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CIA Director Welcomes New DNI

Director of the Central Intelligence Agency Message Welcoming New Director of National Intelligence

February 13, 2007

As Mike McConnell begins his work as the nation’s second Director of National Intelligence, please join me in congratulating him and welcoming him back to the Intelligence Community.

Throughout his career—both in the Navy and the private sector—Director McConnell has demonstrated a deep commitment to the mission of intelligence. As a leader and expert in our field, he keenly understands the vital role intelligence plays in supporting the war fighter and informing policymakers. He also shares the values that guide our work: integrity, honesty, service and dedication.

I have known Director McConnell for years, and am proud to count him as a colleague and friend. We both have been privileged to lead Intelligence Community agencies. That experience gives one a true appreciation of both his own organization and the unique contributions of the other members of our Community.

During his confirmation hearings, Director McConnell made clear that he intends to build on the accomplishments of Ambassador Negroponte and continue on a path toward greater integration within the IC, better sharing of information, and deeper penetration of intelligence targets. CIA will play a key role in helping the IC achieve these goals so that America remains strong and its citizens protected.

I look forward to working with Director McConnell to bring our Community closer together and make it as successful as possible against today’s urgent and complex threats. Please join me in wishing him the very best as he takes on this important assignment.

Mike Hayden

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