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In the Directorate of Support (DS), our strength lies in the expertise, creativity, focus and passion of our officers. In response to the wide-ranging needs of the intelligence mission, we recruit, hire and train people with skills that include medical services, logistics, security, business systems, engineering, finance, education, facilities management and HR. No other Agency component has as many professionals with such a broad range of skills — DS includes over 100 distinct occupational categories. We hire a broad range of applicants whom we train and deploy in unique ways, giving us an extraordinary diversity of talent and backgrounds.

The Directorate of Support includes officers with targeted skills, such as Doctors, Finance Officers, Information Security specialists and Graphic Artists, as well as support generalists who can demonstrate a wide array of talents and acumen. All of our officers are constantly challenged to learn, adapt and contribute to a variety of mission critical situations. Our unique tradecraft enables us to meet the challenges of supporting an intelligence mission that is critical to our nation’s defense. At home and abroad, our corps of dedicated professionals plays a vital role in the national security of our country every day.

Brief descriptions of the occupational groups that make up the Support to Mission team are below. To apply for a specific position, visit the CIA Careers page.


Selected Occupational Groups on the Support to Mission team:

Security officers protect Agency personnel, facilities, information and operations. Security officers are focused on protecting our workforce, while managing risk and supporting the mission and operations of the Agency, both domestically and overseas.

Medical professionals assist and administer to CIA employees, ensuring that the Agency maintains healthy employees, both mentally and physically. These officers plan, develop, implement and direct the CIA's medical programs on a worldwide basis. In addition, they further protect employees from environmental hazards.

Logistics officers manage day-to-day logistical support; acquisitions; construction projects; and the coordination of the expeditious movement of people and equipment.

Facilities officers create and maintain safe, secure, functional work environments.

Finance officers handle the full range of financial services and resource management for the Agency. For example, they work on establishing Agency contracts and on employee compensation, budgets and auditing.

Human Resources and training officers are responsible for finding, hiring and training employees who can meet the demands of the mission. They deliver the full range of employee compensation and benefits. On a daily basis, Human Resources officers strive to enhance employee work life, to ensure fairness, and to support the needs of our employees and their families. Human Resources officers also help develop strategic plans and goals for the workforce.

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