Creating Global Intelligence


Discover the back story of the US intelligence community by exploring "Creating Global Intelligence: The Creation of the US Intelligence Community and Lessons for the 21st Century", a collection of declassified documents from the late 1940s to the early 1950s that ultimately led to the establishment of the CIA. This 800+ collection allows history to come to life as well as giving perspectives on the complex issues that senior US Government officials grappled with when considering how to establish an enduring national intelligence capability.

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Documents in this Collection

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PDF icon Executive_Order_9182_13_Jun_1942.pdf463.36 KB

Document Number: 50dde104993247d4d83923a1
PDF icon Military_order_OSS_13_June_1942.PDF226.58 KB

Document Number: 50dde104993247d4d83923a4
PDF icon Executive_Order_9296_30_Jan_1943.pdf230.76 KB

Document Number: 50dde104993247d4d83923a3
PDF icon Executive_Order_9312_9_Mar_1943.PDF105.2 KB

Document Number: 50dde103993247d4d8392171
PDF icon Letter_to_Donovan_15_Nov_1944.pdf421.19 KB

Document Number: 50dde103993247d4d8392170
PDF icon Public_Law_358_27_Jun_1944.pdf141.67 KB