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December 7, 1993
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CO0175582 UNCLASSIFIED Page: 76 of 98 Document 25 CLAS UNCLASSIFIED OAS UNCLASSIFIED AFSN 0W0712200593C MILT TAKEALL-- press service log: xinhua english 07 dec Full Text Superzone qf Message 1 $43001 ql eeeee hkaee .aa PABOO1 mee120617hke uae launching major drive against drugs 2 abu dhabi, december 6 (xinhua) -- the united arab emirates (uae) is launching a two-week campaign against drugs from today. 3 File: D:PAXINHUA BMONPAMSG148.MSG Words: 376 S43002 qu eeeee hkaee .aa PAB003 mee120618hie christopher: u.s. to continue to back peace talks 4 amman, december 6 (xinhua) u.s. secretary of state warren christopher said here today that the united states will continue to try to build up international support for the middle east peace negotiations. 5 File: D:PAXINHUA BMONPAMSG149.MSG Words: 577 S43003 ql eeeee hkaee .aa PABOO6 mee120619hie iran appeals for international aid to refugees 6 tehran, december 6 (xinhua) iran today appealed to international organizations and foreign countries to offer humanitarian aid to azeri refugees in the approaching winter. 7 File: D:PAXINHUA BMONPAMSG150.MSG Words: 320 S43004 ql eeeee hkaee .aa PABOO7 mee120620hke peres, arafat to meet in spain to bridge gaps 8 Jerusalem, december 6 (xinhua) Israeli foreign minister shimon peres will reportedly meet plo chairman yasser arafat in spain on wednesday in an attempt to bridge differences blocking progress in the current israeli-plo negotiations in egypt. 9 File: D:PAXINHUA BMONPAMSG151.MSG Words: 411 S43005 ql eeeee hkaee .aa PABOO8 mee120621hke turkish police bust two networks of pick 10 istanbul, december 6 (xinhua) -- police in istanbul and ankara have busted two networks of the outlawed kurdish workers' party (pick) and caught 33 suspects along with their explosives and uniforms, istanbul police sources said today. 11 File: D:PAXINHUA BMONPAMSG152.MSG Words: 274 S43006 ql eeeee hkaee .aa NABOO2 eaed120607Eke -- china: development should top world agenda 12 united nations, december 6 (xinhua) -- china hopes that an agenda for development will help restore the question of development to the top of the world agenda and instill new energy into the international cooperation for development, a chinese representative said here today. 13 File: D:PAXINHUA BMONPAMSG153.MSG Words: 673 S43008 ql eeeee hkaee .aa NAB003 eaed120608Eke london market closing rates 14 london, december 6 (xinhua) -- following are major market closing rates in london today: 15 december 6 december 3 currencies pound sterling 1.4995 u.s. dollars 1.4907 u.s. dollar 1.7033 german marks 1.7215 16 File: D:PAXINHUA BMONPAMSG154.MSG Words: 109 S43009 ql eeeee hkaee .aa NABOO9 eaed120609Eke clinton supports flying aidid in u.s. plane 17 to peace talks 18 washington, december 6 (xinhua) u.s. president bill clinton said here today he supported his envoy's decision to use a u.s. military aircraft to fly somali general mohamed farrah aidid to peace conference in ethiopia. 19 File: D:PAXINHUA BMONPAMSG155.MSG Words: 266 S43010 ql eeeee hkaee .aa NAB012 eaed120610Eke -- smallest, fastest silicon device developed 9 Approved fpr Release g0010 000175582 UNCLASSIFIED Page: 77 of 98 20 new york, december 6 (xinhua) -- a team of scientists has developed the smallest, fastest silicon device that operates at room temperature and uses far less energy than today's chips. 21 File: D:PAXINHUA BMONPAMSG156.MSG Words: 468 S43011 ql eeeee hkaee hkdwe .aa WSB001 hke-china: exchange quotations 22 beijing, december 7 (xinhua) -- the chinese state administration of exchange control adjusted and published the renminbi exchange rates against the convertible currencies today. there are many changes in the rates. 23 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG001.MSG Words: 164 S43012 ql eeeee hkaee hkdwe .aa SPE003 hke ---hangladesh to send 43 athletes for south asian games 24 dhaka, december 6 (xinhua) bangladesh will field 43 athletes to compete in the sixth south asian federation (saf) games starting here on december 20, officials said today. 25 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG002.MSG Words: 172 26 OV0712200593TAKE1- 27 S43013 ql eeeee hkaee hkdwe .aa SPE002 hke asian women's soccer results 28 kuala lumpur, december 6 (xinhua) -- following are the preliminary results of the asian women's soccer championship played in kuching, capital of the east malaysian sarawak state on monday: 29 japan bt philippines 15-0 30 chinese taipei bt hong kong 5-0 enditem 31 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG003.MSG Words: 66 S43014 ql eeeee hkaee .aa INE002 hke medillin cartel disappears in colombia 32 santa fe de bogota, december 6 (xinhua) -- the medellin cartel has disappeared since its head pablo escobar was killed last thursday, colombian president cesar gaviria said today. 33 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG004.MSG Words: 185 S43015 ql eeeee hkaee .aa INE001 hke -- 17 'Million colombians to vote in 1994 elections 34 bogota, december 6 (xinhua) -- seventeen million potential voters will cast ballots in the 1994 elections, about two million more than the previous elections, a colombian official announced here today. 35 File: D:PAXINHUA_BTUEPAMSG005.MSG Words: 134 S43016 ql eeeee hkaee hkdwe .aa SPE010 hke -- results at world cup speedskating (1) 36 stockholm, december 6 (xinhua) -- following are monday's results from a world cup speedskating meet at the viking ship hall in hamar, norway: 37 women's 5,000 meters: 38 1. gunda neimann, germany, 7 minutes 13.29 seconds (world record, old record: 7:14.13, by yvonne van gennip of the 39 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG006.MSG Words: 180 S43017 ql eeeee hkaee hkdwe .aa SPE005 hke --results at world cup speedskating (2-last) 40 men's 1,000 meters: 41 1. dan Jansen, united states, 1:13.01 42 2. sergei klevchenya, russia, 1:13.17 43 3. yoon-man kim, south korea, 1:13.32 44 4. sylvain bouchard, canada, 1:13.51 45 5. igor zhelezovsky, belarus, 1:13.69 46 6. liu hongbo, china, 1:13.71 47 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG007.MSG Words: 254 S43018 ql eeeee hkaee .aa INE005 hke caldera leads presidential election in venezuela 48 caracas, december 6 (xinhua) -- national convergence candidate rafael caldera is leading in the venezuelan presidential election, receiving 28 percent of the votes counted, according to the first official bulletin CO0175582 UNCLASSIFIED Page: 78 of 98 released today. 49 File: D:PAXINHUA_BTUEPAMSG008.MSG Words: 130 S43019 ql eeeee hkaee .aa INE004 hke panamanian police seize weapons 50 panama city, december 6 (xinhua) -- a total of 326 pieces of weapons have been seized by the metropolitan police this year, head of the police ricardo guardia, said sunday in an interview with the local press. 51 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG009.MSG Words: 178 543020 ql eeeee hkaee .aa INE003 hke honicker on his deathbed 52 santiago, december 6 (xinhua) -- the exiled former east german president erich honecker was rushed to the las condes clinic in the capital last night when his heath conditions worsed. 53 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG010.MSG Words: 116 S43021 ql eeeee hkaee .aa IUE002 hke-- russia, kuwait to stage joint maneuvers 54 moscow, december 6 (xinhua) -- three russian naval vessels are heading for the gulf where they will hold joint exercises with kuwait from december 25-29, the interfax news agency said monday. 55 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG011.MSG Words: 121 S43022 ql eeeee hkaee hkdwe .aa SPE009 hke ---gunda niemann breaks 5,000-meter world skating record 56 stockholm, december 6 (xinhua) gunda niemann of germany broke the women's 5,000 meters world record with a time of seven minutes 13.29 seconds at a world cup meet in hamar of norway on monday. 57 File: D:PAXINHUA_BTUEPAMSG012.MSG Words: 334 S43023 ql eeeee hkaee hkdwe .aa SPE008 hke canadian synchronised swimmer granted belated olympic gold 58 geneve, december 6 (xinhua) canadian synchronised swimmer sylvie frechette was given on monday the olympic gold medal that she failed to win due to an scoring error a year ago in barcelona. 59 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG013.MSG Words: 121 60 0W0712200693TAKE2- 61 S43024 ql eeeee hkaee .aa IUE001 hke-- ukraine sees fourth price rise in one year 62 kiev, december 6 (xinhua) ukraine raised its prices of food and other state-controlled commodities once again by a big margin today, the fourth rise in less than a year. 63 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG014.MSG Words: 209 S43025 ql eeeee hkaee hkdwe .aa WSE021 hke- shanghai citizens have better scientific training, poll shows 64 shanghai, december 7 (xinhua) -- a recent poll conducted by the shanghai association of science and technology indicates that the scientific training of shanghai residents holds "an obvious advantage" over the average level throughout china and even the united states. 65 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG015.MSG Words: 246 S43026 ql eeeee hkaee hkdwe .aa SPE012 hke ---soccer, cycling, tennis still missing from doping accord 66 geneve, december 6 (xinhua) -- soccer, tennis and cycling remain the major sports which have yet to comply with the terms of an international anti-doping accord, a top olympic official said in lausanne, switzerland on monday. 67 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG016.MSG Words: 326 S43027 qu eeeee hkaee .aa HAB037 hke120701-: new zealand maoris to set up new political party 68 wellington, december 7 (xinhua) new zealand's maori council has decided to launch a new political party to better represent the indigenous maori people's interests. 69 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG017.MSG Words: 383 S43028 ql eeeee hkaee .aa CO0175582 UNCLASSIFIED . Page: 79 of 98 INE010 hke argentina's wheat output to drop by two million tons 70 buenos aires, december 6 (xinhua) argentina will lose over two million tons of wheat this year due to bad weather. 71 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG018.MSG Words: 107 S43029 ql eeeee hkaee hkdwe .aa SPE015 hke ---u.s. boxer's trial delayed 72 new york, december 6 (xinhua) -- the attempted bribery trial of heavyweight boxer ray mercer was delayed until January 10 because Jesse ferguson, the chief prosecution witness, is unavailable because of family medical problems. 73 'File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG019.MSG Words: 201 S43030 ql eeeee hkaee .aa INE007 hke chiiean pilots, technicians go on strike 74 santiago, december 6 (xinhua) -- the lan-chile pilots and technicians union went on strike at midnight today after the breakdown of talks between the union and the airline company. 75 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG020.MSG Words: 160 S43031 ql eeeee hkaee .aa INE012 hke panima ranks first in world ship registration 76 panama city, december 6 (xinhua) -- the panamanian merchant fleet has become the world largest with a registered capacity of 56.3 million tons on november 1. 77 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG021.MSG Words: 162 S43036 ql eeeee hkaee .aa INE013 hke colombian president rules out escobar suicide 78 santiago, december 6 (xinhua) colombian president cesar gaviria today ruled out the possibility that drug lord pablo escobar had shot himself. 79 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG022.MSG Words: 268 S43038 ql eeeee hkaee .aa IAE004 hke-- major news items in leading indian newspapers 80 new delhi, december 7 (xinhua) -- following are major news items in leading indian english newspapers today: 81 the hindustan times 82 -- one person was killed and 18 injured in bomb explosions in various trains running sunday evening coinciding with the first anniversary of demolition of the babri masjid. 83 File: D:PAXINHUA_BTUEPAMSG023.MSG Words: 123 S43043 ql eeeee hkaee .aa INE014 hke angolan government delegation returns to peace talks 84 lusaka, december 6 (xinhua)-- the angolan government delegation returned here today from the angolan capital of luanda to continue peace talks with the national union for the total independence of angola (unita). 85 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG024.MSG Words: 207 86 0W0712200793TAKE3- 87 S43044 ql eeeee hkaee .aa IUE006 hke-- u.n. peacekeeping troops in macedonia to hold war game 88 belgrade, december 6 (xinhua) -- the command of the united nations peacekeeping troops for former yugoslavia announced today that it will hold a five-day military exercise in the republic of macedonia. 89 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG025.MSG Words: 185 S43045 ql eeeee hkaee hkdwe .aa SPE013 hke ---italian pole vaulter tested positive for doping 90 rome, december 6 (xinhua) italian pole vaulter alberto giacchetto will face a four-year ban after being found positive in two doping tests. 91 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG026.MSG Words: 102 S43046 ql eeeee hkaee hkdwe .aa WSE002 hke-china: books help villagers to get rich 92 shijiazhuang, december 7 (xinhua) zhu shousen, an ordinary peasant in north china's hebei province, can hardly believe that books make him not only rich but also famous. 93 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG027.MSG Words: 478 S43047 ql eeeee hkaee .aa C00175582 UNCLASSIFIED Page: 80 of 98 IAE006 hke-- major news in pakistani press 94 islamabad, december 7 (xinhua) -- following are major news items in leading pakistani newspapers today: 95 the pakistan times 96 -- pakistan government has decided to spend 11 billion rupees for its people's program. 97 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG028.MSG Words: 131 S43048 ql eeeee hkaee hkdwe .aa SPE019 hke ---ac milan troubled with injured players 98 rome, december 6 (xinhua) ac milan is facing a tough situation when it takes on brazil's league champion sao paulo in the intercontinental cup on december 12 in tokyo. 99 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG029.MSG Words: 317 S43049 ql eeeee hkaee .aa INE015 hke trust essential for french-chinese relations, says chirac 100 paris, december 6 (xinhua) -- it is in the interest of france to establish a relationship of mutual trust with china, said Jacques chirac, president of the french ruling party "rassemblement pour la republique". 101 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG030.MSG Words: 350 S43050 ql eeeee hkaee .aa INE016 hke ethiopia to take part in humanitarian program in somalia 102 addis ababa, december 6 (xinhua)-- ethiopia will take an active part in implementing the declaration of the fourth humanitarian conference on somalia, the ethiopian foreign ministry said in a statement here today. 103 File: D:PAXINHUA_BTUEPAMSG031.MSG Words: 179 S43051 ql eeeee hkaee .aa IWE005 hke -- brazil, portugal seek community of 104 portuguese-speaking nations 105 lisbon, december 6 (xinhua) -- with brazilian foreign minister celso amorim's official visit on december 3-6, lisbon has become the diplomatic stage for seeking the establishment of a community of portuguese-speaking nations. 106 File: D:PAXINHUA_BTUEPAMSG032.MSG Words: 236 S43052 ql eeeee hkaee hkdwe .aa WSD003 hke-china: laotian prime minister leaves for dprk 107 shenyang, december 7 (xinhua) laotian prime minister and chairman of the lao people's revolutionary, party central committee khamtay siphandone and his party wound up his five-day official, goodwill visit to china and left here for the democratic people's republic of korea (dprk) this morning. 108 File: D:PAXINHUA_BTUEPAMSG033.MSG Words: 135 S43054 qu eeeee hkaee .aa HAB075 hke120707-- state-owned msg plant to be sold in myanmar 109 yangon, december 7 (xinhua) -- a state owned monosodium glutamate (msg) plant in myanmar will be sold, according to a press report today. 110 File: D:PAXINHUA_BTUEPAMSG034.MSG Words: 106 S43055 ql eeeee hkaee .aa INE019 hke u.s. considers targeting missiles away from russia 111 washington, december 6 (xinhua) -- the united states and russia are considering a plan to stop targeting their long-range nuclear missiles at each other, president bill clinton confirmed today. 112 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG035.MSG Words: 168 113 0W0712200893TAKE4- 114 S43056 qu eeeee hkaee .aa HAB078 hke120707-- thai fm on crackdown on illegal myanmar immigration 115 bangkok, december 7 (xinhua) thai foreign minister prasong soonsiri said on monday that it is time for thailand to begin enforcing laws relating to illegal immigration. 116 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAHSG036.HSG Words: 169 S43057 ql eeeee hkaee .aa IVE007 hke nigrian constitutional conference to convene next year 000175582 Page: 81 of 98 UNCLASSIFIED 117 lagos, december 6 (xinhua) nigeria's new military government may release details of a constitutional conference scheduled to begin early next year, information and culture minister Jerry gana said in the capital city of abuja today. 118 File: D:PAXINHUA_BTUEPAMSG037.MSG Words: 114 S43058 ql eeeee hkaee .aa INE020 hke nigerian economic crimes commission gets government support 119 lagos, december 6 (xinhua) -- the nigerian government is providing the economic crimes commission with all necessary tools for effective performance, nigerian information and culture minister Jerry gana said in the nigerian capital of abuja today. 120 File: D:PAXINHUA_BTUEPAMSG038.MSG Words: 138 S43059 ql eeeee hkaee hkdwe .aa VSB004 hke-china: new market framework takes shape in shenyang 121 shenyang, december 7 (xinhua) -- the framework of a new market system has taken shape in shenyang, capital of northeast china's liaoning province. 122 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG039.MSG Words: 333 S43060 ql eeeee hkaee hkdwe .aa VSE001 hke ---beilun to become china's largest ore port 123 ningbo, december 7 (xinhua) -- the beilun port in east china's zhejiang province is expected to become the largest iron ore transshipment center by 1994, when its annual handling capacity will reach 22 million tons. 124 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG040.MSG Words: 236 S43061 ql eeeee hkaee hkdwe .aa VSE004 hke-china: cycas revoluta blooms each year in panzhihua 125 panzhihua, december 7 (xinhua) cycas revoluta (or sago palm), which rarely blossoms in most parts of china, blooms every year in panzhihua city, southwest china's sichuan province. 126 File: D:PAXINHUA_BTUEPAMSG041.MSG Words: 306 S43063 ql eeeee hkaee hkdwe .aa WSH002 hke-china-mao: changsha -- city that has close links with mao (1) 127 changsha, december 7 (xinhua) changsha, provincial capital of central china's hunan, is closely linked with mao zedong, but the face of the city has changed a lot from what mao was familiar with. 128 File: D:PAXINHUA_BTUEPAMSG042.MSG Words: 483 S43066 qu eeeee hkaee .aa HAB114 hke120715-- tremor reported in sri lanka 129 colombo, december 7 (xinhua) -- an earthquake was felt in sri lanka for about two minutes from 02:30 this morning, but no damage to life and property has been reported. 130 File: D:PAZINHUA_BTUEPAMSG043.MSG Words: 130 S43067 qu eeeee hkaee .aa HAB115 hke120709-- nepal plans to build second railway 131 kathmandu, december 7 (xinhua) nepal is making necessary preparations for the construction of its second railway in eastern region. 132 File: D:PAXINHUA_BTUEPAMSG044.MSG Words: 182 S43068 qu eeeee hkaee .aa HAB117 hke120713-- advertisement industry grows by 13 in indonesia 133 Jakarta, december 7 (xinhua) -- the advertisement industry in indonesia has grown by 13 percent this year and is expected to expand by another 11 percent next year. 134 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG045.MSG Words: 177 S43069 qu eeeee hkaee .aa HAB118 hke120711-: australia expects rise in wheat production 135 canberra, december 7 (xinhua) australia will register a seven percent increase in its wheat production during the current 1993-94 financial year ending next june, official forecast indicated. 136 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG046.MSG Words: 168 137 0W0712201293TAKE5- 138 S43070 qu eeeee hkaee .aa HAB121 hke120712-- fish fry, prawns to be released into chao phraya river CO0175582 UNCLASSIFIED Page: 82 of 98 139 bangkok, december 7 (xinhua) -- about 3 million fish fry and freshwater prawns will be released into the chao phraya river in thailand later this week to boost the declining fish population in the river, local newspaper +the nation+ reported today. 140 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG047.MSG Words: 174 S43071 qu eeeee hkaee .aa HAB124 hke120708-= 70 die in cyclone in southern india 141 new delhi, december 7 (xinhua) -- the cyclonic storm which crossed the coast of the southern state of tamil nadu on saturday has so far claimed about 70 lives and caused heavy losses in the state. 142 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG048.MSG Words: 153 S43072 ql eeeee hkaee hkdwe .aa WSE006 hke- china to build major transportation projects 143 beijing, december 7 (xinhua) -- china has decided to build a number of express railways and other transport projects to link up major cities before 2000. 144 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG049.MSG Words: 190 S43073 ql eeeee hkaee hkdwe .aa VSE008 like-china: new picture album on mao zedong published 145 beijing, december 7 (xinhua) -- another picture album, entitled "ordinary and great -- the objects left behind and anecdotes of mao zedong at zhongnanhai", has been published recently in beijing. 146 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG050.MSG Words: 209 S43074 ql eeeee hkaee hkdwe .aa VSE009 hke-china: largest cable tv network emerges in shanghai 147 shanghai, december 7 (xinhua) -- the one-year-old shanghai cable tv station has emerged as the country's largest, with a network covering 700,000 households in this largest industrial city of china. 148 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG051.MSG Words: 243 S43075 ql eeeee hkaee hkdwe .aa VSE007 hke-china: leading officials urged to study deng's works well 149 beijing, december 7 (xinhua) -- people's daily, a leading national newspaper, issued a commentary today, calling on leading officials at all levels, particularly those above the county and military regiment level, to take the lead in studying and applying well the third volume of the selected works of deng xiaoping. 150 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG052.MSG Words: 418 S43076 ql eeeee hkaee hkdwe .aa VSB007 hke-china: Jiangsu reports good autumn grain harvest 151 nanjing, december 7 (xinhua) -- east china's Jiangsu province has reported a good autumn grain harvest thanks to the introduction of high-yielding crop varieties. 152 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG053.MSG Words: 183 S43077 qu eeeee hkaee .aa HAB138 hke120714-= 37 python snakes returned to natural home in indonesia 153 Jakarta, december 7 (xinhua) -- a total of 37 python snakes were released recently into their natural home at the panitan island of ujung kulon greater national park in indonesia. 154 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG054.MSG Words: 227 S43078 ql eeeee hkaee hkdwe .aa VSB008 like-china: shanghai holds international marine conference 155 shanghai, december 7 (xinhua) -- the 1993 international academic conference on maritime affairs and exhibition opened here today. 156 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG055.MSG Words: 143 S43079 ql eeeee hkaee hkdwe .aa WSE013 hke-beijing: chinese npc leader meets zimbabwe visitors 157 beijing, december 7 (xinhua) chen muhua, vice-chairperson of the chinese national people's congress (npc) standing committee, met here today with naison ndlozu, deputy speaker of the zimbabwe parliament. 158 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG056.MSG Words: 90 S43080 qu eeeee hkaee .aa HAB141 hke120721-: malaysia to develop aerospace industry: mahathir 159 langkawi (malaysia), december 7 (xinhua) malaysia, in its drive to move CO0175582 UNCLASSIFIED Page: 83 of 98 away from labor-intensive to capital and technology-intensive industries, is stepping into the aerospace industries, said prime minister mihathir mohamad. 160 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG057.MSG Words: 255 161 0V0712201493TAKE6- 162 S43081 qu eeeee hkaee .aa HAB148 hke120716-- ec, india work to promote indian export to europe 163 new delhi, december 7 (xinhua) -- the european community (ec) is working with the indian government to draft a master plan to promote indian exports to europe, according to an ec official. 164 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG058.MSG Words: 247 S43082 qu eeeee hkaee .aa HAB150 hke120726-: earthquake occurs in indian ocean 165 new delhi, december 7 (xinhua) -- a moderate earthquake measuring five on the richter scale took place in the indian ocean early this morning, the indian metrological department said. 166 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG059.MSG Words: 82 S43083 ql eeeee hkaee hkdwe .aa WSW001 hke-beIjing: ufos galore across taiwan straits 1067' beijing, december 7 (xinhua) -- nearly 6,000 sightings of unidentified flying objects (ufos) across the taiwan straits have been reported, said experts from the chinese mainland and taiwan here today. some have defied rational explanation. 168. File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG060.MSG Words: 381 S43084 ql eeeee hkaee hkdwe .aa WSH004 hke-beijing: ufos galore across taiwan straits 169 beijing, december 7 (xinhua) -- nearly 6,000 sightings of unidentified flying objects (ufos) across the taiwan straits have been reported, said experts from the chinese mainland and taiwan here today. some have defied rational explanation. 170 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG061.MSG Words: 381 S43085 ql eeeee hkaee .aa PA3033 mee120701hEe -- major news items in leading egyptian newspapers 171 cairo, december 7 (xinhua) -- the following are major news items in leading egyptian newspapers today: 172 al-ahram: 173 -- the african mini-summit which opened today in cairo will announce the establishment of the first mechanism for settling african disputes peacefully. 174 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG062.MSG Words: 133 S43086 ql eeeee hkaee hkdwe .aa SPE020 hke ---harbin guarantees funds for asian winter games 175 beijing, december 7 (xinhua) -- the funds for the 1996 asian winter games will be guaranteed, the mayor of harbin, the event's host city, said here on tuesday. 176 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG063.MSG Words: 306 S43087 ql eeeee hkaee hkdwe .aa VSB012 hke-china: computer-controlled planting of vegetables successful 177 nanjing, december 7 (xinhua) -- the technology of computer-controlled vegetable growing recently passed state appraisal in nanjing, the capital of east china's Jiangsu province. 178 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG064.MSG Words: 192 S43088 ql eeeee hkaee hkdwe .aa VSE014 hke- china to fuel major railway project with 12 billion yuan 179 beijing, december 7 (xinhua) -- in 1994 china will put a total of 12 billion yuan into the construction of the beijing-jiulong (kowloon) railway, to ensure that the no.1 rail construction project of the eighth five-year plan (1991-1995) is finished by the end of 1995. 180 File: D:PAXINHUA_BTUEPAMSG065.MSG Words: 427 S43089 ql eeeee hkaee .aa CO0175582 UNCLASSIFIED Page: 84 of 98 IWE008 hke u.s., e.c. compromise on farm subsidy cuts 181 brussels, december 7 (xinhua) -- the united states and the european community (e.c.) ended an 18-hour discussion here today with a compromise on the contentious farm subsidy cut issue. 182 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG066.MSG Words: 237 S43090 ql eeeee hkaee hkdwe .aa WSB016 hke-china: xinhua stock indices continue to rise 183 beijing, december 7 (xinhua) xinhua a and b stock indices, indicators of operation of china's securities market, continue to rise today. 184 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG067.MSG Words: 108 S43091 qu eeeee hkaee .aa HAB171 hke120717-: indonesia approves 2.05 billion dollar investment 185 Jakarta, december 7 (xinhua) -- the indonesian capital investment coordinating board has approved rp 4.1 trillion (2.05 billion dollars) worth of investment projects from october 16 to november 15, 1993. 186 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG068.MSG Words: 196 187 0W0712201593TAKE7- 188 S43092 qu eeeee hkaee .aa HAB172 hke120718-- 13 million children away from school in india 189 new delhi, december 7 (xinhua) -- at least 12.9 million children at the age of six to 14 in india do not go to school, the indian lower house has been told. 190 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG069.HSG Words: 187 S43093 ql eeeee hkaee .aa IAE010 hke dprE returns american war remains 191 panmunjom, december 7 (xinhua) -- the democratic people's republic of korea (dprk) handed the remains of 31 american soldiers killed during the korean war (1950-53) to the united states military at the truce village of panmunjom tuesday. 192 File: D:PAXINHUA_BTUEPAMSG070.MSG Words: 151 S43094_qu eeeee hkaee .aa HAB181 hke120719-- indonesia records 0.41 pct inflation in november 193 Jakarta, december 7 (xinhua) -- the inflation rate in november 1993 stood at 0.41 percent in indonesia. 194 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG071.MSG Words: 246 S43095 qu eeeee hkaee .aa HAB182 hke120720-= sri lanka to start joint ventures with ec companies 195 colombo, december 7 (xinhua) sri lanka has been offered joint venture opportunities under the european community investment partners (ecip) program, according to official sources here today. 196 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG072.MSG Words: 251 S43096 ql eeeee hkaee .aa PAB034 mee120702116 lebanon detains four drug smugglers 197 beirut, december 7 (xinhua) -- three men and a woman have been detained in lebanon on a charge of organizing an international drug smuggling net, the local daily +an nahar+ (the daytime) reported today. 198 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG073.MSG Words: 324 S43097 ql eeeee hkaee .aa INE023 hke shuttle astronauts replace space telescope's camera 199 washington, december 7 (xinhua) -- two spacewalking astronauts worked overnight and replaced the main camera of the bubble space telescope in the small hours of this morning. 200 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG074.MSG Words: 230 S43098 ql eeeee hkdwe .aa WSE018 201 chinese vice premier meets romanian visitors 202 beijing, december 7 (xinhua) chinese vice-premier and foreign minister qian qichen met here today with a romanian parliament delegation headed by adrian nastase, president of the chamber of deputies. 203 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG075.MSG Words: 105 S43099 ql eeeee hkaee hkdwe .aa WSD011 hke- china's technological trade gains momentum 000175582 UNCLASSIFIED Page: 85 of 98 204 beijing, december 7 (xinhua) -- china has made enormous progress in technology trade since the country launched the reform and open policies in the late 1970s. 205 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG076.MSG Words: 409 S43100 ql eeeee hkaee .aa INE024 hke u.s._ researchers develop drug to block aids virus 206 washington, december 7 (xinhua) -- researchers of the university of texas have developed a drug that has, in laboratory tests on healthy human cells, blocked the aids virus from expanding. 207 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG077.MSG Words: 178 S43101 qu eeeee hkaee .aa HAB209 hke120710-: more than 9,000 bank branches non-viable 208 new delhi, december 7 (xinhua) -- 9336 branches of 28 nationalised banks had not made profits by december 12, 1993 in India. 209 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG078.MSG Words: 114 S43102 ql eeeee hkaee hkdwe .aa WSE017 hke- china's trade deficit hits 7.7 billion u.s. dollars 210 beijing, december 7 (xinhua) -- china's foreign trade deficit has run up to 7.7 billion u.s. dollars in the first 11 months of this year, according to the late statistics released by the china customs. 211 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG079.MSG Words: 429 212 0W0712202593TA10E8- 213 S43103 qu eeeee hkaee .aa HAB211 hke120728-- ii ruihuan arrives in lahore 214 lahore, december 7 (xinhua) ruihuan, chairman of the chinese people's political consultative conference (cppcc), flew here from Islamabad to continue his official visit in pakistan. 215 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG080.MSG Words: 157 S43104 ql eeeee hkaee hkdwe .aa WSP001 hke- chinese army delegation leaves for romania 216 beijing, december 7 (xinhua) -- a delegation of the chinese people's liberation army (pla), headed by general zhao nanqi,-president of china's military academy of sciences, left here today for a good-will visit to romania, czech and slovakia. enditem 07/12/93 10:51 GMT 217 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG081.MSG Words: 66 S43105 ql eeeee hkaee hkdwe .aa WSB018 hke-beijing: weather forecast for major foreign cities 218 beijing, december 7 (xinhua) -- weather forecast for 10 major foreign cities for the next 24 hours from 20:00 today to 20:00 on december 8 issued by china's central meteorological station at 17:00 today: 219 tokyo: min. 3 degree c., max. 10 degrees c., clear to cloudy. 220 File: D:PAXINHUA_BTUEPAMSG082.MSG Words: 169 S43106 qu eeeee hkaee .aa HAB214 hke120732-- scientific probe into tremors in sri lanka 221 colombo, december 7 (xinhua) -- the meteorology department and geologists are working to determine the epicenter of tremors that were felt in many parts of sri lanka early this morning, sri lanka broadcasting corporation reported. 222 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG083.MSG Words: 145 S43107 qu eeeee hkaee .aa 11AB215 hke120727-: international auto show opens in new delhi 223 new delhi, december 7 (xinhua) -- the second international automobile show named +auto expo 1993,+ was opened here today. 224 File: D:PAXINHUA_BTUEPAMSG084.MSG Words: 133 S43108 qu eeeee hkaee .aa HAB217 hke120730-- nz government wishes to advance sino-nz relations 225 wellington, december 7 (xinhua) -- the new zealand government wished to develop the nz/china relations to a new height through efforts by both sides. 226 File: D:PAXINHUA_BTUEPAMSG085.MSG Words: 250 S43109 ql eeeee hkaee .aa INE021 hke canada's fishing industry will not recover, report says 227 ottawa, december 6 (xinhua) canada's east coast fishing industry will CO0175582 UNCLASSIFIED Page: 86 of 98 not recover and many people will remain out of work, a new federal report said today. 228 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG086.MSG Words: 350 S43110 ql eeeee hkaee hkdwe .aa WSB019 hke-beijing: weather forecast for major chinese cities 229 beijing, december 7 (xinhua) -- weather forecast for 12 major chinese cities for the next 24 hours from 20:00 today to 20:00 on december 8 issued by china's central meteorological station at 17:00 today: 230 beijing: min. -3 degrees c., max. 4 degrees c., clear to cloudy, calm to gentle breeze. 231 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG087.MSG Words: 241 S43111 ql eeeee hkaee hkdwe .aa WSD012 hke- ciiina to produce more reform measures for foreign trade 232 beijing, december 7 (xinhua) -- china is going to take bolder measures in its reform of the foreign trade system in the coming year, said wu yi, minister of foreign trade and economic cooperation. 233 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG088.MSG Words: 329 S43112 ql eeeee hkaee hkdwe .aa WSH005 hke-china: premier li peng discusses mao zedong's thinking on 234 foreign affairs (1) 235 beijing, december 7 (xinhua) chinese premier li peng described the late mao zedong as a great strategist in international diplomacy who set the guiding principles for china's diplomatic activities from the 1950s to 1970s. 236 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPA14SG089.MSG Words: 431 237 0W0712202993TAKE9- 238 S43113 ql eeeee hkaee .aa IAE011 hke gatt accord remains blocked by dispute over films 239 brussels, december 7 (xinhua) -- the united states and the european community settled most of their disputes on agriculture and other trade issues on monday at the talks here, but a possible world trade accord remains blocked by differences over hollywood's access to european market. 240 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG090.MSG Words: 215 S43114 ql eeeee hkaee hkchre .aa VSD004 hke- china welcomes overseas investment in gold production 241 beijing, december 7 (xinhua) -- china will start to bring overseas investment and technology selectively into some of its gold mines next year. 242 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG091.MSG Words: 358 S43115 qu eeeee hkaee .aa HAB221 hke120731-= singapore president on his visit to india 243 singapore, december 7 (xinhua) -- president ong teng cheong has described his first visit to india as an enriching experience. 244 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG092.MSG Words: 212 S43116 ql eeeee hkaee hkdwe .aa WSE014 hke-china: new road to lu xun's hometown 245 hangzhou, december 7 (xinhua) -- a 45-km-long road was recently completed and will be open to traffic on december 15 in shaoxing, a city in eastern zhejiang province, the hometown of noted chinese writer lu xun. 246 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG093.MSG Words: 127 S43117 ql eeeee hkaee hkdve .aa WSD010 hke-china: premier li peng discusses mao zedong's thinking on 247 foreign affairs (2) 248 li pointed out that the thinking on foreign affairs by mao and deng is a complete scientific system. 249 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG094.MSG Words: 189 543118 ql eeeee hkaee hkdwe .aa WSB017 hke-china: news in brief 250 beijing, december 7 (xinhua) today's news in brief: 251 state forest park 252 the ministry of forestry recently approved shuangfengshan mountain area in CO0175582 UNCLASSIFIED Page: 87 of 98 xiaogan city, hubei province, to become a state forest park. 253 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG095.MSG Words: 190 S43119 ql eeeee hkaee .aa IAE012 hke sutRerland urges completion of trade talks 254 geneva, december 7 (xinhua) -- peter sutherland, chief of the world trade body gatt, today called on the united states and the european community to come to geneva to complete the world trade talks. 255 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG096.MSG Words: 325 S43120 qu eeeee hkaee .aa PAB039 mee120703hEe israeli president proposes national unity 256 government 257 jerusalem, december 7 (xinhua) israeli president ezer weizman today proposed establishing a government of national unity. 258 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG097.MSG Words: 156 S43121 ql eeeee hkdwe .aa VSD015 259 chinese defence minister meets romanian guests 260 beijing, december 7 (xinhua) -- general chi haotian, chinese state councillor and minister of national defence, met with and feted n. spiroiu, romanian minister of national defence, and his party here this evening. 261 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG098.MSG Words: 106 S43122 qu eeeee hkaee .aa HAB226 hke120737-1 singapore in bid to raise sports level 262 singapore, december 7 (xinhua) -- the singapore government has decided to invest 10 million singapore dollars (about 6.2 million us dollars) in sports by 1994. 263 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG099.MSG Words: 291 S43123 qu eeeee hkaee .aa HA8227 hke120733-7 singapore second foreign minister on asean strategies 264 singapore, december 7 (xinhua) -- the association of southeast asian nations (asean) must adopt two strategies to overcome-the global uncertainties, said singapore second minister for foreign affairs george yeo today. 265 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG100.MSG Words: 214 266 OW0712203093TAKE0 267 S43124 qu eeeee hkaee .aa HAB228 hke120729-- singapore firms join computer show in beijing 268 singapore, december 7 (xinhua) -- eight singapore companies are taking part in the first china computer show in beijing as from today. 269 File: D:PAXINHUA_BTUEPAMSG101.MSG Words: 114 S43125 qu eeeee hkaee .aa HAB229 hke120738-- news feature: man biting dog charged of cruelty 270 wellington, december 7 (xinhua) -- here came a piece of real news in terms of professional news sense: a man in new zealand did bite a dog but the man was charged of cruelty. 271 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG102.MSG Words: 466 S43126 qu eeeee hkaee .aa HAB231 hke120739-= documentaries about china to present in singapore 272 singapore, december 7 (xinhua) -- the singapore broadcasting corporation (sbc) will present its second series of documentaries +a dragon ascends+ in its next six +tuesday report+ as from december 14. 273 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG103.MSG Words: 157 S43127 ql eeeee hkaee .aa IWE012 hke major news items in french press 274 paris, december 7 (xinhua) -- the following are major news items in leading french newspapers today: 275 le monde: 276 -- after securing a victory in municipal elections, the italian leftists are striving to capture the parliament. 277 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG104.MSG Words: 125 S43128 qu eeeee hkaee .aa 000175582 UNCLASSIFIED Page: 88 of 98 PAB041 mee120704hke -- health of iran's prominent shiite cleric worsens 278 tehran, december 7 (xinhua) -- the health of grand ayatollah golpaygani, one of the most prominent figures in iran's political and religious arena, was in critical condition, iran's official news agency irna reported today. 279 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG105.MSG Words: 235 S43129 qu eeeee hkaee .aa HAB232 hke120740-= adb funds pineapple project in indonesia 280 manila, december 7 (xinhua) -- the asian development bank (adb) today approved an equity investment of two million u.s. dollars and a loan of nine million u.s. dollars to indonesia to establish a pineapple plantation and construct a pineapple processing plant. 281 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG106.MSG Words: 157 S43130 ql eeeee hkaee .aa INE025 hke canida's fishing industry will not recover, report says 282 ottawa, december 6 (xinhua) canada's east coast fishing industry will not recover and many people will remain out of work, a new federal report said today. 283 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG107.MSG Words: 350 S43131 qu eeeee hkaee .aa PAB043 mee120705hEe christopher: comprehensive peace achievable 284 in middle east 285 Jerusalem, december 7 (xinhua) u.s. secretary of state warren christopher emphasized here today that +the hope of peace is alive and that a comprehensive peace is achievable in the middle east.+ 286 emerging after his hour-long talk with israeli prime minister yitzhak rabin in Jerusalem, christopher told reporters he had 287 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG108.MSG Words: 641 S43132 ql eeeee hkaee hkdwe .aa WSD007 hke-beijing: mao's diplomatic thought hailed at symposium 288 beijing, december 7 (xinhua) -- a symposium on late chairman mao zedong's diplomatic thought opened in the great hall of the people here today, 20 days ahead of the centenary of mao's birth, which falls on december 26. 289 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG109.MSG Words: 596 S43133 ql eeeee hkdwe .aa VSB022 290 more social organizations criticize hit governor 291 hong kong, december 7 (xinhua) -- some more organizations in hong kong monday issued statements, criticizing governor chris patten for deciding to table his partial reform bill to the legislative council. 292 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG110.MSG Words: 235 293 0W0712203193TAKE11 294 S43134 ql eeeee hkdwe .aa VSE020 295 vice premier meets u.s. congressmen 296 beijing, december 7 (xinhua) -- china wants to create a better environment for sino-u.s. economic and trade cooperation through joint efforts with the u.s. government, vice-premier and foreign minister qian qichen said here today. 297 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG111.MSG Words: 184 S43135 ql eeeee hkdwe .aa VSB025 298 another mainland's enterprise listed in hong kong 299 hong kong, december 7 (xinhua) -- the kunming machine tool company ltd? a leading manufacturer of large and precision machine tools of the chinese mainland, was listed at the hong kong stock exchange today with heavy activity. 300 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG112.MSG Words: 119 S43136 ql eeeee hkdwe .aa VSB024 301 318 vietnamese migrants leave hk for home CO0175582 UNCLASSIFIED Page: 89 of 98 302 hong kong, december 7 (xinhua) -- two groups of vietnamese migrants totaling 318 today left hong kong for viet nam under the voluntary repatriation program of the office of the united nations high commissioner for refugees. 303 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG113.MSG Words: 107 S43137 ql eeeee hkdwe .aa WSB023 304 mainland, hk, macao review drug abuse issues 305 hong kong, december 7 (xinhua) alasdair sinclair, hong kong commissioner for narcotics, today left here for macao to attend a meeting on drug abuse held among the chinese mainland, hong kong and macao. 306 File: D:PAIINHUA BTUEPAMSG114.MSG Words: 178 S43138 ql eeeee hkaee hkdwe .aa VSD008 hke-- -Chinese foreign minister on mao zedong's diplomatic thinking 307 (1) 308 beijing, december 7 (xinhua) chinese vice-premier and foreign minister qian qichen made a speech here today at a symposium on the late chinese leader mao zedong's diplomatic thinking. 309 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG115.MSG Words: 538 S43139 ql eeeee hkaee hkdwe .aa WSD006 hke-- -Chinese foreign minister on mao zedong's diplomatic thinking 310 (2) 311 mao's lofty thoughts of internationalism, acclaimed by all the people in the world, have promoted the mutual understanding between peoples and international cooperation and development. 312 File: D:PAIINHUA BTUEPAMSG116.MSG Words: 348 S43140 ql eeeee hkaee hkdwe .aa VSH006 hke-- -Chinese foreign minister on mao zedong's diplomatic thinking 313 (3) 314 deng's diplomatic thinking is marxism and mao zedong thought inherited and developed in the new times, having deep and profound contents. 315 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG117.MSG Words: 359 S43141 ql eeeee hkaee hkdwe .aa SPE029 hke ---jansher to face marshall in super series final 316 geneva, december 6 (xinhua) jansher khan of pakistan and peter marshall of england coasted into the final of the super series squash tournament by beating their respective rivals in zurich, switzerland on monday. 317 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG118.MSG Words: 105 S43142 ql eeeee hkaee hkdwe .aa SPE030 hke ---american wins world cup of surfing 318 new york, december 6 (xinhua) hawaii's johnny boy gomes defeated three rivals monday to win the world cup of surfing, the second jewel in the triple crown of surfing, in honolulu, the united states. 319 File: D:PAIINHUA BTUEPAMSG119.MSG Words: 168 S43143 ql eeeee hkaee hkdwe .aa WSD014 hke-china: reform measures allow no delay: state councillor 320 beijing, december 7 (xinhua) -- state councillor li tieying said here today that reform measures allow no delay. 321 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG120.MSG Words: 474 S43144 ql eeeee hkaee .aa TUE010 hke japan to host conference on middle east peace process 322 tokyo, december 7 (xinhua) -- japan will host in tokyo the fourth meeting of the international conference on middle east peace process from december 15 to 16, japanese foreign ministry spokesman terusuke terada said today. 323 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG12I.MSG Words: 125 324 0W0712203293TAKE0 325 S43145 qu eeeee hkaee .aa HAB254 hke120742-- large quantity of explosives captured in kashmir -000175582 UNCLASSIFIED Page: 90 of 98 326 new delhi, december 7 (xinhua) Indian troops have seized two and a half tons of explosive materials from village tarzoo, three km southwest of sopore town in the north of the indian controlled kashmir, according to reports from press trust of india today. 327 File: ?D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG122.MSG Words: 227 S43146 ql eeeee hkaee hkdwe .aa VSE023 hke-china: hu jintao urges young people to contribute to ' deepening 328 reform 329 beijing, december 7 (xinhua) hu jintao, a top leader of the chinese communist party (cpc), today stressed the importance of concentrating the initiative and creativeness of chinese youth on deepening the reform, accelerating economic growth and promoting social progress. 330 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG123.MSG Words: 566 S43147 ql eeeee hkaee .aa IAE013 hke dollar down, stocks up in tokyo 331 tokyo, december 7 (xinhua) -- the u.s. dollar continued to plunge against the yen in tokyo as players unloaded the dollar to close bullish dollar-long positions. 332 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG124.MSG Words: 113 S43148 ql eeeee hkaee hkdwe .aa WSE025 hke- beijing attorneys given stronger voice in self-governance 333 beijing, december 7 (xinhua) -- a package of reform measures will give attorneys in beijing a stronger voice in self-governance, a top official from the municipal bureau of justice announced here today. 334 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG125.MSG Words: 346 S43149 qu eeeee hkaee .aa PAB055 mee120706hke african leaders meet on dispute-solving means 335 cairo, december 7 (xinhua) -- eleven african leaders or their representatives met here today to discuss ratifying the establishment of a central agency for conflict-solving mechanism and means of operating and funding such a mechanism. 336 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG126.MSG Words: 603 S43150 qu eeeee hkaee .aa PAB058 mee120707hie israeli president calls for establishment of 337 national unity government 338 Jerusalem, december 7 (xinhua) israeli president ezer weizman today called for the formation of a national unity government. 339 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG127.MSG Words: 387 S43151 qu eeeee hkaee .aa 11AB261 hke120743-: no roll back of nuclear program: pm 340 islamabad, december 7 (xinhua) -- prime minister benazir bhutto said today there will be no roll back of the country's nuclear program. 341 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG128.MSG Words: 287 S43152 ql eeeee hkaee hkdwe .aa SPE031 hke ---singapore to invest six million u.s dollars in sports 342 singapore, december 7 (xinhua) -- the singapore government has decided to invest 10 million singapore dollars (about 6.2 million u.s. dollars) in sports by 1994, aiming at improving the country's competitive sports standard. 343 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG129.MSG Words: 213 S43153 ql eeeee hkaee .aa PAB060 mee120708hie -- protest action reported in lebanon 344 beirut, december 7 (xinhua) -- the first protest action was reported today by the local media since administrative reforms, called +the civil administration purge,+ were carried out by the lebanese government at the beginning of this month. 345 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG130.MSG Words: 314 S43154 ql eeeee hkaee .aa IME012 hke two disbandedparties' chieftains wanted in nigeria 346 lagos, december 7 (xinhua) -- two highly-placed members of the defunct national republican convention (nrc) and the social democratic party (sdp) CO0175582 UNCLASSIFIED Page: 91 of 98 have been listed as the wanted by the enugu state police command in south nigeria, the local newspaper "daily times" reported today. 347 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG131.MSG Words: 157 S43155 ql eeeee hkaee .aa PAB062 mee120709hie -- dead girl's organs improve life of five others 348 nicosia, december 7 (xinhua) -- organs of a seven-year-old Cypriot girl who was accidentally killed have improved the life of five recipients, including a five-year-old boy in belgium, local press reported today. 349 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAM5G132.MSG Words: 263 350 0W0712203893TAKE0 351 S43156 ql eeeee hkdwe .aa WSE028 352 pearl river delta tourism initiative launched 353 hong kong, december 7 (xinhua) -- the tourism authorities of guangdong, hong kong and macao announced here today a joint "pearl river delta" initiative to give visitors a taste of all three locations. 354 File: D:PAXINHUA_BTUEPAMSG133.MSG Words: 200 S43157 ql eeeee hkaee .aa IME014 hke nigerian military leader pledges to reform judiciary 355 lagos, december 7 (xinhua) -- a reform may be imminent in the nigerian judiciary as the nation's new head of state general sani abacha monday. listed its sanitization among urgent tasks before the federal military government. 356 File: D:PAXINHUA_BTUEPAMSG134.MSG Words: 239 S43158 ql eeeee hkaee .aa IME015 hke -- major news items in leading zimbabwean newspapers 357 harare, december 7 (xinhua) -- following are major news items in leading zimbabwean newspapers today: 358 the herald 359 -- angolan state delegation flew to zambia on monday, prepared to sign a ceasefire with unita if the rebel movement agrees to-hand its weapons to the united nations, official sources said. 360 File: D:PAXINHUA_BTUEPAMSG135.MSG Words: 162 S43159 ql eeeee hkaee .aa IAE014 hke boutros-ghali to visit japan 361 tokyo, december 7 (xinhua) -- united nations secretary general boutros boutros-ghali will visit japan from december 18 to 22, the foreign ministry announced today. 362 File: D:PAXINHUA_BTUEPAMSG136.MSG Words: 116 S43160 ql eeeee hkaee .aa IME013 hke -- attempts to draw fa party to trilateral agreement fail 363 Johannesburg, december 6 (xinhua) -- attempts to reach a compromise agreement among south africa's freedom alliance (fa), the government and the african national congress (anc) stalled on monday. 364 File: D:PAXINHUA_BTUEPAMSG137.MSG Words: 381 S43161 ql eeeee hkaee .aa PAB063 mee120710hke iran gives refugees travel documents 365 tehran, december 7 (xinhua) iran announced here today that it has issued travelling documents for refugees living in iran. 366 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG138.MSG Words: 211 S43162 ql eeeee hkaee hkdwe .aa WSE026 hke-china: turn people's bank into real central bank: banker 367 beijing, december 7 (xinhua) -- a primary task in deepening china's financial reform is to transform the people's bank of china (pbc) into a real central bank, according to a senior banking official. 368 File: D:PAXINHUA_BTUEPAMSG139.MSG Words: 467 S43163 ql eeeee hkaee .aa IME018 hke anc president mandela warns s. african freedom alliance 369 Johannesburg, december 7 (xinhua) african national congress (anc) leader nelson mandela says there can be no more useful talks with the freedom alliance unless it accepts the interim constitution, undertakes to take part in the april election and returns to the multiparty democracy CO0175582 UNCLASSIFIED Page: 92 of 98 process. 370 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG140.MSG Words: 225 S43164 qu eeeee hkaee .aa 11AB270 hke120745-2 election as ppp chairperson in democratic way: benazir 371 islamabad, december 7 (xinhua) pakistan prime minister benazir bhutto has stated that she has been elected chairperson of the ruling pakistan people's party (ppp) in a democratic way. 372 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG141.MSG Words: 168 S43165 ql eeeee hkaee .aa IME019 hke more than 5,000 passenger cars hijacked in south africa 373 Johannesburg, december 7 (xinhua)-- a total of 5091 passenger cars were hijacked from january to september this year, an average of 18 cars being hijacked daily, an official statistics published here today said. 374 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG142.MSG Words: 191 S43166 qu eeeee hkaee .aa HAB271 hke120747-: wfp to provide grains for bhutanese refugees in nepal 375 kathmandu, december 7 (xinhua) -- the world food program (wfp) has promised to provide foodgrains worth 548.44 million rupees (11.19 million u.s. dollars) for the bhutanese refugees in nepal. 376 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG143.MSG Words: 173 377 0W0712203993TAKE14 378 S43167 qu eeeee hkaee .aa 11AB273 hke120746-- roundup: tropical storm hits philippines 379 (by xiong changyi) 380 manila, december 7 (xinhua) -- typhoon monang roared across southern luzon since monday, killing at least 76 people and forcing at least 200,000 others to evacuate their homes. 381 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG144.MSG Words: 428 S43168 ql eeeee hkaee .aa PAB067 mee120711hrte pakistan pm voices concern over crisis in kashmir 382 tehran, december 7 (xinhua) pakistani prime minister benazir bhutto has voiced concern over the gross violation of human rights and the various repressive measures taken by the indian forces to quell the struggle of the people of Jammu and kashmir for their right of self-determination. 383 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG145.MSG Words: 468 S43169 ql eeeee hkaee .aa PAB068 mee120712hie cyprus to submit proposal for turkish troop pullout 384 nicosia, december 7 (xinhua) cyprus president glafcos clerides is preparing a comprehensive proposal that will focus on ways to facilitate the withdrawal of turkish troops from the island, government spokesman yiannakis cassoulides said here today. 385 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG146.MSG Words: 620 S43170 ql eeeee hkaee hkdwe .aa SPE032 hke ---china wins two golds in pan-pacific gymnastics 386 canberra, december 7 (xinhua) chinese juniors, led by li bo, won the men's team and individual overall events in the fourth Junior pan-pacific ocean gymnastics championships which opened here on tuesday. 387 File: D:PAXINHUA_BTUEPA11SG147.MSG Words: 162 S43171 ql eeeee hkaee .aa IWE014 hke u.s. to declassify some nuclear weapons documents 388 washington, december 7 (xinhua) -- the u.s. energy department, responsible for developing and manufacturing nuclear weapons, is to declassify some documents on nuclear arms testing and production. 389 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG148.MSG Words: 135 S43172 ql eeeee hkaee hkdwe .aa SPE033 hke ---becker splits with his coach 390 bonn, december 7 (xinhua) -- three times wimbeldon champion boris becker of germany has split with his coach eric jelen after less than six months, according to a report from munich, germany on tuesday. 391 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG149.MSG Words: 225 S43173 ql eeeee hkaee .aa IAE015 hke japan to decide on rice issue friday C00175582 UNCLASSIFIED Page: 93 of 98 392 tokyo, december 7 (xinhua) -- prime minister morihiro hosokawa said today his government will finalize its debate over partially opening the country's rice market on friday. 393 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAHSG150.MSG Words: 269 S43174 qu eeeee hkaee .aa HAB280 hke120748-: another major eruption unlikely for mt pinatubo 394 manila, december 7 (xinhua) -- scientists said today that a major eruption of mount pinatubo similar to that of 1991 is unlikely to occur in the near future. 395 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG151.MSG Words: 185 S43175 qu eeeee hkaee .aa 0AB292 hke120750-= kidnapped american released in philippines 396 manila, december 7 (xinhua) american linguist charles walton, who was kidnapped by a muslim group on november 14, was released today at 7:30 pm in patikul, sulu, some 890 km south of manila. 397 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG152.MSG Words: 147 S43176 ql eeeee hkaee .aa IWE015 hke president houphouet-boigny of cote dlivoire dies abidjan, december 7 (xinhua) -- president felix houphouet-boigny of the republic of cote d'ivoire died of a cancer tuesday morning at the age of 88, it was announced here today. 398 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG153.MSG Words: 180 S43177 ql eeeee hkaee .aa INE029 hke u.s7 newspaper highlights 399 washington, december 7 (xinhua) -- following are the highlights of today's major u.s. newspapers: 400 the new york times: 401 -- the united states has decided to relax sanctions against syria to allow the transfer of three american-made commercial aircrafts to syria from kuwait, senior administration officials 402 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG154.MSG Words: 217 403 0W0712204093TAKE15 404 S43178 ql eeeee hkaee .aa NAB038 eaed120701hke uk teaching standards downright poor 405 london, december 7 (xinhua) -- teaching standards in britain were unsatisfactory or "downright poor," often in inner-city and urban areas, british chief inspector of schools professor stewart sutherland said today. 406 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG155.MSG Words: 287 S43179 qu eeeee hkaee .aa HAB310 hke120751-: victims of cooperative scandal to be refund: benazir 407 islamabad, december 7 (xinhua) pakistan prime minister benazir bhutto today announced a relief package to refund the victims of the cooperative scandals. 408 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG156.MSG Words: 238 S43180 ql eeeee hkaee .aa NAB040 eaed120702Eke greece's inflation declines 409 athens, december 7 (xinhua) greece's inflation was running at a rate of 12.3 percent at the end of november, compared with 15 percent in the same month of 1992. 410 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG157.MSG Words: 123 S43181 ql eeeee hkaee .aa IUE012 hke yell-sin ends north caucasian trip 411 moscow, december 7 (xinhua) russian president boris yeltsin left the northern caucasus on tuesday after "melting wall of hostility" between conflicting north ossetia and ingushetia. 412 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG158.MSG Words: 442 S43182 qu eeeee hkaee .aa HAB312 hke120752-= demand for poll under caretaker government dismissed 413 dhaka, december 7 (xinhua) -- prime minister khaleda zia today dismissed the opposition's demand for holding election under a caretaker government -CO0175582 UNCLASSIFIED Page: 94 of 98 saying there was no such provision in the country's constitution. 414 File: D:PAXINHUA_BTUEPAMSG159.MSG Words: 324 S43183 qu eeeee hkaee .aa HAB313 hke120753-- lahore holds civilian reception for cppcc chairman 415 lahore, december 7 (xinhua) -- citizens of lahore, capital of pakistan's punjab province, held a reception here today to welcome li ruihuan, chairman of the national committee of the chinese people's political consultative conference (cppcc). 416 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG160.MSG Words: 316 S43184 ql eeeee hkaee .aa /VE016 hke key-frankfurt markets fixed rates 417 bonn, december 7 (xinhua) -- the following are major market medium rates in frankfurt today: 1 deutsche mark 0.5879 u.s. dollar 1 u.s. dollar 0.6661 sterling 418 5.8513 french francs 419 107.6392 Japanese yen 420 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG161.MSG Words: 123 S43185 ql eeeee hkaee .aa NAB042 eaed120703Eke aspin european tour centers on nato expansion 421 vashington, december 7 (xinhua) u.s. secretary of defense les aspin leaves here tuesday evening for europe to discuss with his nato colleagues the alliance's expansion, a combined joint task force and anti-proliferation efforts. 422 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG162.MSG Words: 376 S43186 qu eeeee hkaee .aa 11AB321 hke120754-= bangladesh, india jointly fighting border crime 423 dhaka, december 7 (xinhua) -- the bangladesh rifles (bdr) and the indian border security force (bsf) have decided to further consolidate and strengthen their efforts to check trans-border crime with a view to ensuring peace and tranquility. 424 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG163.MSG Words: 195 S43187 ql eeeee hkaee .aa HAB325 afg120710hEe uganda to export maize to kenya 425 kampala, december 7 (xinhua) uganda is to export over 100,000 tons of maize to kenya, the local daily +the new vision+ reported today. 426 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG164.MSG Words: 230 S43188 ql eeeee hkaee .aa 0AB326 afg120701hEe uganda to export maize to kenya 427 kampala, december 7 (xinhua) uganda is to export over 100,000 tons of maize to kenya, the local daily +the new vision+ reported today. 428 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG165.MSG Words: 230 429 OW0712204193TAKE1 430 S43189 ql eeeee hkaee .aa NAB044 eaed120704hke u.s. says it conducted 1,030 nuclear tests 431 washington, december 7 (xinhua) -- the united states has conducted a total of 1,030 nuclear weapons tests since the 1940s, instead of the originally announced 826, according to energy department secret documents declassified today. 432 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG166.MSG Words: 294 S43190 ql eeeee hkaee .aa HA3330 afg120703hEe tanzania urges burundi to end massacres 433 dar es salaam, december 7 (xinhua) tanzania on monday urged the government and the army in burundi to stop immediately on- going tribal massacres which have led to a huge influx of refugees into tanzania. 434 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG167.MSG Words: 250 S43191 ql eeeee hkaee .aa HAB331 afg120702hEe norway to aid eye care project in uganda 435 kampala, december 7 (xinhua) norway will begin to aid a 4.5 million u.s. dollar eye care project in uganda tomorrow. 436 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG168.MSG Words: 200 S43192 ql eeeee hkaee .aa PAB080 mee120713hEe Iran's rial reaches a record low 000175582 UNCLASSIFIED Page: 95 of 98 437 tehran, december 7 (xinhua) -- the Iranian rial today reached a record low against foreign currencies, including the u.s. dollar and the pound sterling. 438 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG169.MSG Words: 410 S43193 ql eeeee hkaee hkdwe .aa SPE035 hke ---afro-asian games scheduled for 1995, oca official 439 new delhi, december 7 (xinhua) -- the inaugural afro-asian games, already postponed three times, will be held here in october 1995, the secretary general of the olympic council of asia (oca) said here on tuesday. 440 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG170.MSG Words: 136 S43194 ql eeeee hkaee .aa PAB082 mee120714hrce lebanese hezbollah refuses to meet u.s. congressmen 441 beirut, december 7 (xinhua) hezbollah, or party of god, in lebanon today refused categorically to meet with a team of u.s. congressmen on a mission to investigate the fate of seven missing israeli soldiers. 442 File: D:PAXINEUA BTUEPAMSG171.MSG Words: 290 S43195 ql eeeee hkaee .aa PAB083 mee120715hEe egypt, sudan to release each other's prisoners 443 khartoum, december 7 (xinhua)-- the governments of egypt and sudan have agreed to release each other's prisoners within a few days, according to sudanese foreign minister hussein abu saleh. 444 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG172.MSG Words: 167 S43196 ql eeeee hkaee .aa HAB332 afg120704hVe tanzania to chair ea commission 445 dar es salaam, december 7 (xinhua) -- the summit on revival of east african cooperation in arusha, northern tanzania, on november 30 this year, established a permanent tripartite commission and elected tanzania its first chairman. 446 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG173.MSG Words: 433 S43197 ql eeeee hkaee .aa PA8086 mee120716hke plo official denies delay in Israeli pullout 447 cairo, december 7 (xinhua) palestinian chief negotiator nabil shaath today denied reports on suspending the plo-israeli peace negotiations on implementing the gaza-Jericho agreement during the plo-israeli plenary committee meetings. 448 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG174.MSG Words: 362 S43198 ql eeeee hkaee .aa NAB048 eaed120705Eke -- questions and answers on u.s.-related gatt issues 449 (by wang nan) (part one) 450 washington, december 7 (xinhua) -- the uruguay round of the global trade talks under the general agreement on tariffs and trade (gatt) is only a week away from deadline. 451 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG175.MSG Words: 364 S43199 ql eeeee hkaee .aa NAB049 eaed120706Eke -- questions and answers on u.s.-related gatt issues 452 (by wang nan) (part two) 453 q: what is the recent progress on talks over the long-disputed farm subsidies? 454 a: in november 1992, the ec agreed to cut the volume of subsidized grain and food export immediately to the level of 1986-90, and then, with this as a base average, reduce subsidies by another 21 percent in six years. 455 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG176.MSG Words: 424 456 OW0712204293TAKE17 457 S43200 qu eeeee hkaee .aa PAB091 mee120717hke ashrawi: immediate, drastic changes required to 458 curb violence 459 Jerusalem, december 7 (xinhua) palestinian spokeswoman hanan ashrawi said today violence is an outcome of the worsening situation in reality that +requires immediate and drastic changes+ to stop. 460 File: D:PAXINHUA BTUEPAMSG177.MSG Words: 421 S43201 ql eeeee hkaee .aa -COO 175582 UNCLASSIFIED Page: 96 of 98 PAB092 mee120718hke britain, cyprus argue over potato exports 461 nicosia, december 7 (xinhua) britain and cyprus could be on the verge of a serious row over a dispute concerning cyprus potato exports to the u.k., andreas savvides, general manager of the potato marketing board, hinted here today. 462 File: D:PAXINHUA_BTUEPAMSG178.MSG Words: 352 S43202 ql eeeee hkaee .aa PAB093 mee120719hke -- turkey, estonia sign friendship agreement 463 ankara, december 7 (xinhua) -- turkey and estonia signed here today an agreement of friedship and cooperation between the two countries. 464 File: D:PAXINBUA BTUEPAMSG179.MSG Words: 187 (endall)11107/2043z Dec 465 OW0712204393TAKE1g