Offices of CIA


The CIA Crime and Narcotics Center

The CIA Crime and Narcotics Center (CNC) is a leader in the Intelligence Community in crafting analysis and supporting or conducting operations to counter illicit drug activities, transnational crime, and war crimes that threaten US national security interests:

  • Strategic analysts focus on long-term trends and keep US policymakers up-to-speed on fast-breaking events. They analyze the impact of the drug trade and of organized crime on US national security, follow trafficking methods and routes, and monitor cooperation between organized crime groups, traffickers, and terrorists.
  • Targeting analysts use sophisticated tools to identify key individuals, organizations, trends, and components in criminal organizations. They help guide intelligence operations and support law enforcement investigations by analyzing the information as it is collected, often from the field, and assist in efforts to put these organizations out of business.
  • Operational support specialists and program managers provide fast-paced operational research, management, and support to colleagues overseas. They enjoy the challenge of fast-moving situations, develop substantive expertise on organized crime and narcotics issues, and often travel to support operations or collect information.
  • Remote sensing and geographic information system specialists employ state-of-the-art technologies to identify, map, and quantify narcotics crops in key countries. They may travel to remote areas to conduct field studies in an effort to continuously improve their methods of analysis and often brief policymakers on their unique crop estimates.

Posted: May 06, 2007 02:55 PM
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