DAILY SUMMARY - 1946/04/04

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September 11, 2018
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Approved for Release: 2018/09/05 CO1068479 APPROVED FOR RELEASE - Historical Programs Staff 30 August 2018 .ocumenT, j. NO CHANGE in Class. D CONFORETI T au. DECLASSIFIED Maass. CHAIT,TED TO: TS DDA Memo, 4 Apr 77 EUROPE-AFRICAAuth: DDA Ra:. 77/1763 Date: 14 MAR 1978 By: 0// 4 APR 1946 IRAN: Shah's views on oil issue�The Shah has told Ambassador Murray that the Soviets are insisting that any Soviet-Ira,nian assurances or agree- Ments regarding oil must be made by him as well as Qavam. The Shah has not yet decided whether to comply. The Shah concurs with Qavam that some kind of an understanding with the USSR on oil is necessary, but he is also anxious to interest US oil companies in making an agree merit regarding southern Iran on the same basis of equal participation offered the Soviets in the north. , . Ambassador Murray reports that, according to information recently given him by (avam, the Soviet note of 24 March regarding withdrawal of Soviet troops from Iran did not contain any qualifications. The phrase "if nothing happens" (see Daily Summary of 26 March, item 1), Murray now declares, was not contained in any Soviet note, but was merely communicated orally to Qavam by the Soviet Ambassador three hours after the latter delivered the note. 155 Consul Tabriz reports that there were no known troop move- ments in or out of Tabriz on Monday or Tuesdays, He estimates that the "Democrats" in Azerbaijan now have an army of about 20,000 men. Elsewhere in northern Iran, the Soviet evacuation apparently continues, and Iranian gendarme patrols are reported moving into key towns from which Soviet forces have been withdrawn. 2. USSR: Cordial rece tion of Ambassador Smith--In presenting his cre- dentials on 3 April to ?resident Schvernik, Ambassador Smith reports that he was very cordially receivedby Schvernik and by Vishinsky. The former questioned Smith at length on US veteran problems, showing par- ticular interest in the educational aids extended to veterans and in the ability of US industry to absorb them. He stated that many Soviet veterans were reluctant to go to work until they had had a lengthy period of rest and freedom from discipline. HUNGARY: Soviets refuse clearance for US officials--General Key, US delegate to the Allied Control Council in Hungary, reports that local Soviet authorities have refused clearance for General Haynes and H. Merle Cochran (State Department Inspector with rank of Minister) to enter Hungary. Despite Key's assurance that their mission has no political significance (they are to investigate alleged black market activities of Teo 4ibaiT Asil Approved for Release: 2018/09/05 CO1068479 Approved for Release: 2018/09/05 CO1068479 APPROVED FOR RELEASE - Historical Programs Staff 30 August 2018 US personnel), the Soviets stated that visits of important representa- tives of the State and War Departments must be cleared by Moscow. 4. POLAND: Evasive reply to US inquiry on election date�Ambassador Lane reports that his inquiries concerning the date of elections have been answered by the Polish Government as follows: (a) the elections are to be preceded by a national referendum on a unicameral legislature, the Government's policy on nationalization of industry, and "other ques- tions;" (b) no date has been set for this referendum, and the Polish Foreign Office doubts that the elections can be held before September "at the earliest," Lane feels that the, elections will probably be either rigged or postponed indefinitely. 5. ITALY Yugoslays demand surrender of war. criminals�The US poli- tical representative at Caserta reports that the Yugoslav Government has formally requested Allied Headquarters in Italy to turn, over to Yugoslavia all Italian war Criminals listed by the United Nations War Crimes Commission. (The list includes some 800 names/ only 69 of which have previously been requested by Yugoslavia.) British and US officials in Italy believe that the surrender of these men to Yugoslavia would have a disastrous effect on our relations with Italy; they suggest that the Yugoslav and Italian Governments try to agree on this matter without AC or AFHQ interference. '. ICELAND: Premier claims issue of US bases "mishandled"--Charge Carlson reports that in a recent interview with the Icelandic Premier, the latter stated with: some bitterness that the issue of US bases in Iceland had been "badly mishandled" and had been "doomed from the outset" by raising it just before the Icelandic elections. He felt that public agitation against granting the bases now practically compelled him to make a press release on the subject. Carlson adds that the US Legation has received no request, expressed or implied, for, the withdrawal of US troops from Iceland. Approved for Release: 2018/09/05 CO1068479 Approved for Release: 2018/09/05 CO1068479 APPROVED FOR RELEASE - Historical Programs Staff 30 August 2018 FAR EAST 7. JAPAN: Re�atriation of ".a. mese from southern areas--The British have agree. o make ship operating supplies available for use in repa- triating Japanese from areas in the Southeast Asia and Australian Commands. The War Department has accordingly authorized General MacArthur to assign Japanese-manned Liberty's, LST's and converted hospital troop-ships for this purpose on a temporary basis (see Daily Summary of 21 March, item 8), Continuation of this assignment after 30 June will be contingent upon British agreement to make dollar pay- ments for charter hire of the US Liberty ships. - THE AMERICAS 8., ECUADOR: US preparin to evacuate the Gala agos�FollowingEcua- dor$ s formal reques e Q re mq s its ase in the Galapagos (see Daily Summary of 3 April, item 14), the War Department has directed the Commanding General, Caribbean Defense Commands (a) to reduce immediately all personnel and equipment at the base and (b) to prepare to evacuate the base completely by 1 July. Approved for Release: 2018/09/05 CO1068479
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