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Letter from President George Bush

The White House

December 6, 2002

I send greetings to those gathered for The Nixon Center's 2002 Distinguished Service Award Dinner.  Congratulations to this year's honoree, our Director of Central Intelligence, George Tenet.

As our Nation confronts new challenges and welcomes new opportunities, we are working to secure our homeland and extend the blessings of peace, freedom, and opportunity to people around the world.  To accomplish these important goals, it is essential that we continue to gather and utilize sound, reliable intelligence.

The CIA is engaged in a noble mission of service and sacrifice to defend America.  Director Tenet, you are a true patriot, an asset to our Nation, and a valued advisor.  I am grateful for your dedication and leadership that are critical to America's safety during this time of great uncertainty and risk.

I place a lot of confidence in you and in all our intelligence personnel, who are making important contributions to our Nation and to the global war against terrorism.  I also commend The Nixon Center for your ongoing efforts to promote research and dialogue that strengthen our national security.  Your work is helping to build a future of hope and peace for all.

Laura joins me in sending our best wishes.

George Bush

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