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Stephen R. Kappes Assumes Duties As CIA Deputy Director

July 25, 2006

In a televised message to the CIA workforce yesterday, Director Michael V. Hayden announced that Stephen R. Kappes has begun work as the Agency's Deputy Director.

General Hayden said that Kappes, with nearly a quarter century of CIA experience, “has a profound understanding of how this Agency works, both here at Headquarters and in the field.”

Mr. Kappes, a veteran operations officer who has held leadership posts throughout the Clandestine Service, told the men and women of CIA that he knew firsthand “your expertise, your skills, your patriotism, and your generosity to your colleagues.”

Both men praised the former Deputy Director, Vice Admiral Albert M. Calland III, USN, with General Hayden describing him as a source of “wise counsel to two Directors.”

Admiral Calland, nominated by President Bush last month to be Deputy Director for Strategic Operational Planning at the National Counterterrorism Center, was reconfirmed in his rank by the Senate on Friday, clearing the way for him to start his new assignment.

In his comments to the CIA workforce, Admiral Calland termed his service at the Agency “an opportunity of a lifetime and an experience of a lifetime.”

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