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April 3, 2019
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April 12, 2019
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August 22, 1978
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C] UNCLASSIFIED SUBJECT. Classified Reading Material re ' cONDOR" for- Ambassador Landau and Mr. Prpper . _ _ o _ _ FROM Extf.sioN Approved for Release: 2018/09/20 C00452069 ,tat m I I r ONFI NTIAL I 1,C I U._ ONLY CIA HAS NO OBJECTION TO DECLASSIFICATION ROUTING AND AND/OR RELEASE OF THIS DOCUMENT DATE: 09-20-2018 11,11111,111!!" WINN -- 10: ( des:anal:on, foom number, and huOchnu I DATE ft( Witt!) IORWAROED OFFICE RS INITIALS NO OATE 22 August 1978 COMMENTS (Number eoch corn menf to show horn ta 0.0.. a llne �troll column after. each .carn, AC/LAD D CAA. 3. 4. s 7. 8. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. Two papers attached: 'A Brief Look at Operation Condor' and the papers are for perusal Ambassador Landau and Mr. Propper. Declassified and Approved for Release July 2000 Nee APPROVED FOR RELEASE n.yr ORm- 61 0 ,..(v,ous� , io�.�,Ns RET CONFIDENTIAL r---1 INTERNAL LI USE ONLY Fl -UNCLASSIFIEI Approved for Release: 2018/09/20 C00452069 Approved for Release: 2-018/09/20 C00452069. � . -� ) SUBJECT: A Brief Look at "Operation Condor" 1. "Operation Condor" is a cooperative effort by the intelligence/security services of several South American countries to combat terrorism and subversion. The original members included services from Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil and Bolivia; Peru and Ecuador recentlybecame 11111 members. The Agency's first knowledge of the organization's existence came in March 1976 when reported that Colonel Manuel CONTRERAS, then chief of the Chilean Directorate of National Intelligence (DINA), had initiated a grogram of cooperation between the intelligence services of Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia called "Plan Condor." Although cooperation between .the _ respective intelligence/security services had existed for some time -- perhaps as early as February 1974-- the cooperative effort was not formalized until late May 1976 when a Condor meeting was held in Santiago, Chile. The basic theme of the meeting was long,range cooperation among the services of the participating countries, but went well beyond information exchange. Condor members were given numerical designations; i.e., "Condor One," "Condor Two," etc. 2. By July 1976 the Agency, was receiving reports -- Approved for Release: 2018/09/20 C00452069 .����� Approved for Release: 2E18/09/20 C00452069 that Condor planned to engage in "executive action" ouiside the territory of member countries against leaders of indigenous terrorist groups residing abrond. The latter -included members of.. the Revolutionary Coordinating Junta (JCR) which comprised the Chilean MIR, Argentine ERP, � Uruguayan MLN-Tupamaros, and certain other less important groups. 3. 2 ETOMMMOMMOMOMP Approved for Release: 2018/09/20 C00452069 Approved for Release: 2018/09/20 C00452069 4. During the past two .years Condor representa- tivec have met periodically in one or another of the member countries to coordinate their activities, hive established a special communications network, and have conducted training of various types including psychological. warfare. F: � - 3 Thi1111111111/11110 Approved for Release: 2018/09/20 C00452069