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September 22, 2017
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October 4, 2017
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November 28, 1957
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M S e+. s .. T` Ce. M.ts...f wt.~ .t the od..a seat...t ta. M...ht at frt "4. tL. ~~+?M t f.7 T 1. Announcement of Earth Satellite DATE mm 2j Xoveaber 1957 Rece tion b ss t E P Tthee.evening While at the Soviet Eabass7 reception ngoo Walter rSulllva- he would like to make an announcamcu~. ?.? -- - was oLtal7xd, Dr. _erkner made the announcement that he wished to coagratu sti a y m Launching at Sovie r 2 on % October 1957 2. Consents on the First Earth REQUtREMEKY Satellite and Future Soviet Plans NO. a satellite. This Message wan ---c 4 ~~ -- uested Vladimir-Dudenkot, Third Secretary of the-Soriet~-_.- p.m. Dr. Aerkner requested ~.__.. ..e ?h.. nronle attendant at the reception as 2. About five minutes ar er zni~ received dispatches confirming this aziiounccmeht' ofth ~teraa? cost ohe ieazl ecf fats t , dispatches. Shortly after this announcemen e o left the reception and reported beck to a central Point for the p~ leatific commutations. All military a h i c e r idiatel7 going to work on t r dio stations were alerted, and all amateur stations including the boon Watch. the American y the USSR. eclentiata, that the ehas better observatioIt~ is eltr in nal nal points than ut the IGS. o will be launched evenly a son h vill be launche weight and It Additional Soviet earth satellites t in s h sd that -approximately . The size of xf t the e satellite indicates s tf the hat the launching device is Q~ehsiysatelllte Atlas type with at least a 300,000 pound booster. The purpos will be to measure atmospheric temperature. As the USSR continues to launch instrumentation and quality of the satellite will th e eatellitea, it is expected that 6 or n tell 184 pounds- steadily improve. The first one weighs 63. and 35 minute i angle of-launching one ne hour to e The orbit has been COC(Pu Rxsibilities:axiat,-howeTer, that stimate is 65 degrees from the the equator ()s fnc121t1es. this is strictly a military experiment and could include photograp I Approved for Release UEL- 1.1 Date l 4, A point of significance made by source was the fact that it is ardoubtedly the objective of the Soviets to develop space trawl within the next few years. During the weeks A.A. Slagoaravove !ember of the USSR Academy of Sciene4s and d&egate, had on at least three separate occasions, touched on this subject and is obviously extremely interested in this possibility. It was recalled by source that Blagonravo? is the owner of a full-grown dog which five years ago was successfully used in experimental space travel with no ill effects. 5. On future launchings the Soviets have promised that datilwill be given to the united states within two hours of the satellite launchi . 6. Source indicated that a new international advisory group on satellites will be formed consisting of Dr. Sourer Newell, B.N. Toloskovewith Dr. L.Y. .rkner as chairman. other members may be added. It is interesting to note that in the discussion of the formation of this committee, Poloekor wanted Massey of Great Britain to be chairman. However, the final decision was that Dr. Berkner C,..,_... 4n4ir*tad that if one had taken the time to Cons1der the estimated would be chairman. ha additional information could-be secured relative to the type of antenna used the USSR. seaaon which would make the satellite most visible over a greater part of 6.) V4 as a 37 o e S 0 0 ~ cj " W% 'o O fa - O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O~, O 8 O en en N O H N H -? ~l t!1 ..7 N ..? ~'1 N N r1 N N .. M .-7 N