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With 29 years (mostly) in the DA, I have had five separate careers, each one building on expertise developed in the previous assignments. I've lived overseas, worked in the White House Situation Room, extensively researched absorbing topics, and had policymakers and colleagues interested in what I've discovered. I've learned an immense amount about the field I studied at university: international relations, but I've also learned so much more about people, systems, politics, critical thinking, writing, briefing, and topics as diverse as sanctions to biography to satellites. I don't have a yacht or a home worth millions, but I have never been bored at work. I've always been challenged to think and work at the most sophisticated levels, and I know that what I have done has helped my country prosper and be safe. The people I work with are intellectually curious, have wide-ranging and surprising interests and knowledge, and possess dynamic, rigorous, and sophisticated thinking standards. They also demonstrate the highest of ethical and personal standards; it is a pleasure to work daily with such impressive people. –Jane, manager, 29 years

Serving as a first-line manager was one of the most rewarding experiences I've had in my eleven years with the DA. The intelligence and dedication to the mission of people with whom I've had the pleasure to work never ceased to amaze me. As chief of two highly productive and fast-paced teams—responsible for South Asian and Middle Eastern issues—I was exposed to the best and the worst of the Intelligence Community, and I'm optimistic that the folks manning the analytic trenches are as capable and ready as ever to fight the good fight. Few organizations could have afforded me the wide array of experiences I had prior to management; I've worked in four different DA offices, traveled all over the world, and served as a PDB briefer—briefing the most senior of our Policy customers and meeting the President. –Steve, analytic manager/military analyst, 11 years

As a collection analyst I have had the opportunity to develop technical expertise, brief a wide variety of customers, and travel extensively. I work closely with regional as well as transnational analysts, helping them to leverage collection systems to answer their key questions and further refine their analysis, which in turn is passed on to policymakers. As collection analysis is a relatively small field, analysts have considerable responsibility as well as considerable autonomy in accomplishing their mission. This is a unique and challenging field, and allows you to learn about the varied and formidable resources available to assist other analysts in getting the information they need to help make this country a safer place. –Mike, collections analyst, 3.5 years

I came to the Agency from local government and was able to jump right in and work on challenging and timely issues. After receiving my master’s in peace operations, I was not sure where I wanted to work, but the Agency had a need and I was proud to answer the call to serve my country. I’ve been able to write for and brief top officials and diplomats, bringing them up to speed on issues about the United Nations and impacting US policy. In the DA, we often collaborate across offices to bring our collective analytic best forward--and that creates a unique synergy. CIA has great employee morale and an understanding management team that regularly asks for feedback. One of the more exciting aspects of work is having the opportunity to be trained in a variety of skills and subjects, usually with other members of the Intelligence Community. –Michael, political analyst, 2 years

I was recruited by the Agency from my communications graduate program at American University. I had no idea what was in store for me, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that working in the DA provides a vast range of opportunities and relationships beyond what I had imagined. In my day-to-day job I not only coordinate with analysts covering every region of the world, but I also interact with graphics designers, electronic publishers, and IT developers in order to provide our products to policymakers and a wide variety of customers across the Intelligence Community. The feedback we receive on our products is positive and encouraging; it provides me with a clear sense of the Agency mission and a feeling of accomplishment in directly supporting US policymakers—especially knowing that the products I edit are read by the President on a regular basis!  I also appreciate the “continuous learning” aspect that is advocated throughout the DA—I have been able to attend conferences, training, customer outreach events, and working groups and am consistently encouraged to take advantage of opportunities that will further my professional development. Although I have been at the Agency a short time, I have been able to develop skills quickly that will serve me well in my future career here—I look forward to the new experiences that await me. –Jessica, publications officer (editor), 1.5 years

Posted: May 06, 2007 03:27 PM
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