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June 24, 2015
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August 31, 2011
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January 29, 1968
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APPROVED FOR RELEASE^ DATE: 05-09-2011 ~,ontacts Calls 11 Correspondence In 2 Correspondence Out 3 JOURNAL OFFICE OF LEGISLATIVE COUNSEL Monday - 29 January 1968 (b)(1) (b)(3) 1. ~ Talked to Stephen Jones, in the office of R epresen a ive ona ums e . , Mich. ), and verified that he is aware that ooks on Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, and China are for official use only. Jones stated that Rumsfeld wanted these for use within his office. I made axrangements for these books to be sent to Rumsfeld. 2. of the Medical Staff, called concerning a former Agency employee who believes that the Agency is preventing him from obtaining employment and has threatened "to take drastic action before the end of January. " I notified Mr. Goodwin and f the possibility that will try to publicize his imagined grievances. 3. Talked with Mr. Blandford, House Armed Services Committee staff, confirming earlier word that Representative Rivers would like the Director to meet with the Policy Group of the Armed Services Committee. Mr. Blandford stated that this was not a CIA meeting and wanted the Director in his capacity as a participant in 303 matters and further advised that General Carter of NSA would also be present. A time of 9:30 on Thursday, 1 February 1968 was set. 4. Over the weekend, Chairman Rivers called Mr. Warner at home indicating he would like some assistance and some background facts concerning the PUEBLO situation. After checking this matter with the Director and the DDI, I met with Mr. Rivers, accompanied by Henry Heintzelman for approximately an hour and a half in Mr. Rivers' office on Sunday. The .basic facts were reviewed. Background facts such as size, composition of North Korean and South Korean forces were discussed. Mr. Rivers appeared to be satisfied and received all the information he requested. __ _ . ~@i~f~-6H~~+AL Journal -Office of Legislative Counsel Monday - 29 January 1968 Page 2 6. In the absence of Duane Scribner, Administrative Assistant to Senator Walter Mondale (D., Minn. ), met with Jan Boese and gave her a su~~ested draft xeply to a letter from nor reported any problem in connection with their meeting and etter is a product of reflection. return toni ht from a tri abroad with the Senator, Neither to Chile Miss Boese saw no problem, but said she would hold the reply for Scribner, who will f i JOHN S. WARNER (V/Legislative Counsel cc: Ex/Dir-Compt O /DDCI DD /S DD /I DD/S&T SAO /DDP OPPB Item 5 - CI Staff Item 6 -