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National Security Unauthorized Disclosure Information Subject to Criminal Sanctions Dissemination Control NOFORN (xr) Not releasable to foreign nationals Abbreviations PROPIN (Pa) Caution-proprietary information involved ORCON (oc) Dissemination and extraction of information controlled by originator Secket DI TR 9-010 Novem6er1999 Terrorism Review November 1999 I S ret DI 99-OIO Nove er1999 Highlights Key Dates and Events The Terrorism Diary for December 1999 and January 20001 19 Chronology of International Terrorism-August-October 1999 21 Summary of Indigenous Terrorism-October-November 1999 27 Trends in Terrorism International Terrorism, Third Qnart Statistical 31 Comparison With Third Quarter 1.99 This review is published monthly by the DCI Counterterrorist Center. Comments and queries are welcome and may be directed to Information available as of 29 November 1999 was used in this Review, except where otherwise noted. Se et DI T 9-010 Novem er1999 Suet 4 Suet DI 99-010 November 1999 Se et 10 11 Se et DI T 9-DIO Novem er1999 Highlight Sec et DI TR 010 Novemb 1999 Se et 16 10 December 1966 13 December 1981 I4 December 1983 I4 December 1987 17 December 1996 21 December 1948 2I December I967 23 December 1933 24December 1951 26 December 28 December I January I956 1 January 1965 5 January 1928 5 January 1996 7 January 1965 The Terrorism Diary for December 1999 and January 2000 event does not suggest that we anticipate a commemorative terrorist event. conceivable significance to terrorists around the world. Inclusion of a date or Below is a compendium of December 1999 and January 2000 dates of known or Peru. Birthday of Sendero Luminoso leader Abimael Guzman. Palestinians. Outbreak of the Palestinian Intifadah, when youths engaged in throwing stones at Israeli troops to protest an accident in the Gaza Strip in which an Israeli motorist killed Palestinian pedestrians. Palestinians. Founding of Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). Poland. Imposition of martial law. Chile. Founding of Manuel Rodriguez Patriotic Front (FPMR). Palestinians. Founding of Islamic Resistance Movement (HAMAS). Peru. MRTA takeover of Japanese Ambassador's residence in Lima. Ireland. Proclamation of republic. Palestinians. Founding of Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). Japan. Birthday of Emperor Akihito. Libya. Independence Day. Peru. Birthday of Mao Zedong. Usually sparks Sendero Luminoso attacks. Latin America. Equivalent of US April Fools' Day, traditionally sees many hoaxes and bomb threats. Sudan. Independence Day. Proclamation of republic. Palestinians. Palestinian revolution; founding of Fatah. Pakistan. Birthday of executed former President Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. Palestinians. Assassination of HAMAS bombmaker Yahyah Ayyash. Colombia. ELN attacks the city of Simacota in Santander Department, establishing itself as an armed force. 19 Secl~t DI TR 9-010 November 1999 7 January 2000 ZS January 1918 IS January 1922 I6 January I979 I6 January I99I I8 January 1974 25 January 1993 26January 1950 30 January 1933 30 January X972 Quds Day or Jerusalem Day. Muslims protest Israeli occupation of Jerusalem. (Quds Day is commemorated on the last Friday of Ramadan, which ends on 7 Jan- uary 2000.) Egypt. Birthday of Jamal `Abd al-Nasir. Ireland. Founding of the Irish Free State. Iran. Departure of the Shah from Iran. Iraq, Kuwait. Operation Desert Storm begins. Egypt, Israel. Disengagement agreement signed. United States. Mir Aimal Kansi shoots and kills Dr. Lansing Bennett and Frank Darling and wounds three others in front of CIA Headquarters in Langley, Virginia. India. Republic Day (national day). Germany. Accession to power by Nationalist Socialist (Nazi) Party. Northern Ireland. Bloody Monday; 13 killed, 16 wounded during demonstration in Derry. Chronology of International Terrorism August-October 1999 The following incidents have met the criteria for the Intelligence Community s Inci- dent Review Panel since publication of the previous issue of the Terrorism Review. These incidents are the basis for the State Department's Patterns of Global Terror- ism, published annually as the US Government's official record of international terrorism Secl~ DI TR -010 November 1999 2I August Ethiopiaa ~SUSpected AL-Ittihad Islami operatives detonated a mine beneath a commuter train near Dire Dawa, severely injuring two conductors. The explosion also destroyed one locomotive and caused exten- sive damage way line, shutting it down for four days. No one claimed responsibility l October Angola: ational Union for the Totallndependet:ce of Angola (UNITA} militants ambushed two oil company vehicles near Soyo, injrtr- ing two Angolan citizens and causing minor damage. The vehicles belong to Total-Fina and Haliburton Corporation, aFrench-Belgian and Canadian oil con- i i Angola: (UNITA rebels attacked a security convoy in Soyo, slightly injuring two persons and causing minor damage. The vehicles belong to US-, French-Bel ian-, and South African-based companies. No one claimed responsibility Nigeria: In Choba, ouths armed with machetes attacked a US oil company compound housing employees from the United States, United Kingdom, and Nigeria. The youths injured four US citizens and four Nige- rian nationals and caused massive damage to the com ound. On 11 October the youths left the compound without further incident Burundi: Near Rutana, ~ruspected Rwandan Hutu rebels attacked humanitarian aid workers at a camp for displaced persons. One Chilean UNICEF official, one Dutch national working for the World Food Program. (WFP), four local military officers, and six Burundi nationals died in the attack. One Belgian citizen, one Burundi national emnloved by the United Nations, and Sierra Leone: In Masombo, the Missionary News Agency reported unidentified persons kidnapped three clergymen, two Italian nationals, and one citizen front Sierra Leone. No one claimed responsibility, and no demands were made. Rebels from the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council are suspecte October local press reported the rebels released all the hostages unharmed 2I September India: In Anatnag, unidentified militants threw grenades at the residence of the Finance Minister for Jammu and Kashmir, causing minor damage but no inju- 25 September Sri Lanka: According to press reports, the Sea Tigers of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam attacked a Chi~zese-owned merchant ship off the Northeastern coast with rocket propelled grenades, causing major damag 26 September 27 September 29 September India: Unidentt; fled militants detonated a landmine underneath the escort veliicle for a parliamenta candidate in Tral, injuring eight police officers and causing r~~ minor damag India: hl~luslim militants ambushed a convoy carrying a former federal minister in Anatnag, causing no injuries or damage. The attack was the second assassination attempt against the minister in'two months damage. HUM militants claimed responsibilit India: UM militants threw grenades at another govern- mentbuilding in Srinagar, killing one police o cer and causing unidentified employee. HUM claimed responsibility for the attack. India: Harkat ul-Mujahidin (HUM) militants fired grenades and rifles at a gov- ernmentbuilding in Srinagar, injuring four police o,,~icersaltd a government 30 September Indonesia: According to press, students threw rocks and Molotov cocktails at the Australian Embassy in Jakarta, ' o journalists and an Indonesian stu- ura~np ~ dent and causing minor damage~ Thailand: ~ five armed Burmese dissidents stormed the Burmese Embassy in Bangkok, taking 89 persons hostage. The hostages included three French citizens, three Canadians, one German, one US citizen, and several citizens from Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. In addition, 13 Burmese diplo- mats and 51 Burmese dependents also were held for more than 24 hours on the Embassy grounds. The group, calling itself the Vigorous Burmese Student War- riors, released all the hostages unharmed on 2 October, and group members were 3 October Indonesia: Unidentified assailants threw two Molotov cocktails at an Australian school in Jakarta, but caused r damage, according to press reports. No one claimed responsibili 4 October India: uslim militants detonated a landmine at a poll- ing booth in Ana ng one police officer and causing an undetermined amount of damage India: A landmine exploded near a polling station, killing one election officer in Pampore. Another election officer and three police officers were iniured. No one claimed responsibility, but authorities suspect Muslim militants and exp o e near a pnvate rest ence, injuring 20 persons India: In Srina ar, unidentified militants fired six grenades at paramilitary bun- kers, a grenades missed the intended target I4 October India: Suspected Muslim militants threw a grenade at a local newspaper o, ffice in Srinagar, injuring an office clerk and causing minor damage, 2I October 22 October 23 October Eurasia India: In Kupwara, Kashmiri militants kidnapped a~zd beheaded a father and daughte ? d of spyi-zg for the Indian Army, Lzdia~ Kashmiri militants detonated a bomb inside a house ann u~znturin~ree persons and causing an undetermined amount of damage India a bomb exploded at a marketplace in Jammu, injur- ing 2 persons a~z causing an undetermined amount o damage. No one claimed responsibility, but Kashmiri militants are suspected. I3 October Georgia: In Sokltumi, unidentified masked gunmen kidnapped six U~tited Nations (UN) military observers from Germany, the Czech Republic, Greece, Sweden, Switzerland, and Uruguay. A Georgian interpreter also was kidnapped. The abductors demanded $250,000 ransom. No one claimed responsibility. On 14 October four hostages wer~as~d unharmed, and the remaining three hos- tages were freed the next day Spain: In Bilbao, J '~nidentijied individuals bombed a car dealership belonging to a French com an causing minor damage but no injuries. No one claimed responsibility- v~- "The Society of Friends.' Greece: In Athens, press accounts reported unidentified izdividuals firebombed a McDozzatd's restaurant, causing major damage but no injuries. An unidentified individual telephoned a localeaper and claimed responsibility on behalf of Raiders'-Front claimed responsibility Turkey: In Istanbul, press accounts reported unidentijed individuals baznbed a Greek school, causing minor damage but no injuries. The Great Eastern Islamic I3 September Paraguay: In Asuncion,) )unidentified persons det- onated asmall bomb outside the residence of the Argentine Ambassador, causiztg minor damage but no injuries.~uspect the lated to the recent Argentine decision not to extradite General Oveidq~L~k-~as_r~ 30 September Ecuador: group calling itself "Group of Popular om atants detonated a propaganda bomb outside a McDonald's restaurant in Quito, causing minor damage but no injuries. The bomb dispersed anti-US leaflets decrying US military use of the Ecuadorian base at Manta 7 October Algeria: In Oued EZ Mechra, militants bombed the Transmed pipeline, which carries natural gas from Algeria to Italy, causing minor damage. The pipeline is owned jointly by the Algerian Government and Boration, a US firm. The Armed Islamic Group is probably responsible 23 October Yemen: Near Ma'rib, cal tribesmen bombed a section of the pipeline owned and operated by US Hunt Oil and Exxon Corpora- tion, causing minor damage. No one claimed responsibility 25 Sec et Summary of Indigenous Terrorism-October-November 1999 Ethiopia T n ?ncid~nis listed below provide an overview of indigenous terrorism worldwide. deuce of Angola On 12 November near Bengo, Panguila region, unidentified rebels ambushed a vehicle, killing three persons and wounding several others, according to local press. The attack bears the hallmark of the National Union for the Total Indepen- ~ On 13 November near Melka Jebdu, a railway spokesperson reported a mine exploded beneath a commuter train, killing two persons, severely injuring one other, destroyin a locomotive, and damaging the railway line. No one claimed res onsibility.~suspect the Oromo Liberation Front carried out the attack. South Africa On 6 November in Cape Town, a pipe bomb exploded inside a crowded nightclub, severely injuring 10 persons and causing minor dam- age. Police suspect People Against Gangsterism and Drugs PAGAD is responsi- ble. A PAGAD spokesperson denied the group's involvement Uganda called the Black Tigers On 12 November near Mbabane,) '~ bomb exploded at a government building, killing one person and causing massive damage. No one claimed responsibility, butbut n~lic~ributed a similar bombing to a dissident group others, and causing minor damag According to local press, on 2 November in Kasubi, Kibaale District, armed Allied Democratic Forces militants attacked a villa e, killing five persons, kidnapping six India On 14 November in South Tripura, armed Tripura Tiger ForrP~ers kidnapped four persons from a local village, according to press reports on 14 November approximately 35 Tripura Tiger Force membexs opened fire at a local bazaar in West Tripura, killing five persons and wounding 12 othe Japan On 9 November in Chiba, bomb exploded at the residence of a Narita airport officiating minor damage. Chukaku-Ha claimed responsi- bility for the attack DI TR 99-010 November 1999 Sec On 17 November in Trincomalee, a bicycle bomb exploded, causing minor dam- age, The attack bears the Liberation Tigers of Tami a am iallmarl Armenia On 9 November in Yerevan unidentified individuals bombed a Defense Ministry o ice, a nQ a nu nary o Ycer and causing minor damage. No one claimed responsibility Europe Corsica (France) Finland France injuries. No one claimed responsibility On 26 October in St. Petersburg ~rudenti8ed individuals detonated a bomb on the roof of a s op in mall causing minor damage but no p -~ - On I November in Bonifacio, according to local press, unidentified individuals bombed a hotel, causing major damage but no injuries. The attac _bear~the_,hall- ~ mark of the National Front for the Liberation of Corsica (FLNC On 22 November in Jakobstad, a parcel bomb exploded killing one person and `_'^~ two others, according to press accounts. No one claimed responsibility. claimed responsibilit} On 27 October in Parisi unidentified individuals bombed a Treasury Department buildin causing major damage but no injuries. No one ~ On 28 October in Paris, unidentified individuals bombed a tax of~rP-?~g one person and causing minor damage. No one claimed respon- sibilit ment buildin housin a tax office, causing ma or dama but no injuries, Police suspect the FLNC~~ In Paris on 29 October, unidentified individuals detonated a bomb outside an apart_ Anti State Action, protesting President Ciinton's visit to Greec On 4 November in Athens ~inidentified individuals bombed a car dealership, causing major damage but no injuries. An unidentified telephone caller claimed responsibility on behalf of an anarchist group calling itself claimed responsibility On 27 October in Milan, unidentified individuals sent a letter bomb to a police station but caused no damage and no injuries. The parcel con- ra;,,~tter claiming responsibility by a group calling itself the Angry Brigade. On 27 October in Milan, authorities safely defused a bomb discovered near a cathedral. Police found Ieaflets at the scene calling for the release of a Greek anarchist from rison. The leaflets also mentioned an anarchist group called Angry Brigade Northern Ireland On 13 November in Londonderry, unidentified arsonists set fire to a home, injuring three persons major damage. Authorities suspect a pazamilitary group was responsibl Spann On 13 November in Renteria, unidentified arsonists set fire to a mobile telephone antenna, causing ma age. The attack bears the Basque Fatherland and Lib- erty (ETA) hallmark On 18 November in Renteria, unidentified arsonists set fire to a train causing major damage but no injuries. The attack bears the hallmark In Berango on 20 November, a group of unidentified hooded individuals firebombed a post office causing major damage but no injuries. The individuals also attacked the police responding to the incide olotov cocktails and aerosol irritants. The attack bears the ETA hallmark No one was injured. On 2 November rebels released the hostage On 29 October neaz Barrancabermeja, (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) rebels kidnapped five Colombian 'ournalists. ~ On 1 November in Cucuta, according to local press, rebels of the National Libera- tion Army (EL1V) blew up an airport power terminal, causing major damage but no injuries. The explosion halte flight operations and restricted daytime flight and landing schedules~d_all_mQht anonymous caller representing the FARC claimed responsibility for the attaci per printing plant, injuring three persons and causing Honor property damage. An On 14 November in Calm a bomb exploded outside a newspa- On 13 November in Papallacta~ a bomb exploded near a section of the TransEcuadorian oiI pipeline system (SOTE), caus- ing minor damage and no injuries. No crude oil was spilled, and pumping opera- tions were unaffected by the explosion. No one claimed responsibility for the On 16 November near Santo Domingo, an Ecuadorian oil pipeline rebels dynamited a section of SOTE, causing major damage and halting all oil pumping operations for 24 hours. No one was injured in the explosion. Gov- ernmentofficials s~ aspect the Revolutionary Ecuadorian Youth Group (JRE) carried responsible On 5 November in Boumerdes, armed militants killed nine persons in a local res- taurant, according to press reports. The Armed Islamic Group (GIA) probably is sons, according to press reports. The GIA probably is responsibI On 13 November in Miiiana, a bomb exploded at an open marke per- ~ and killed several others as they tried to escape a false roadblock, On 20 November in Chiffa, armed militants slit the throats of 15 persons and shot ~'he GIA probably is responsible~~ On 20 November in Tamerjit, a schoolbus ran over a bomb, killing one person and wounding three others, according to press reports. The GIA probably is responsi- Israel On 7 November in Netanya, three bombs exploded injurin 14 ersons. Police ~ defused a fourth bomb. No one claimed responsibility. Trends in Terrorisrl~ International Terrorism, Third Quarter 1999: A Statistical Comparison With Third Quarter 199 International Terrorist Attacks, by Region International Terrorist Attacks, - 1998 by Type of Event E? 1998 ~ 1999 ? 1999 16 A d Att k 33 Africa 42 rme ac 60 Arson 6 36 14 Asia 54 Assault 2 1 Barricade 0 1 Eurasia Hostage 10 ? 33 Bombing Latin America 84 ; ~ Firebombing 107 10 58 ~ Hijacking $ 2 22 ~ Middle East 21 Kidna m P8 g 33 54 0 Occupation 0 North America 12 2 Other ~ ~ Western 39 Terrorist 0 Europe 7 2 208 ~ ~ Slyjackiag Vandalism 1 ~ Total 232 203 Total 2S2 0 50 100 15 0 200 250 300 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 International Terrorist Attacks, by Targeted Facility ~ 1998 ~ 1999 International Attacks, by Targeted Victim ~ 1998 1~ 1999 International Terrorism, Third Quarter 1999: Note scale changes A Statistical Comparison With Third Quarter 199 Total Killed in International Total V6'ounded in International Terrorist Attacks, by Region Elr~ 1998 Terrorist Attacks, by Region ?1998 [? 1999 ? 1999 Afzica ~ 4997 91 Armed Attack Arson Assault Bombing Firebombing Kidnapping Occupation Other Terrorist Slyjacldng 'Vandalism 4 7 0 5 35 ~ 90 100 Total Facilities Struck by Anti-US Attacks ~ 1998 ~ 1999 Business Diplomat Government 0 6 3 Total US-Citizen Casualties Caused by Anti-U5 Attacks ~ 1998 ? 1999 Business Diplomat j Government 9 32 -_ 6 7 7 ~ - - 20 40 60 80 100 r- ~ r 0 5 10 15 ZO 25 Total US Citizens Wounded in Anti-US Attacks, by Region ~ Total US Citizens Killed in 1998 Anti-US Attacks, by Region ? 1998 ~ 1999 ~ 1999