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The Global Futures Partnership

The Global Futures Partnership (GFP) is a strategic “think and do tank” that undertakes unclassified global outreach for CIA and other Intelligence Community elements on the most important issues facing the intelligence community today and in coming years. It conceptualizes and implements interdisciplinary and multi-organizational projects on key intelligence issues with leading thinkers from academia, business, strategy, and intelligence consultants.

  • Expands external relationships both in the US and abroad to increase exposure to diverse perspectives.
  • Leverages open-source knowledge and opens up new relationships with nontraditional sources of expertise and insight.
  • Promotes and demonstrates learning approaches that challenge ingrained assumptions and enable long-term thinking.
  • Catalyzes discussion on adapting intelligence organizations to address nontraditional challenges.

In late 2005, the GFP launched the Global Futures Forum (GFF) a multinational, multidisciplinary intelligence community embracing intelligence, national security, and nongovernment experts who engage in strategic level, unclassified dialogue and research to better understand and anticipate transnational threats. GFF members from more than 35 countries have begun to work together in a number of topic-based communities of interest, including:

  • terrorism and counterterrorism studies                          
  • radicalization
  • illicit trafficking                                                               
  • proliferation
  • foresight and warning                                                    
  • practice and organization of intelligence
  • social networks                                                               
  • genocide prevention
  • pandemics                                                                     
  • environment and resource challenges
  • failed and failing states                                                     
GFF members meet in small community gatherings in the United States and abroad, in larger annual forums, and in a groundbreaking, unclassified, password-protected Web site that enables conversations begun in face-to-face meetings to continue around the clock and around the world.

Posted: May 06, 2007 03:06 PM
Last Updated: Jul 19, 2011 10:07 AM