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December 15, 2008
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May 2, 1946
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 with any information in your files concerning the activities of /f -  4 *;, 14 Subject:        Vsevolod Vitalievich VISHNEVSKY and CARMEN these two individuals. 7    2.       It will be appreciated if this office could be furnished L+-10,626 WA  DEPARTMENT OFFICE OF THE ASSISTANT SECRETARY OF WAR STRATEGIC SERVICES UNIT 25th 6 E STREETS, N.W. WASHINGTON 25, D.C. Ii MORANDUM To:             Colonel Ap6ur T. Lacey / - / 7 / r / / I / X      -f? - 3.       This request has been submitted to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. APPROVED FOR RELEASED DATE: 05-Nov-2008 Jason Paige., Jr. Liaison Officer 2 May 194 30April-1. enbjoats Vsavolod Titaliodeh 1101 vsxr and WW. Tsevolod Titali               is a aeaber of the ILYD at wr      . to .be a Ooioae , but alnays wears civilian clothes with several eahat ribbons an lair chest.  Be is the right hand site to Colsnel Titter ia>i i      1 y            't Imp bow In. Son*     idea tesoftwo ey a s weaooested Jnglish, wetars eiviliaa s3st                      t ,titout 4W' eiOrbat  bbeefr, sad :a Cheer  ;    car beMtriag ewoenld isply ow laaowisdge of ailitarr taiataiu i tlexaradrovich    ' .iN]), who appears to be the Zxecutive Officer of the Daitp is auremeberg.       as 40,08 not believe that Tishoorsky is sabjeat's real -nento. I. is called 'Sev+ae by his associates. Bit general appearance is that of a     -AP thug. go is short, toe},3r, bas stiff black Bair, narrow eyes and high Yvagolisa ebset banes. 1ltheag .bier, use ,.is.Rnss    hs..ggivvs.; tb* iaFassisa of!::balriag *we 'lron the' Saspias 'eres and to be of k1    .acts atLana !e is believed to be" been IS iaw.I.i  oe work for a lag tiro and has aontio.M batrias been in Central dsia and dfgbsnistaa.  There are several iadiea- 'tuts that he late operated : is I  eo or Sontb laeriea, or both. X's *2 of *iaoiag    ithmtba ahd tra Conga is as aaa, and a saptrier officer re nrlnd sofosralas his d      abaft be learned it in X93d ci. dsottbear asetbear of as !   in    IWOODWIT, 160 app ra to be aars3 a pappert eased ,fir his ksswledge of Ebglisho of the Western t rld. of Testern rectal nseig1, and of other foreign sew       *a# it aaaad      . IS is do  bSd i.mom as bring a  ito-baired bands me era sigh .b     n a easel Tnuai ewapl 'ohs eou2d : be sepshens f res late thirties, to late - f rtiag'. ' He -3 0 -ks     t t d ado t i'niw   q ''t,       _ _    t  't s?_,era r    'Ie 4o taw ut' ~' Bls 4io It amald ba apire   sd i+ : net bald fU'  /h s  Iiferemtl+een . a iewte a3wg       14             , U they eoa~ be id~ -ften the a~aie ~aot MW I tMt h,.j. .