DAILY SUMMARY - 1946/04/10

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September 11, 2018
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Approved for Release: 2018/09/05 CO1068484 APPROVED FOR RELEASE - Historical Programs Staff 30 August 2018 10 APR.1946 GENERAL 1. Jackson's views on second trial of German war criminals�Justice Jackson urges that no US commitment be made regarding another inter- national war crimes trial until the result of the current proceeding is known. Justice Jackson bases his 'position on the following points: (a) no US commitment to participate in another international trial exists; (b) the present trial has documented the history of Nazi conspiracy, aggression, and atrocities "beyond our most hopeful expectations," (c) an acquittal of Schacht would probably preclude the conviction of other industrialists; and (d) unexpected and very considerable costs to the US have resulted from its position as host at Nuremberg. EUROPE -AFRICA 2. ICELAND: Premier considers issue of US bases "completely lost' -- The Icelandic Premier informed Charge Carlson on 9 April that he now considered the possibility of granting US bases in Iceland to be "completely lost." Helasserted that (a) all political parties have assumed a negative attitude on the issue, (b) the Icelandic Communists have gained support by their aggressive opposition to granting bases, and (c) in the coming elections any candidate favoring bases for any country would have absolutely no chance" of being elected. The Premier claimed that one main reason for considering the issue closed was the statements of prominent American leaders such as Secretary Wallace and Senator Pepper, calling for withdrawal of all US troops from Iceland. He added that the constant demands in the US for the return of the soldiers showed that there is no popular sympathy for the retention of American troops on foreign soil. The Premier stated that he himself had been opposed from the outset to granting bases and had refrained from so stating only because � of his "personal friendship for the US." 3. RUMANIA: Groza Government seeks Army support--General Schuyler, IS delegate ACC, reports that on 30 and 31 March two meetings and a "top secret" luncheon were attended by nearly 40 top ranking Ruman- ian Army officers. The principal speeches were by Marshal Tolbukhin � and Premier Groza. The latter declared that (a) it is essential that his Government be reelected because it has the confidence of the USSR, IAll SEE REVERSE FOR DEaussiErcATioN Anita Approved for Release: 2018/09/05 CO1068484 Approved for Release: 2018/09/05 CO1068484 APPROVED FOR RELEASE - Historical Programs Staff 30 August 2018 �and (b) no other Rumanian Government could remain in power, even though it expressed the will of the majority of voters, because "under present conditions the USSR will make the'final decisions." Schuyler considers it significant that the Government deemed it necessary to appeal to these officers who, for the most part, are unsympathetic toward the Groza Government and the USSR. 4. FRANCE: iszpsarent astisji�Ambassador Caffery reports that, as expected, the arrival at IVIarsei3le of the first shipload of Soviet wheat was followed by "tremendous" French Communist propa- ganda designed to convince the French people that (a) they are not solely dependent upon US aid, (b) the USSR will extend as much material help as the US, and (c) even if US aid should decrease as a result of a Communist victory in France, the USSR could be expected to meet French requirements. Caffery believes that shipments will continue until the June elections, and each will be fully exploited by the French Communists. Ambassador Caffery reports that, in the opinion of sources close to French Communist circles, Stalin's pre-election speech of 9 February was designed to notify Communists abroad that "the struggle for final power" has begun between (a) the USSR, its satellite states and "fifth columns" and (b) the capitalist states. (Stalin's speech declared that the USSR must be prepared "against any eventuality" and that "monopoly capitalism', inevitably breeds international war.) FAR EAST 5. JAPAN: CINCPAC recommendation approved�The joint Chiefs of Staff have an � orize o a � m � is er e lzu Islands north of 30 degrees latitude, including Sofu Gan, as recommended by CINCPAC (see Daily Summary of 12 March, item 11). 6, PHILIPPINES: Roxas expected to winepideEttPr ial election--US Army Headquarters inlighat a es-----mates----t-ROxastha will win the Philippine presidential elections by 50-60,000 votes. Mrs. Quezon will designate him as her candidate and the choice of her late husband- a move which will gain Roxas votes in vital areas. -2 Approved for Release: 2018/09/05 CO1068484 Approved for Release: 2018/09/05 CO1068484 APPROVED FOR RELEASE - Historical Programs Staff 30 August 2018 7, SIAM: Siamese-French negotiations--US Charge Yost in Bangkok reports that a Siamese exploratory mission is en route to Saigon to confer with French authorities regarding the restoration to Indochina, of territories seized by Thailand in 1941. Yost comments that the Siamese seem reconciled to restoration but still hope for a later "generous gesture" on the part of the French. �THE AMERICAS 8. CHILE: Sale of US vessels approved--The Navy Department has in- formed US Naval Mission, Chile' that the sale to Chile of "a consider- able number of minor combatant and auxiliary vessels with armament" has been approved. Approved for Release: 2018/09/05 CO1068484
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