Declassified Intelligence Analyses on the Former Soviet Union Produced by CIA's Directorate of Intelligence

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How to access the documents

As part of its voluntary declassification program, in 1996 CIA began to review for possible declassification analyses on the former Soviet Union produced by the Directorate of Intelligence. Since that time approximately 57,000 pages and almost 2,000 reports on the former USSR have been reviewed for declassification and released as part of this voluntary program.

The materials contained in this collection include intelligence reports, intelligence memoranda, provisional intelligence reports, economic intelligence reports, and research reports. Also included is a volume of selected early weekly and daily intelligence summaries published by CIA's Center for the Study of Intelligence declassified in connection with an academic conference on CIA's early Cold War-era analysis held on 24 October 1997, documents declassified for a conference titled "At Cold War's End" held at Texas A&M University from 18 to 20 November, 1999, and analytic reports declassified for a conference titled "CIA's analysis of the Soviet Union, 1947-1991" held at Princeton University on 9 and 10 March 2001.

An index of analyses on the former Soviet Union, produced by the CIA's Directorate of Intelligence and released to the National Archives is provided below, arrayed by year of publication. Click on the year desired to view those published during that 12-month period. A separate link is provided to access an index of the documents declassified and released for the Princeton conference - the so-called "Princeton Collection". By clicking on a particular publication in the index of the "Princeton Collection", the document can be viewed on-line, in redacted form. This feature is not available with the overall index of documents released. They must be viewed at NARA. In addition, nearly 1000 other DI analytic documents, which had already been released by the Agency through FOIA or Executive Order requests, were made available for the Princeton Conference. The documents were transferred to NARA as part of the "Princeton Collection", under Accession #NN3-263-01-00 . They also can be viewed at NARA. Users should note that textual material was deleted from many of the documents during the declassification review process. The deletions were made to protect intelligence sources and methods or for other national security reasons. In those instances where deletions were necessary, an effort was made to avoid distorting the conclusions of the analysis in the document. No deletions were made to conceal incorrect assessments or faulty conclusions, or to remove information embarrassing to the Agency.

The number of pages shown in the index for a particular document may be less than the total number of pages in the original document. In general, the excisions made to this collection of documents have been relatively few in number and often pertain to procedural requirements for sanitizing, primarily in the source sections of the documents, rather than to the text of the analysis.

To assist the reader, the following symbols are used in the index to indicate which documents contain deletions and the nature of the redactions.

  • RIF (Released in Full) - The document has been released in its entirety.
  • RNS (Released with non-substantive deletions) - The document has been released with minor redactions, such as certain classification indicators, access restrictions, and references to names or documents not released to the public.
  • RIP (Released in Part) - The document has been released with substantive deletions made in the text.