Offices of CIA


Who We Are

We are...assigned around the world, meeting regional requirements for clandestine collection, conducting audio and video surveillance, providing secure communications for CIA assets, and training liaison services on technical subjects...

We are...stationed along with Directorate of Operations officers in the field, advising and assisting them on the full range of technical operations and how they can augment, and confirm aspects of their tradecraft...

We are...enabling tactical operations by analyzing data as well as writing longer-term strategic assessments...

We are...designing, building, and operating satellite reconnaissance systems to support global information superiority...

We are
...researching, developing, and applying advanced technologies that provide the nation a significant intelligence advantage, and much more...



Mike, Senior Project Manager, 34 years with the CIA
"It is exciting to work in an environment where technology and technology management intersect, and where the result is a mature set of practices for the management of our diverse projects.

Bob, Technical Analyst Manager, 10 years with the CIA

"As a liberal arts major, I may be in the minority in the DS&T, but we draw part of our strength and agility from our diversity of skills and knowledge and talents. I can attest that creativity, ingenuity, and determination are valued and rewarded as much as technical skill and expert knowledge. I honestly feel like I'm part of something truly special here, that my contribution is unique, and that my work matters. Even after more than 10 years at CIA, when I take a second to reflect on the things we do in the DS&T across the board on a daily basis, the same word always comes to mind--whoa."

Amy, DS&T Liaison to the Office of Congressional Affairs, 20 years with the CIA

"How did an English major from Duke University end up spending 20+ years working science and technology in CIA? Aside from serendipity and sheer good fortune, it's because what we do on a day-to-day basis really does contribute to the security and well-being of our country -- our families, our friends and neighbors, and our fellow citizens. You can and will see the results of your hard work and that of your colleagues. And it is a career that never goes stale. You can reimagine your goals -- and reinvent your professional identity -- several times over, all with the organization's encouragement and support. The Directorate of Science & Technology goes where life takes you."

Linda, Engineer, 9 months with the CIA

"On September 11, 2001, I was working with a telecommunications company near Dulles Airport.  After the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon that morning, the Federal Aviation Administration ordered all planes to land at the nearest airport. I watched from my office building as plane after plane landed safely at Dulles. My desire to help prevent this type of terrorist act from happening again was intense. I wanted to make a difference in the defense of this nation and decided to apply to the CIA. Today, as an engineer in the DS&T, I clearly can see how my role is tied to the counter terrorist mission. In my office, we build space systems. It takes a long time to design and deploy a new satellite, but it's very motivating to know that you are part of the team responsible for each new launch and for the positive reports of finding the enemy.  For me, the ability to support our nation's fight against terrorism is awesome!"

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Posted: May 05, 2007 12:47 PM
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