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April 27, 2019
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April 30, 2019
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March 31, 1968
Approved for Release: 2019/04/17 C000121753 LIBRARY Mandatory Review�I. Case # NLJ Document # DIRECTORATE OF INTELLIGENCE Intelligence Memorandum WORLD-WIDE REACTION TO THE PRESIDENT'S 31 MARCH ANNOUNCEMENTS COVERAGE 1700 2 APRIL TO 0500 3 APRIL APPROVEp5FjpigfLEASE pproved for Release: 2019/04/17 C00012175 Approved for Release: 2019/04/17 C00012175 CO SELECTED WORLD REACTIONS TO THE PRESIDENT'S 31 MARCH ANNOUNCEMENTS North Vietnam: The Vietnamese News Agency in Hanoi on 3 April sent a service message to Moscow asking its repre- sentative there to "send home promptly the text of Johnson's speech both in English and French by airS. You do not have to send it by cable. Make sure to cable home fully and promptly reactions of world public opinion on this speech." Soviet Union: Soviet Premier Kosygin, speaking in Tehran, said the time has come for the US to understand the only way it can escape from Vietnam is to "cease its aggression." In Paris, SOViet Ambassador Zorin said, "The Americans are still bombing North Vietnam; they've just picked dif- ferent target areas." United Nations: Delegates from India, Nepal, and the United Kingdom, Canada, Malaysia, Pakistan, Denmark and Japan ex- pressed surprise and disappointment at reports of air strikes over 200 miles north of the demilitarized zone. They wonder- ed whether this was a departure from what they understood the President said about the bombing reduction. Eastern European newsmen and members of the Soviet, Hungarian and Bulgarian delegations said the air attacks not only made unlikely a positive reaction from North Vietnam but also provided grounds for a negative reaction. 2019/04/17 C00012175 Annroved for Release: Approved for Release: 2019/04/17 C00012175 TIAL FAR EAST Communist China: According to Radio Press, a Japanese agency which monitors Chinese broadcasts, Peking Radio on 3 April quoted from the editorial in the North Vietnamese army newspaper Quan Doi Nhan Dan. Japanese newsmen based in Peking said on 2 April that Chinese newspapers and radio stations had not reported President Johnson's announcement. Japan: The newspaper Nishi Nippon Shinbun described the President's announcement as a desirable step toward peace but said it. meant the US was yielding ground. The newspaper also foresaw a major change in US Asian policy in the direc- tion of weakening its commitment, predicted widespread un- easiness among the neighbors of Vietnam, and concluded that Japan must reappraise its role in Asia. Thailand: The Bangkok World, in a report on a Thai Cabinet meeting of 2 April, said Prime Minister Kittikhachon told his ministers he believed the US President genuinely desired peace in Vietnam. High Thai military officers, meanwhile, were reported "surprised" at the bombing reduction order. They felt that the Communists merely took advantage of such American concessions in the past. Approved for Release: 2019/04/17 C00012175 Approved for Release: 2019/04/17 C00012175 South Korea: Seoul Hapdong reported that President Pak Chong-hui plans to hold an extraordinary strategy meeting regarding Vietnam. The newspaper quoted government sources as saying the bombin4 reduction was shocking, and it described the government position as favoring continued bombing until the Communists show sincerely they want to end the war. Hong Kong: An editorial in the South China Morning Post speculated that many in Southeast Asia "will view this as the first step in an ultimate American withdrawal from the Asian mainland." The Hong Kong Standard editor asked: "Does America want to get out at any cost, or is this merely a move by Johnson to try to show the world that the North Vietnamese do not really want peace?" Australia: Former Prime Minister Sir Robert Menzies said he thought President Johnson "has been wickedly misrepresent- ed" in the Vietnam War controversy "but throughout all this has demonstrated his clear and unselfish patriotism." New Zealand: The Southeast Asia Treaty Organization council of ministers, in a communique on 3 April, called the Presi- dent's decision "bold and generous." The council said the pause is an opportunity of critical importance for the open- ing of negotiations to end the war. Several newspaper edit- pproved for Release: 2019/04/17 C00012175 Approved for Release: 2019/04/17 C00012175 CON orials praised the President's self-sacrificing determination to find peace in Vietnam and agreed that the onus is now on Hanoi. Indonesia: Newspapers welcomed the bombing reduction. Nusantara said it offers North Vietnam an opportunity to take a peace move without losing face. The armed forces' newspaper Angkata Bersendajat speculated that Vietnam might be united under a Tito-type Communist regime. India: Deputy Prime Minister Morarji Desai said he welcomed President Johnson's decision. "The other people- (North Vietnam) will be put to the test," he said. The Philippines: A government spokesman said the shift of US policy may have ultimate bearing on the traditional "American presence" in Asia. Approved for Release: 2019/04/17 C00012175 Approved for Release: 2019/04/17 C00012175 WESTERN EUROPE UK: Vietnam remains the main topic in the press, with the Times, the Guardian, and the Sun expressing reservations and misgivings that the bombing limitation is "less dramatic" than initially imagined. The Telegraph, on the other hand, notes that continuation of bombing "deep into North Vietnam" restWrigsconfidence that the President's offer was not made in preparation for "an American retreat from Vietnam." West Germany.; Media reflect a widespread awareness that the President's speech represents a momentous development, the consequences of which are:mot immediately discernible. There has not yet been enough time for any serious analysis to develop. Italy: Press reaction has been overwhelmingly favorable, except for Communist journals. The Christian Democratic organ, Il Popolo, headlined its editorial "The 'Voice of Reason," the independent but conservative Stampa said, "Now it's Hanoi's turn." In general, editorials tended to slur over any distinction between partial reduction and complete suspension of bombing. Approved for Release: 2019/04/17 C00012175 Approved for Release: 2019/04/17 C00012175 Austria: FBIS has picked up an official government broad- cast that the government has taken note of The President's declaration "with great interest" and hopes that this step will lead to "prompt, concrete talks." pproved for Release: 2019/04/17 C00012175 Approved for Release: 2019/04/17 C00012175 WESTERN HEMISPHERE Chile: The initial favorable response to the President's declaration on the bombing pause is rapidly being dis- sipated by a realization of its limitations. On the after- noon of 2 April, tabloids La Tarde (Christian Democratic) and Ultima Hora (Socialist) both carried banner headlines: "Bombardments Continue," noting Hanoi's claim that "LBO' ' deceives world." Brazil: According to the embassy, press coverage has been heavy--"extraordinary" in the northeast area--and generally favorable. A recurrent theme is the "importance of the (changed) US attitude," together with either hope or skep- ticism as to the resultant effect in Hanoi and Moscow. Stories, especially in the northeast, lean heavily-on gen- erally favorable comments by officials and notables. There is a wide spectrum of reaction to The President's decision not to run, and apparently little particular notice of the limitations of the bombing pause. Mexico: The President's speech dominates all media. Ac- cording to incomplete initial reports, with reaction to the bombing pause favorable and a mixed response to his withdrawal of candidacy. ..Z=Citsomosc=r- Annroved for Release: 2019/04/17 CO0012175 � Approved for Release: 2019/04/17 C00012175 � M:0110010=Et Panama: FBIS has picked up a national television station comment praising The President's withdrawal of candidacy as "a tremendous example of greatness and public responsi- bility," and the "suspension of the air raids" as opening "the way for...peace negotiations." Elsewhere in Latin America: The embassy in San Salvador notes that local news media are slow reacting, which seems to sum up the scattering of reports received so far from Central America, the Caribbean area, and smaller countries in South America. Such reports as are available as of � 5:00 AM, 3 April, suggest that public response has-been a mixture of surprise, curiousity, and general sympathy for the President's objectives. Many reactions have focused more on US domestic political aspects and the possible local effect. Canada: Two French-language newspapers reacted editorially on 3 April. Le Devoir notes that The President's decision to withdraw "gives more importance to the bombing pause," but warns that "immediate peace should not be expected." The tabloid Montreal Matin calls the President's dual decla- ration a "gesture for which the entire world has long been waiting," and concludes that the "important thing is that the good will of America was affirmed in striking manner." Anoroved for Release: 2019/04/17 000012175 :Approved for Release: 2019/04/17 C00012175 _ ,.,�::: - r,4.� . � FBIS--.34 -FORZOFFICIAL - USE .::0 ..t.L......�....; .. ..if.i..,;,...,;..C...:.4.7,...17'.`''.: - . SERVICE -.: ..M ES SAG .E � ', s'l . F0,1i.:f.01iR.. INFORMATION ''..'...�. -. ..'-. ::-.71*:�:-'-:.i:...i..., J- . .... . . ,'�. ' 8 ' '4' ,4�f4:,! ...!.��?-.��.,.�.�..,,�!4,-- -1.1f:.1-1.�:.:. ..- " '-'1 . --: --.s- ..'� ..; � .� . . . .. . -.= � : . 4..,7RANOI'VNAI......4... .,� �,�.�.:4�,4....4.;..: , N � VIETNAMESE YTO MOSCOW'-... A FOLLOWSERVICEING ... MESSAGE:: ,g,i'...,i;.�..1'.4k.i.17;,%-...:...11-4._�:- .. .r!."-I:�;,--- i....: t t.,.....,..v....:..,,-i�:.;.?;f'...:' � ...:-:.�: '..,:4-: '�:-..�:-.17:::-:.1.';',. ' l-f..X,:-. :44:?�::�"�:'...-ie:4::.'7.'1' . Itr.W. . . ADQUART.ERS .:TO.;.NGO .:,M.INH ',..?:.(110SCOW.1%-E �� .,`.:t.,.........:�� ......-DF-.,:. � �-��ii....:-.!-:-..,-.... �;,...1'.:.; .�; ,,�.-�:."-.,;...i...:, 4; .t.A ..,;'''; I .4 . A.s...c.'" 6.1( HA ..I.s 'SIC/CT AND STILL )UST � TAKE,..j....A.:',REST � � WHEN '*-HE IS ILuf.4.4 NF ORM YOU.'o...'''..r�C`A.'''''''...:':;:.':'';A;i's':")'.."."q''''''''''-i"'''.''''*'.� '''. V4",� '. � :�;:,.: � .,. .. ....':��� - ..... ,.... .:1 ;-!.-`7`73i47�:..:;:,,:'kl'� 7; 1,...4-i;',1-4-.:;� .:4,1 4. C`k.:�i4s-,V7:-1.:....).-'4'..";i:;�-i-',; -..' .,.;:i':'.�,--1--, , 2--SEND � HOME PROMPTLY THE ......TEXT...'Or...1jOHNSON1.5 ' SPEECH.: BOTH � ' IN ;ENGLISH � .41 -ei. � . � .. � . .. .. .. .. ...r.,"!/P AND '." FRENCH ...Br. AIR. YOU : DO NOT HAVE '.. TO � SEND IT �13T...CABLE 4. ',MAKE' '� SURE 'T.O.;:;1,--',...!.. 's�->'...'...� a- ..! .� .....? .....4.,-e'.,�---t ABLE. HOME 'F;ULLY AND PROMPTLY ' OF:flit' ORLD.:IPUBL I C .1i�O� PIN I ONf.,ON...'44; i /- t Tt� .71 . i..,...'it.':. �� v.;� ,... ' IS �''S.P..EEC H ' --'-"�". ' - � ." i - � � ,-� ,-,..1,-, --, " � , ��,-.N.-io. . `49.-'-i.s..... "If,- z�*:..,,,t4.1...7, .r.����. -4 .. �ten: .1." A. a N . ........ ,.....t �� ' : � . : 't?..Ati, '�.."'t�-' -re .- "*.-1- r v i �-.2. -,.T. �..1;.t. S I NED .) 1,111-11�47- � . R. 08252 4) . , � pproved for Release: 2019/04/17 C00012175 Approved for Release: 201.9/04/17 C00012175 �. . �- :��� � ��� i111111������11, A � '-.371791 � oviet-jobreon Roundup :NI' ICS Cori, AP - A Radio MOB cow _commentator said..-Tuesd_ay night :President Join:eon's-announced decision not to seek re-election.: :..w as an $9.cknowledgment of. the � failur e .of .his for elgn -,�&omes tic policies �-o �:. �' -� .� News analyst Valentine Zorin declared. on an evening broadcast.:.:!.., ,7the development showed. that American policies have �suffered. of. their:.,biggest military an& pp litical. defeats.. in. several,' y.ears � P .* ':-About the same time, soviet Premier ...Alexei Sosygin, - � � � speaking in Tehran, Iran, said. the .time�has .come for the United:- Dates to 'understand the only waY it can es cape from Vietnam ;js to " cease its aggression.' 9 �'� �:In Paris, Soviet Amassador Valerian Zorin said, 'The Americans are still bombing North Vietnam, they've jlxit � picked different target areas � to� .� � The Soviet amlassadOr spoke to newsmen at the g..pening_of a new �.-1 � press center in a Paris hotel. 1D1ejgeS.1 arprtartrWriee.--441.6-n-a-anet uiffer-i476--if Am es. ca n report er. . and. s_aidt "Stop the bombings and everyoitre..A.L.11 be happy.''. . zr75opes agr 2 . ) , Approved for Release: 2019/04/17 C00012175 r�17.1 .____--Approved for Release: 2019/04/17 C00012175, , :�f.:TEHR AN --ADD � KOS YG I N 14 7 ) KOSYGIN DID NOT: PE NTION THE:'..� UNITED � ST ATES..,�BY N ArE BUT THE RE,TER -,ENCE WAS CLE AR . � . � ����� � � ' ������ � � � � KOSYGIN SAI D THAT IN THE ',MIDDLE E AST THERE'. IS A "RE AL' DANGER 0 � MI LI T AR Y CONFLICT " AND' IF I SR AEL CONTINUES T.0 OCCUPY AR AB' LANDS wTHIS IS BEC AUSE THE RULING � CLIQUE � IN I SR AEL .. AND THOSE �WHO ST AND �1�. BEHIND THEM FOLLO W. THE POLICY OF INFER' ALI SM � IN THE MIDDLE E AST � �HE .SAI D I SR AEL' S POLICY AMOUNTE D TO �OVER. WAR -FA NGE.RING " AND REPRESENTED' AN OPEN CHALLENGE 70 THE�IDECISIONS . AND PRINCIPLES .0F. UNITED NATIONS. � �� �� � � �� � � � �-����4 � ��� � �� "IT � MUST '� BE � ST /VT D TH AT THE � WI.TH DR A WAL 0 F I SR ',ELI FORCE S � FRO M AR AB LANDS IS THE ONLY CONDITION FOR SOLVING THE CONFLICT. � � � � � � � "THE NO VEMEER RESOLUTION 0 F THE UNITED Nacro NS AI MS AT THIS, AN D ISRAELI .EXPANSIONIST CIRCLES ARE BITTERLY MISTAKEN IF THEY EtE L I E VE ��-�.� THEY ARE �CAPABLE OF EVADING. THE. I.MPLEMENTATION F THIS RESOLUTION, -� HE .DECLARED. � ���� � ��.,. � .....E524PES. APRIL � 2 � � Approved for Release: 2019/04/17 C00012175 Approved for Release: 2019/04/17 C00012175. INDONESIAN PRESS 0 LEL.) 'S DECISION � --.1" � . SINGAPORE AFP IN ENGLISH 0633 GMT 3 APR 68 B � ��� � � , � . � � .� � � � _� � � ���',"�. � ; . � . ... � . . . � � �.� , .0 � pproved for Release: 2019/04/17 C00012175 Approved for Release: 2019/04/17 C00012175 TBIS 31 FOR OFFICIAL'USE ONLY. - /PHILIPPINE GOVERNMENT SPOKESMAN ON U.S. POLICY: SINGAPORE AFP IN ENGLISH 0556 GMT *.3 APR '615B , - � . ,. . ,.-.; r:--;!':.� ::..TEXT). MANILA--THE PHILIPPINE GOVERNMENT SAID LAST NIGHTTHE'SHIFT .OF THE .U.S. POLICY IN VIETNAM AS ANNOUNCED BY PRESIDENT JOHNSON MAY ,.,, . .. HAVE ULTIMATE :BEARING UPON THE. TRADITIONAL '"AMERICAN .PRESENCE' IN ASIA. .: ��� � , :-THE GOVERNMENT SPOKESMAN SAID THAT PRESIDENT FERDINAND MARCOSIMS. CONSEOUENTLY MEETING WITH HIS:FOREIGN POLICY.AND SECURITY ADVISERS IN ORDER'TO'ASSESS'THE SHORT- AND LONG-RANGE IMPACT OF WASHINGTOW,S. pTcIsIo.t4 NOT'ONLY:ON-VIETNAM BUT ON ASIAN AFFAIRS. .'THE. OFFICIAL BELIEF HERE IS THAT U.S. PRESENCE IN:ASIAIS.VITAL ',UNTIL.SUCH.TIME THAT THE SMALL, DEVELOPING COUNTRIES OF'THE'REGION -;CAN STABILIZE THEIR RESPECTIVE.ECONOMIESt:AOSTPARTICULARLY.THROUG11' :JOINT,REGIONAL_ARRANGEMENTS, r�-; - ;15J-AUSSIE MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA (AP)-FORMER PRIME MINISTER SIR ROPERT MENzIESI' .SAID TODAY HE THOUGHT PRESIDENT JOHNSON HAD BEEN "WICKEDLY -.MISREPRESENTED" BUT HAD ESTABLISHZ E.HIMSELF AS AN UNSELFISH' ' IN A COMMENT ON JOHNSON'S ANNOUNCEMENT THAX.HE'WOULD NOT SEEK - -THE'PRESIDENCY FOR A SECOND TERM, MEN7IES SAID NIT WAS MY GOVERNMENT ;WICK SENT AUSTRALIAN FORCES INTO YEETNAM AND WHICH. CONSISTENTLY '�SUPPORTED THE PRESIDENT IN HIS-POLICIES. "IN MORE RECENT TIMES HE HAS BEEN WOUNDED IN THE HOUSE OF HIS �:jRIENDS.� HE HAS BEEN THE SUBJECT OF BITTER MTACK BY ASPIRING, 'LEADERS IN HIS OWN PARTY. HIS HEALTH ,HAS CLEARLY SUFFERED. ."HE HAS SEEN WICKEDLY MISREPRESENTED BUT THROUGHOUT .ALL.T4IS.*, 7ZHAS DEMONSTRATED'HIS CLEAR AND UNSELFISH.PATRIOTISM. . � pproved for Release: 2019/04/17 C00012175 �'BRITISH PRESS.REAC 4,0q2iiraved for Release: 2019/04/17 C00012175 ::.LONDON WORLD WORLD SERVIG IN ENGLISH 0150 GMT 3 APR ..iS q .,(PRESS. REVIEW) _ � .(EXCERP.ZZIALUNAN IS ONCE'AGAIN THE MAIN TOPIC. THE TIMES SAYS THI rEIRESIDINT JOHNSON'S BOMBING PAUSE.BEGINS TO LOOK LESS DRAMATIC AND . GENEROUS THAN'WITAY HE mm5E-If. Ta-garA rrOVIvir-OrnrinliirLITATrizED ZONE STILL OPEN TO ATTACK � IS BREATER THAN ANYONE WOULD IMAGINE. THE ,f.TIMES.ASKS:..WAS.THE BOMBING STOPPED BECAUSE. ITS MILITARY 'VALUE WAS.. �DOUBTED AND NOT AS A CONCESSION TO MEET NORTH VIETNAMESE'CONDITIONS FB .,X)PEACE? IF THIS WERE THE REASON, THEN IT WAS NATURAL TO EXTRACT AS MUCH -Y:,'POLITICAL ADVANTAGE AS POSSIBLE: FROM THE PAUSE. THIS INTERPRETATION ' '/MAY BE QUITE UNJUST. THE IDEA MUST' HAVE BEEN THAT WORLD OPINION.:,.: WOULD SEE.THE.GESTURE�AS ONE HONOI:SHOULD NOT IGNORE. THERE.. ' .ARE REASONS OTHER THAN PRIDE, (AND THE) NORTH VIETNAMESE .MAY. � f � CHOOSE TO IGNORE IT. NEVERTHELESS, THE GESTURE HAS BEEN.MADE. ;0(ANOI. SHOULD'BEAR IN MIND. THE BIG CHANGE.IN�tHE�PRESIDENT'S ' . POSITION.-HES WITHDRAWAL FROM THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS GIVES HIM N*FAR.MORE FREEDOM OF-ACTION.:THIS-TRANSFORMATION OF THE AMERICAN .. ' "AXI,POLITICAL SCENE OFFERS MAWLOPENINGS:IFjHE'lfORTHTVIETNAMESE.,ARE7 1-!:;DISf'OSED..TO E,.XPLOAT.THEM.: . --- '?"''-6-.7.::"'"' -- -7,:�-tt.,:e,:;,::::, ... ,...%,'.,��� � -..'-' .,��!'-'..� -' � " � '''.� . . , .-1.c.,,;��!,';' � ,: � . � . . . . --'1HE GUARDIAN ACCEPTS THAT PRESIDENT. JOHNSON HAS CONSIDERABLY ...CALED DOWN THE WAR BLit nit PITY iS iTiTit ITS�IMFACT SIM D '1E-ALMOST IMMEDIATELY LOST IN BO :.e.7 HAN NAYO VE .,.. CT D. . H :PR S D NT WOULD HAVE BEEN WISER TO �..-..,'UNDERSILL RATRETI VW OVIMTIT:ArrtITA OrTnr-ForrrngorTAVE :: ;�isrrdt4-sr-O ...,-. . i e A III POI VELS, THE.::'..., AM.ERICANS WOULD, 'ACCORDING TO THE OFFERS THEY. ON RECORD,. STOP THE ..;BOMBINGS.ALTOGETHER; BUT PSYCHOLOGICALLY THE PRESIDENT HAS PLATE,D4. A NOT' WANT OF(WORD'INDISTINCT)s,IN_HANOIWHO:POOLANT .'''' -3%gaz,::�?,...74N E a (MALI 0 N s :.iip w ,;*;..:1 FT:AT :. ALL. � . '::.:;';.::f4�!;:!,:in!�z..:,:i:::.,:.4,1�::A..;;,:iv.,!_ii,j,;,.?,,,,ii,v -�,,,-, ,,,���_,4k.-71:,:-,.tw.1,4,.,., � - ,.''.. 7 : .., -'; . .. .1 � !i'4? � �'.... � . .. � 1 .,v-, ,: .h , 4 - � 'Ai.' - --.:-:-.'1:7; r.. � � � � � ' � � .. :.-, ; � -...', /.. - t� ..-.4.. �.1:�;'i ;'. ...:".�,:f '7.1' :" N,.� ..::,.-..4-�-t ,,- ..... .. -L-'THE SUN WRITES THAT IT WOULD BE A TRAGEDY IF THE HEART-WARMING ' .::-:�':=----.7 8 kaIDIITITEN-Tiar-disPORT U N I 'TY YO-Dt N 0 Utfat-Tr7A-S7TVOIR � 1 tiprsfINCT5-..:, 7 :. :VALUE OF PITEMENT JOHNSON'S INITIATIVE IS PUT !7 IN�ardirkITUrtra7..:i:.; THE CHANCES OF RUSff-A�d5O-PEPT G s' � S L )�WOULD BE.',.:,7. - cf-REATLY REDUCED.1THE PRESIDENT HAS STAKED EVERYTHING 0N 'THE, :.-�., ,..... IiI: ... .�:OVEYFOR PEACE'IN VIETNAM. HE HAS MADE.THE-SACRIFICE OF HIS OWN. .- ,..:, , -.CONTINUANCE'IN'OFFICE:' THIS. IS NOT .THE COMEBACK OF A MAN WHO DOES' 1 .,.:NOT GENUINELY MEAN:WHAT.HE�SAYS. IT IS ESSENTIAL 'THAT MR JOHNSON'S i:4'.ft_rh0-BOMBING OFFER SHOULD BE s TR 1 cTLTISEMETFAMTAMERED-Tir--.'. .,ii- � �,--.,7,1t.,,,,I.,,.. � � , .., � r..... 7 ,� � � � � � pproved for Release: 2019/04/17 C00012175 mIs-F;i-ACiT6FER, rITOpnv..Fic,1 IRVie-f: 3,9-1,U1/37 PPPPL13,17.. wiu rtLrMr%.l.iu i� �__ AN AnArCATTRETKEV -10*^M:TNAM TE PPER'TTES: MUCH 'TLBE o-761"4t, riT6Yrfnic-frANb -fibThrff0)11. JO I-D-ENCE- ON THE � DEMOCAI, � iESTROY-TELUSrONS ON T141-COMMUNIST SIDE ABOUT .!7:7-1vAr-I,FdfiTTCAT-14rAVY-A"TTAT-R14-011-Triff411)1707. --grarARY C (MUNI c-A-TTOI4S-1{ AVE AW VITN KAToR BATTLES-T'ENDINT, .7PRESIDENT.JOHNSON OWES THIS TO THE AMERICAN AND ALLIED TROOPS.: ::.:WHATEVER INTERPRETATIONS MAY' HAVE BEEN PUT ON HIS DEESCALATION -.*:ANNOUNCEMENT, THESE ATTACKS ARE IN ACCORDANCE WITH MISSTATEMENTS. -:THAT 90 PERCENT OF THE COUNTRY,. INCLUDING THE MAIN POPULATION � .CENTERS ANDFOOD PRODUCING AREAS, WOULD (BE IMMUNE). NO DOUBT'NOW (WORD INDISTINCT) TO HAVE SERVED THE.COMMUNIST CAUSE SO WELL BY: � THE HOGHLY ORGANIZED HARRASSING, HUNTING, AND .(WORD INDISTINCT) OF' 'PRESIDENT JOHNSON WILL CONTINUE THEIR.. CAMPAIGN FOR UNCINDITIONAL : ',7�':AMERICAN SURRENDER. PERHAPS NOV FAIR-MINDED PUBLIC OPINION WILL.. BE,,LESS'TOLERANT OF THEIR METHODS AND. (WORD :.� Notoins11011131111,031* Uto 'I " . � . 'COMMUNIST 'NEWSPAPER THE MORNING STAR.WRITES:THERE CAN BE� DOVBT THAT MILLIONS WHO SAW THE TRIDENT ON ttLEVISION AND !HEARD ANNOUNCE THE ESSENTIAL DEESCALATION OF THE MILITARY EFFORT TO ' ",GET TALKS STARTED'WILL.BE DISAPPOINTED THAT THE BOMBINGS ARE CONTINUIS 1 ON SUCH AN EXTENSIVE SCALE. THOS HO MOVE ARE MADE'TO,LOOK RATHER SILLY AND.NO". IF IT DID:Aior..coNsIDERJsm-mR.4QHNsoN� .-L � rt- - 1�1 ' -:..VIENNA DOMESTIC SERVICE IN GERMAN 4.spp GMTT.2._d!WR.68 - (TEXT) THE AUSTRIAN GOVERNMENT HAS 'WITH:GREAT INTEREST.TAKEN' COGNIZANCE OF THE AMERICAN PRESIDENT'S DECLARATION ON THE 'DISCONTINUATION OF AIR RAIDS ON THE MAJOR PART OF NORTH VIETNAMESE 'TERRITORY.' THE AUSTRIAN GOVERNMENT HOPES. THAT THIS STEP WILL RESULT IN THE CESSATION OF ALL COMBAT ACTIONS AND IN PROMPT, CONCRETE :TALKS WITH THE AIM OF SETTLING THE,VIETNAMfROPLEM ON THE BASIS :-.F.THE-GENEVA:AGREEMENTS:OF:A�440., i:A.PRO436Z- C4) pproved for Release: 2019/04/17 C00012175 4 . YBIS 15' . . :PANAMA COMENTARY ON JuRNSON CITY TELEVISORA .NACIONAL ..,,..,CSTATION COMMENTARY). . . . . . Approved for Release: 2019/04/17 C00012175 . . NETWORK IN SPANISH 2330 GMT 2 APR 68 P :(TEXT) PRESIDENT,JOHNSON.HAS GIVEN NIS PEOPLE AND THE WORLD .A �'TREMENDOUS EXAMPLE OF GREATNESS.AND. PUBLIC RESPONSIBILITY. AWARE THAT .r.'HIS.PRESENCE ON .THE POLITICAL SCENE. WOULD CONSTITUTE A DISTURBING�' :FACTOR THAT WOULD ENDANGER NOT ONLY THEUNITY�OF THE DEMOCRATIC. :PARTY, BUT THE UNITY OF THE NATION ITSELF, PRESIDENT JOHNSON STEPPED OUT IN AN ACT.OFGREAT GENEROSITY., THUS ENDING 37 YEARS IN INTERNATIONALLY; THE � DECISION :OF. PRESIDENT JOHNSON MAYBE INTERPRETED AS.. ADMITTING THE ,FAILURE .OF HIS POLICY IN VIETNAM. . NEVERTHELESS, IT' CONVEYS. GREAT COURAGE 'ON HIS PART TO RECOGNIZE .HIS. ERROR; AND. OPENS THE WAY FOR A FAVORABLE 'CLIMATE FOR PEACE .NEGOTIATIO9 .THRPUGH $I S.:ANNOUNCEMENT .OF .THE SUSPENSION ' OF: :THE AIR .RAIDS4- It'THE. ATTITUDE OF PRESIDENT JOHNSON IS. PRAISEWORTHY.' HE THUS 'GIVES LESSON To THE WORLD' BY PLACING HIS COUNTRY -ANP HIS PARTY'S' � J)INTERESTS ABOVE HIS PERSONAL INTERESTS,. HOWEVER . LEGITIMATE THEY MAT ;13 -�� � � � -- � "4-'''''''''�'-CONVINCED 'THAT HIS ASPIRATIONS* FOR *REELECTION Comb PROVOKE .A.: S' OWN .PRESIDENT - � SCHISM IN THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY AND THAT �HI CANDIDACY' DID NOT *OFFER.. THE BEST ASSURANCES FOR SUCCESS, MR .Tfl)4!J(ThL.� IAL ISPLAYING A' HIGH SENSE OF HISTORIC :RESPONSIBILITY WORTHY OF ' THE ;.HIGHEST PRAISE, RELINQUISHED HIS DESIRES TO LEAVE THE. FIELD .OPEW.: �1:FORA POSSIBLE UNITY BEING THE 'PRESIDENT OF 'THE WORLD'S MOST POWERFUL NATION, 'HAVING �_ THE REINS OF GOVERNMENT AND PARTY AT HIS DISPOSAL,' AND BEING : ..ENDOWED WITH UNDENIABLE POLITICAL ABILITY, IT WOULD HAVE BEEN EASY :FOR' MR LYNDON JOHNSON TO IMPOSE HIS PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDACY AND 'INSIST ,ON HIS 'STRATEGY IN VIETNAM. ' MR JOHNSON, HOWEVER, IS NEITHER: ,.AN OBSTINATE NOR A SELF-WORSHIPPING MAN DESPERATELY SEEKING POWER. BE IS INDEED 'A CONSCIENTIOUS AND *RESPONSIBLE 'STATESMAN WITH A NOBLE . VOCATION FOR PUBLIC SERVICE WHO THINKS ABOVE ALL OF THE PERMANENCE HIS COUNTRY'S INSTITUTIONS, .OF THE FATE OF HIS PARTY,-. OF THE UNITY OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND OF THE CAUSE OF WORLD PEACE. ;THOSE.ARE THE OBJECTIVES AND PURPOSES TO: WHICH : HEAAS.,,RENDERP:k- pproved for Release: 2019/04/17 C00012175