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Rep. Jane Harman Honored at CIA

June 18, 2007

CIA Director Michael V. Hayden today presented the Agency Seal Medal to Rep. Jane Harman in appreciation of her "thoughtful and thorough" oversight of CIA as ranking member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. The medal is awarded to people outside the Agency who have made significant contributions to CIA's mission.

Speaking at a luncheon at CIA Headquarters, Director Hayden said, "Jane's brand of oversight was unique as she is--perceptive, constructive, active."

"To be sure, she was vigilant about CIA's budget and authorities," he added. "But she was just as interested in our people. She's on a first-name basis with many of our chiefs overseas, and when something was happening--good or bad--she would pick up the phone to see what they needed, ask about their families, and the families of their officers."

Director Hayden noted that Rep. Harman, who left the Intelligence Committee at the end of the 109th Congress, has a deep knowledge of both the Intelligence Community itself and the major challenges to national security. Citing her "strong hand" in shaping intelligence legislation since 2001, Director Hayden also praised her insight into threats such as Islamic extremism.

"Well before this danger burst into American consciousness on 9/11, Jane understood and spoke forcefully about al-Qa'ida's intent to attack our homeland. Today, she remains an influential voice on the subject of global terrorism and our country's need to be agile and creative so that we stay at least one step ahead of this evolving threat."

Rep. Harman's husband, Sidney, and several friends and staff members attended the luncheon. Director Hayden and his wife, Jeanine, were joined by senior officials from across the Agency to honor Rep. Harman and thank her for her exemplary service.

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Posted: Jun 18, 2007 12:55 PM
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