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Statement: HUMINT Enterprise Board of Governors

Statement to Employees by Director of the Central Intelligence Agency General Michael V. Hayden on the First Meeting of the HUMINT Enterprise Board of Governors

March 8, 2007

Leaders from across the federal government gathered at CIA Headquarters on 2 March for the first meeting of the HUMINT Enterprise Board of Governors. This new governing body, which I established in my capacity as National HUMINT Manager, will oversee efforts to more fully integrate our nation’s human intelligence resources.

The purpose of this unprecedented meeting of senior leaders was to define the Community HUMINT Enterprise and to brief Board members on the progress made since CIA was designated the managing agency for HUMINT.

The HUMINT Enterprise extends beyond organizations, such as our own National Clandestine Service (NCS) and the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), that collect foreign intelligence from human sources. It includes those that use clandestine methods or tradecraft to pursue law enforcement, counterintelligence, drug enforcement or military missions, plus organizations that support or enable HUMINT operations. Leaders of 21 agencies, bureaus and departments attended the inaugural Board meeting, including the NCS, DIA, FBI, the Special Operations Command, the Departments of Energy and Homeland Security, the National Security Agency and National Reconnaissance Office.

I stressed to the Board members that CIA’s role as National HUMINT Manager is one of partnership, not dictatorship. As I see it, the HUMINT Manager’s primary responsibility is to enable success of HUMINT operations throughout the Enterprise. The Board will assist in that by overseeing collaborative efforts to deconflict and coordinate operations, synchronize capabilities, and standardize tradecraft and training.

MajGen. Michael E. Ennis, DDNCS/Community HUMINT, briefed the Board on two new centers manned by officers from across our Community. One is devoted to coordination and deconfliction of operations. The other focuses on setting standards and best practices. Mike also discussed the progress of nine working groups on standards and evaluation, and ongoing initiatives in which multiple agencies are working together against some of our highest-priority targets.

I was extremely pleased with the first meeting of the Board. It proved to be an effective forum for members of the HUMINT Enterprise to discuss shared challenges and bring forward ideas for greater collaboration. I look forward to continuing the productive discussion at our next meeting in June, and am confident the Board will play a key role in enabling success of HUMINT operations.

Mike Hayden

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Posted: Mar 16, 2007 12:09 PM
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