business—operationally, analytically, and technically. The responsibilities assigned to CIA underscore the critical nature of our work and the trust and confidence placed in this Agency. It also reaffirms our role as the lead for human intelligence.

In the 1990s, we suffered deep cuts in intelligence funding and investment. Now, we are rebuilding a system that includes more comprehensive global collection and more rigorous analysis. This involves both quality and quantity. We are not just bringing more people into the Agency, but the right people—those with substantive skills, language, and cultural familiarity of targets critical to America's security.

The CIA provides the United States with a unique set of capabilities and options. Further enhancing our role in defeating terrorism and the other threats confronting our country today and tomorrow is critical.

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