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March 16, 2022
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October 12, 2016
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April 28, 1976
. . Approved for Release: 2016/09/30 C00201554;,' clerk 02.174.4/777.-- 144 Augusto PINOCHET Ugarte (Phonetic: peenohCHAY) President; Commander in Chief of the Army Addressed as: Mr. President Army Commander since August 1973, Maj, Gen. Augusto Pinochet, 60, became President after he led the September 1973 coup against President (1970-73) Salvador Allende. Pinochet is totally dedicated to the establishment in Chile of a new political and economic order free of all vestiges of Marxism. He dislikes politi- cians of all persuasions and blames them for the problems that necessitated the coup. The Presi- dent will not tolerate any opposition to the government or to its goal of national reconstruction. Pinochet has a concern for people, and his frequent public appearances throughout Chile have at times given him the semblance of a grassroots politician. He is genuinely popular in Chile despite severe personal criticism from abroad. The President admires the United States, but he has been unhappy at the attempts in Congress to stop the flow of US military aid to Chile. He has been to the United States at least three times. CHILE Generally considered tough, rigid and disciplined, Pinochet has been described as warm and fricndly by journalists who have interviewed him. He does not smoke but drinks in moderation. He enjoys reading and writing. He has written at least three books on geography, one of which has been used as a high school text. Married to the former Lucia Hiriart, the President has five children and seven grand- children. He speaks some French and a little English. *ek 28 April 1976 CR M 76-11777 ' MICRO ONLY Approved for Release: 2016/09/30 C00201554