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April 3, 2019
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April 12, 2019
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September 10, 1979
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Approved for Release: 2018/09/17 C0063629113526 3.3(b)(1)>25Yrs � - EO 13526 3.5(c)- - � V0/741 '5ECRET/NOFORN/NOCONTRACT STATE DEPT. DECLASSIFICATION REVIEW 0 Retain class;n 0 Chang&classity 10 HUMAN RIGHTS HIGHLIGHTs � I2S Declassify Zwith concurrence of . Cl atter ARGENTINA: AUGUST DISAPPEARANCES EO r-nr% SOURCES: Buenos Aires 7200i. of the 10 unresolved disappearance 3.3(b)(1) 3.3(b)(1) the bisis for one plausible expion cases thati dccurred during August and were reported to Embassy Buenos Aires. Not only was the August figure significantly higher than that for any month since January, but the disappearances seemed to undercut Argentine claims to improvement in this area precisely on the eve of the INter-American Hinman Rights Commission's (IAHRC) visit (September 6-20). 3.3(b)(1) the 10 people were .r.X.e.3.5(c) remnants* of a terrorist group (Fuerzas Armadas Peronistas--FAP),and their arrests were ordered by a federal criminal judge. The government 3.3(b)(1) intends to permit the IAHRC to waste time investigati:6501 )� cases and then produce the tat 10 in court with the evidence against them. This version coincides tith a random remark by an Embassy source in late August to the effect that security *t**** agents had scored a coup against the FAP. 3.3(b)(1) 3.5(c) reported an army intelligence officer's contention that the disap43ds were Montoneros connected with a resurgenc of that terrorist group's activities in Argentina. (c) INR COMMENT: The repoted*court,appeacances for the 10 have not yet taken place, and we cannot otherwise confirm these reports. Their plausibility stems from the fact that they would help explain why disappearances became more frequent immediately prior to the IAHRC's arrival. If those who were kidnapped are or are believed to be associated with terrorist activities Approved for Release: 2018/09/17 C00639291 1 � Approved for Release: 2018/09/17 C00639291 SECRET/NOFORN/NOCONTRACT (FAP or Montonero), security officials might well have detained them regardless of the predictable consequences for the country's human rights record. This courde would have been even more iikev if government authorities really indend to initiate public court proceedings against the detqinees in the itriliqt near future. 3.5(c) INR/RAR: Approved for Release: 2018/09/17 000639291 9/10/79