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April 27, 2019
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April 30, 2019
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February 17, 1968
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_Approved for Release : 2019/04/17 C00010289�* SANITly:Ep cort 17 February 1903 MEMORANDUM FOR: The Honorable Walt W. Rostov? Special Assistant to the Prealaent SUBJECT _ 4 V Communist Objectives in "Second Wave" Attack REFERENCE : TDCS-314/03012-63 1. The referenced intelligence report, which outlines Communist plans - . and objectives for a "second wave" attack on Danang, merits your ur fentaattention. 2. The information in this new report is consistent with that contained in - the 9 February MR V document picked up in Dauang, a careful retranslation of which has been reteived from our Station. This document had indicated that, despite the very limited success attained in the initial Tet attack on Danang, all VC elements were to conduct activity to exploit favorable conditions in preparation � for possible further attacks. The decision on the next phase was to be considered - at a meeting to be convened by MR V on IZ February. In the interim, military elements -- including three units under "Brother TRUC"-- were to "attack continuously, fight small, and medium actions everywhere, and simultaneoaely prepare to fight concerted big actions at the same time, in waves, to make the enemy incapable of stabilizing the situation again," 3. Thia new report would seem to reflect the results of the 12 February meeting. The attack plan Seerna feasible, and it is interesting. to note that ft refers to three regiments under Le True (Chief of Staff of MR V), who may have � the I\IVA NT2 Division under his diroct operational control. The objectives � outlined in this report are significant: to win complete victory, but -- failing that � to BEhe the villages surrounding Danang which would then be used as stepping stones for subsequent continuous attack. 4. Because of the accuracy of the earlier report from this source, we place considerable credence in this new report. It would seem that, at least in the Danang area, the "second wave" will be a major effort with maximum objectives -comparable to those of the "first wave." Whether there will be a coordinated country- wide "second wave" of similar intensity remains to be seen, but information - Jr, �.4 - � 4 � Mr I'D Ca WIT Ai!rWOONNMMER:1100C"V; '.�41:y, a :C;1 t.` NOM BAi Approved for Roicase - l''y of egStileiel.3004P9D,Ptito-e, 1 it Date �.,7-4 OdekrAlf0 3 -.. 0,..trke:=� eta, _ ���:Approved for Release: 2019/04/17 C00010289'' Approved for Release: 2619/04/17 C00010289 - coming in as of this wattrig (1630 EST, 17 Febatary) suggests that substantial � coordinated efforts will indeed be made against various urban centers. cc: Secretary McNamara _ General Wheeler General Do"Puy Secretary Rusk M. Habib Geotge A. Carver, Jr. Special Assistant for Vietnamese Affairs Approved for Release: 2019/04/17 C00010289