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June 24, 2015
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August 31, 2011
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May 25, 1973
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APPROVED FOR RELEASE^ DATE: the embassy in Santiago tQ the Department, h'o. 2450, dated ;~ 15 May 1972, Subject: Unauthorized'Entry Outlining the Protest . Qf the Ideas ?6 Government presented to the. American Embassy, . `~ ~'xotective Service {EPS}.. I. telephoned I~ir. Gentile and he identi- ''' fed two State Department cables relative to the. incident; one from. .Deputy Assistant Secretary for Security, Department of State, and the Secret Service since they had responsibilities, for the Executive I5 May 1972. Mr. Robinson stated he had no knowledge of this but suggested that it would be better to check with lair. G. Marvin Gentile, OGC ?3-0930 ? 25 May 1973 SUBJECT: Identity 61 Break In on 15 May 1972 ~ViEMORANDUM FOR THE RECORD 1. On 24 May 1973 I telephoned Mr. James Robinson,. ' ' General Grime Section, Department of Justice and asked if he .- had any information as to criminal prosecution of persons involved ~n a break in at Identity 6l ~ . :? in ~iTashington, D. C: on ~ ~~ Arian deliver. rrxe a copy of the EPS report of investigation.' a:nd the State ~Departrrerit"reply to`5antiaoo- No. ~~0~84"655;. dated ~5 May 19?2. . Mr. Gentile also identified the EPS report of (b)(3) (b)(6) .~.nvestigation: and su' ested that.I get a copy. from the Secret Service. ~" _.~ thea called at Secret Service and he had his liaison 2. On 25 May 1973 I received a call from FBI Agent_ stating that he had received ? '~' ?Field Office.had recontacted the Metropolitan Pollee Department {MPD} oa 24 May and reviewed the report No. 248-424 filed with the 3rd ' _ District, MPD which states that a break in occurred at Identity 61 ? between 5:00 and 8:00 a, m. on 15 May 1972. ?a: telephone call from Mr. James Robinson relative to my inquiry 'about prosecution. ndicated that the FBI `Vashinoton . ~ .~?++-~,' ~f'~Y ~.~. ..s ..~k~T4i*:~~1..1+..weA!r~e~+i~,l!~~S.~tF :~ivrf... ~ .. Via. ??i.,si" ~' '` x ?.....~'?. ... ` ~ . . t', WC;..C.. ?~Ya: ?1'-YSTni'.~.A...:I'Fr^.: .~.-a'?: . ~ Reported loss at that time. consisted of four am/fm radios ~~ _ and one electric razor. The police investfoatioa identified ~ . ,~ ' some latent fingerprints but no identification of those prints . .' 'was made. Since the reported loss was under $~, 000 and thexe .. was no evidence of a crossing of state boundries, the FBI did mot maFce an investigation of the incident. The tiLPD reported ' ~ that there had been no prosecution and no suspect was identified. ? ,?