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February 19, 2008
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February 27, 1995
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 INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY AWARDS CEREMONY APPROVED  FOR RELEASE DATE:  DEC  2007 INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY AWARDS CEREMONY 27 February 1995 PRESENTATION OF COLORS NATIONAL ANTHEM United States Marine Corps Brass Quintet ADDRESS AND PRESENTATION OF AWARDS Admiral William O. Studeman, USN Acting Director of Central Intelligence MODERATOR Richard L. Haver Executive Director for Intelligence Community Affairs RECEPTION IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING THE CEREMONY VISITORS CAFETERIA               EADQUARTERS FAMILY AND GROUP PHOTOS WILL BE TAKEN AT THE RECEPTION AWARD RECIPIENTS NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE CERTIFICATE OF DISTINCTION Central Intelligence Agency Defense intelligence Age cy Defense intelligence Agency Defense Intelligence Agency D6fense intelligence Agency Dffense Intelligence Agency Defense Intelligence Agency I (b)(3)-P.L.  86-36 National Security Agency National Security Agency Defense intelligence Agency Special Agent Federal Bure Special Agent Federal Bureau o Investigation Captain Nichole V. Weaver, USAF Defense Intelligence Agency (b)(3)-P.L.  86-36    I National Security Agency Rhys M. Williams Department of Energy NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE MEDAL OF ACHIEVEMENT I       (b)(3)-P.L. 86-36 National ecuri  Agency Defers  n e igence Agency Defense Intelligence Age cy Centra Intelligence Agency I  (b)(3)-P.L.  86-36 National Security Agency. 1(b)(3)-P.L. 86-36 National Security Agency I       (b)(3)-P.L. 86-36 National Security Agency NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE MEDAL OF ACHIEVEMENT (cont.) Defense Intelligence Agency I    (b)(3)-P.L.  86-36 National Security Agency I (b)(3)-P.L.    86-36 National Security Agency I    (b)(3)-P.L.  86-36 National Security Agency Defense Intelligence Agency I    (b)(3)-P.L. 86-36 National Security Agency Defense Intelligence Agency National Security Agency Stephen D. Saal National Security Agency I (b)(3)-P.L.  86-36 Frank A. Saus National Security Agency (b)(3)-P.L.  86-36 Nationa Security Agency NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE DISTINGUISHED SERVICE MEDAL Supervisory Special Agent Federal Bureau of Invesnga ikon National Security Agency Walter Jajko Department of Defense I   (b)(3)-P.L. 86-36 Department of the Air Force ational Security Agency Dennis M. Ring Captain Leonard G. Shelton, Jr., USN, Retired Office of Naval Intelligence Harold A. Smith National Security Agency I     (b)(3)-P.L.  86-36 National Security Agency Central Intelligence Agency John B. Stewart, Jr. Department of Energy Federal bureau of InvestigaVion (b)(3)-P.L.  86-36 National Security Agency NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE MERITORIOUS UNIT CITATION Counternarcotics Community 'Resource Task Force DCI Interagency Balkan Task Force Vetense Intelligence Agency The National Intelligence Support Team and The Somalia Working Group Defense Intelligence Agency National Programs Activity Restructure Task Force The Projec             eam Central Intelligence Agency National Security Agency Len a intelligence Ageftcy United States Army Military Intelligence Battalion (Low Intensity) United States Army Special Mission Unit e n e n e igence  gency Washington Metropolitan Field Office Squad MC-43 Federal Bureau of Investigation (b)(3)-P.L.  86-36 AWARD RECIPIENTS UNABLE TO ATTEND NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE MEDAL OF ACHIEVEMENT e ense   a igence Agency NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE DISTINGUISHED SERVICE MEDAL Robert D. Mueller, Ph.D. National Security Agency INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY AWARDS The Director of Central Intelligence established the Intelligence Community awards to honor those who provided exceptional service on behalf of the United States- Intelligence Community. The National Intelligence Distinguished Service Medal is awarded for distinguished meritorious service or achievement in a duty of great responsibility within the Intelligence Community which distinctly benefits the interests of the United States and constitutes a major contribution to the foreign intelligence mission of the Intelligence Community. The National Intelligence Medal of Achievement is awarded for especially meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding service by a member of the Intelligence Community. Recognizing performance of an especially difficult duty in a clearly exceptional manner, the service must relate directly to the Intelligence Community's mission to provide the intelligence required for national security policy determinations. The National Intelligence Certificate of Distinction is awarded forsustained superior performance of duty of high value by a member of the Intelligence Community or for a significant single act of special merit. The National Intelligence Meritorious Unit Citation is awarded for the collective performance of a unit or group that has resulted in accomplishments of a clearly superior nature and of significant benefit to the Intelligence Community. The Intelligence Community Seal Medallion is awarded to contractors, consultants, or other U.S. government officers who do not qualify for any other Intelligence Community award. This award recognizes sustained superior performance of duty of high value which distinctly benefits the interests of the United States and is directly related to the mission of the Intelligence Community.