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The Office of Transnational Issues

The Office of Transnational Issues applies unique functional expertise to assess existing and emerging threats to US national security and provides the most senior US policymakers, military planners, and law enforcement with analysis, warning, and crisis support. OTI produces current intelligence products as well as long-range analysis that provide strategic context and over-the-horizon perspective.

Drawing on a broad range of experts, OTI’s analysis addresses energy and economic security, illicit financial activities, societal conflicts, humanitarian crises, global health, and the strategic military and global information environment:

  • OTI analysts with expertise in international energy, trade, and finance support senior officials responding to developments that could affect US energy security, the stability of international financial markets, and downturns in the economies of countries of concern.
  • The Office’s illicit finance analysts draw on money laundering, corruption, and financial network expertise to support policy and law enforcement officials in their efforts to identify, disrupt, and prevent illicit financial transactions that threaten US security.
  • OTI assessments on refugee flows, food security, and border tensions contribute to US forecasts of international aid requirements, support US and multilateral peacekeeping operations, and identify prospects for instability in potential trouble spots.
  • OTI’s health experts analyze health threats abroad, such as pandemics, that could impact the United States and its interests.
  • OTI’s military analysis provides US policymakers and military commanders with a better understanding of current and future battlefield threats and opportunities, assessing weapons assimilation, logistics, illicit arms transfers, denial and deception, and insurgency as well as providing the Agency with a premier war gaming capability.
  • OTI’s analysis of foreign efforts to manipulate US perceptions helps US policymakers understand the global information environment and how views of the United State are formed.
  • OTI analysts use a range of methodological techniques and outside experts to analyze complex intelligence questions related to current policy issues and long-range concerns about the strategic security environment.

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