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August 14, 2020
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May 3, 1961
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.� a- 16, %.� IIVIC I Approved for Release: 2020/08/12 CO2049778 3.5(c) / New 3.3(h)(2) 3 May 1961 Copy No. C :1 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN Approved for Release: 2020/08/12 CO2049778 04pproved for Release: 2020/08/12 CO2049778 TOP SECRET Approved for Release: 2020/08/12 CO2049778 s; s\\ Approved for Release: 2020/08/12 CO2049778' �irdSECRET 3 May 1961 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN 1. Laos. (Page i) CONTENTS 2. Congo: Katangan regime, minus Tshombe, in- dicates greater willingness to cooperate with UN. (Page it) 3. Germany: Lifting of tolls on barge traffic to Berlin fulfills East German promise of last December. to Bonn. (Page ii) 4. Iran: Former intelligence and security chief still has plans to oust Shah. (Page tt) 5. Morocco: Cabinet changes expected on 7 May; con- servative Istiqlal party strengthened. (page tit) 6. Dominican Republic: Group of army officers and civilians determined to overthrow Trujillo. (page tit) \I Approved for Release: 2020/08/12 CO2049778 04:proved for Release: 2020/08/12 CO2049778 1 ...A Ph g Saly ...."\. .pi:R5 G S A L Y i AV.- -ADien Bien Phu , A. / .".., -..-- i Nom Tor---17 n". 4-� � N AM iTH A � ' duong Sai .!. Nam Bars \ ..... / I ...- i SarinNeual ...../".^...,/. I -- LUANGI PRA ANG Muong Hours AM NEUA ..,.. � Luang Prabang ....,,' ( � � 1 \...^.. ""'"' ....."� '.., --,... ."'" ��=' X I EN,. ,G 11% j�AYABOURY, 13 Muon ui --KHOUANG \ g So , , Muon Kass/ /OaOfle . . jo u B K. r ,h o pu 6n3 - X i eng Khouanl- �� \/�\. Vii 11/42ian Ta Viang t ..' ......T ha Thir'n ), Vang Vieng �-�-� VIENTIANE ii BorikhaA Bon�Hin Heup i Pak Sane i ..+ V. Kam Keut r�-3 .... -- / KHAMM UANE-,,, Nhomma1 t ' I T44 NORTHERN LAOS lir GOVERNMENT Forces in KONG LE - PATHET LAO Contact KONG LE - PATHET LAO AREAS - � -TRAIL P 0 ROUTE NUMBER 6105 510 STATUTE MILES 73�.72FE ILtZ.E0a,. 100 - Vi entiorse Thakhek Ma axay 9 � Stvannokher SAVANNAKHET 3 May 61 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN Map Page Approved for Release: 2020/08/12 CO2049778 , Approved for Release: 2020/08/12 CO2049778' I. CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN 3 May 1961 DAILY BRIEF *Laos: Ile Pathet Lao high command broadcast an � order on 3 ay calling on all its combat units to cease all 0 g military activities as of 0800 local time (2100 EDT 2 May). fou,tcf-u According to the order, the cease-fire was to take effect in spite of the postponement of negotiations among the parties concerned. The Pathet Lao had previously insisted 7 \ that agreement on the conditions for a cease-fire be reached \ before a truce could be brought abouD arhile a localized truce had been in effect in the Nam 7 N Lik River area, the Kong Le and Pathet Lao forces had continued moves to acquire more territory elsewhere. N Tchepone, near the Vietnam border east of Savannakhet, was reported to have been captured on the evening of 1 May. .C\ Fifty miles west-northwest of Luang Prabang, the govern- P . ment garrison at Muong Houn was reported encircled by s\ Pathet Lao forces, while to the north, enemy elements . continued to advance on Nam Th_a, s.- liaotian officials deny that lang Savang has changed his attitude on the need for an international conference on Laos, �. and it now appears that Sihanouk's remarks to this effect may have resulted from a misunderstandin0 LBloc airlift operations continue at a relatively low level. There was only one flight into Laos on 1 Mal9 (Backup, Page 1) (Map) Approved for Release: 2020/08/12 CO2049778 pproved for Release: 2020/08/12 CO2049778 Pointe Brazzaville No Bananag Matadi Kitona INDONESIA 610503 Luanda LIBERIA TUNISIA NIGERIA INDONESIA MOBUTU 7,200 Bangassou ttionga .ta. Bondo 1/4 � Gemena C. Butar� e Aketi ,_ OR � , \ Scattered Forcer - , Bumba' MOBUTU 3 ,400 EQUATEUR �Coquilhatville 1 ETHIOPIA 200 1 Scattered Forces EOPOLDVILLEIspo Leopoldv j ysville MOBUTU 800 �Boende Ikela � � �Basoko GIZENGA 7,000 Francqui 4uabourg Bak GHANA 1600 Approximate area nominally controlled by: Kasavubu-Mobutu Gizenga (2:3 Kalonji � Tshombe Faro United Nations Forces � Selected road Selected railroad =Selected airfield STATUTE MILES (Service Forces not included) 4040 MALAYA 470 KALONJI Luputa Kamin ETHIOPIA _ Stanleyville ETHIOPIA MALAYA 300 INDIA 3200 Kongolo Kabalo Albertville 1 NIGERIA I _ .900. �Manono TSHOMBE 7,000 Flisabethville. NIGERIA 500 Usurnbura IRELAND 650 SWEDEN 650 3 May 61 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN Map Page Approved for Release: 2020/08/12 CO2049778 Approved for Release: 2020/08/12 CO2049778 RET Congo: The 2 May announcement by the Katanga govern- ment that it is willing to discuss with the UN a disarming of the Katanga army and the withdrawal of its foreign advisers reflects the anti-Belgian disposition of certain of Tshombe's lieutenants. The withdrawal of foreign advisers would move Katanga closer to both the UN and the Leopoldville govern- ment, and improve prospects for Congo unity. It is not clear whether Tshombe''s release is a precondition for such discus= sions. , An American embassy officer who has returned from Stanleyville has characterized the Gizenga regime as more stable than in the past. He added, however, that the economy continues to decline despite increased trade through Uganda. (Backup, Page 3) (Map) East - West Germany: With the lifting on 1 May, after strong West German prodding, of certain tolls on barge traffic to Berlin, East Germany now has fulfilled most of the commit- ments on access to Berlin which it made last December in re- turn for the West German agreement to reactivate the 1961 o interzonal trade pact. East Germany has not, however, re- scinded its claim to the right of control over West German .c."--261-1- traffic to Berlin and continues to enforce, albeit laxly, the re-R3 quirement that West Germans secure passes to visit East Ber- lin. Although traffic between Berlin and West Germany now is moving with a minimum of interference, the regime could renew its harassing tactics on signal from Moscow. Backup, Page 4) Iran: Xt. General Timur Bakhtiar, recently removed as chief of the Iranian National Intelligence and Security Organiza- LI'Vo- t ion (SAVAK), is continuing his "contingency" planning for2.7 3 May 61 DAILY BRIEF ii Approved for Release: 2020/08/12 CO2049778 Approved for Release. 2020/08/12 CO2049778 d TOP SECRET move to oust the Shah. He is vacillating on the timing but has implied that an opportunity will arise when the Shah goes to Europe in mid-May. Bakhtiar professes to believe it is hopeless to expect the Shah to adopt and implement a more progressive program; he claims the Shah has no genuine feeling of responsibility toward the country. Bakhtiar feels that recent changes in military officials have improved his position and his capability for planning. The main sources of his support, however, are not clear. Last week the Shah re- quested Bakhtiar to resign from the army. This suggests the Shah may be aware of Balchtiar's plans. As of 2 May, how- ever, Bakhtiar had not resigne.e (Back- up, Page 6) Morocco: King Hassan II is expected to announce on 7 May a reorganization of the Moroccan cabinet which will substan- tially strengthen the position of the conservative Istiqlal party. Istiqlal came out firmly in support of the monarchy on the death of Mohamed V on 26 February, but recently has agitated for a transitional government with clearly defined powers to serve until a constitution can be promulgated. Istiqlal has been at odds with the other royal political bulwark, the Popular Move- ment, which has used public office primarily to strengthen its party organization and apparently will lose substantially in the reshuffle. The opposition left-wing National Union of Popular Forces will remain without representation, and, encouraged by its successful demonstration on May Day, will probably continue to demand a radical reform of Moroccan institutions and the election of a constituent assembly. (Backup, Page 7) Dominican Republic:(group of high-ranking Dominican I army officers and civilians planning to depose Generalissimo an Rafael Trujillo within the next several days is showing un- precedented degree of determination. US Consul General Dear- born reported on 1 May that pro-US dissidents are selectiLig) 3 May 61 DAILY BRIEF iii TOP SEC.RET Approved for Release: 2020/08/12 CO2049778 Approved forRelease: 2020/08/12 CO2049778 TOP SECRET a, provisional government to be led by a seven-man civil- military junta, five of whom are to be civilians. If it gains control, the junta is expected to ask for cooperation from the OAS and the US. Cooperation is particularly desired in preventing the return of undesirable exiles, m are proCastro and Communist sympathizers. (Backup, age 8) 3 May 61 DAILY BRIEF iv Approved for Release: 2020/08/12 CO2049778 Approved for Release: 2020/08/12 CO2049778 SECRET Situation in Laos Nehru told the press on 2 May that he expected a cease- fire within a few days and suggested that it might help if the ICC went to Laos. The commission is awaiting instructions in Delhi from the UK and the USSR, as Geneva Conference co- chairmen, after filing its initial report on 1 May. New� Delhi's policy at the forthcoming Geneva Conference would be aimed chiefly at keeping Laos unified and non-Commu- nist, objectives which he noted were shared by India and the Western powers. Sen conceded, however, that a major differ- ence lay in the interpretation of "Communist" as applied to the Pathet Lao - Kong Le forces. Indian officials are concerned that a cease-fire line will be used as a basis for determining the relative strengths of the two sides in a provisional govern- ment, thus giving the "northern side"--controlling two thirds of the country--disproportionate weight in domestic politics during the extended period of propaganda debate at Genev2.j While the Polish member of the ICC has been agreeable in preliminary discussions, according to the Indian chairman, he has made it clear in statements to the press that the ICC should not go to Laos to arrange and bring about a cease-fire. The ICC report of 28 April to the Geneva co-chairmen stipu- lated that the ICC should await the proclamation of an agreed date for announcing the cease-fire in Laos before proceeding to the country. The ICC also stated in its report that it would establish cooperative relations with any such "joint committees as may be set up for effective implementation of the cease-fire." ale fall of Tchepone would be regarded as a particularly serious development by South Vietnamese leaders who have watched the southward advance of Communist forces in Laos with anxiety. President Diem has long been concerned over the Communist guerrillas in southern Laos, but he has not ' felt South Vietnam's security directly threatened as long as these elements remained dispersed and poorly armed. Ac- cording to an unconfirmed report, however, Diem was plannilg -S-EGR-EX 3 May 61 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE, BULLETIN Page 1 Approved for Release: 2020/08/12 CO2049778 Approved for Release: 2020/08/12 CO2049778 SECRET to call a special cabinet meeting on 2 May to ask for emergency powers and to decide on the degree of military assistance to southern Laoq .4eneral Phoumi continues to make contingency plans for the evacuation of Vientiane. He has notified Thai officials that it may become necessary to move the government and some of the civilian population across the Mekong to Thailand. Phoumi would prefer to relocate in Savannakhet, but he is not certain of being able to hold that tows a his present mood, Phoumi may call for SEATO inter- vention at any time, possibly without prior consultation with the US. He has made a unilateral appeal to Thailand to fur- nish a regimental combat team for the defense of Vientiane, and he may also be considering asking South Vietnam to help ripfpnri thP southern Drovinces-7 3 May 61 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN Page 2 Approved for Release: 2020/08/12 CO2049778 Approved for Release: 2020/08/12 CO2049778 TOP SE GRE vier, The Situation in the Congo Gizenga's reference to his "collaboration" with General Lundula suggests that he has reached some form of accommo- dation with his army chief. Lundula has been associated with a conciliatory outlook toward the Leopoldville government and with willingness to make compromises in the interest of Congo unity. Some of his subordinates are believed to have acknowl- edged Mobutu as head of the entire Congo Army, while urging that certain of Gizenga's demands--such as a recall of parlia- ment--be met by Kasavubu. Lundula told a visiting officer of the American Embassy in Leopoldville that any true rapprochement between Stanley- vale and Leopoldville depends on the achieving of Congo unity through a reconvening of parliament. Lundula's remarks, to- gether with the Congo Army's detention of Tshombe at Coquil- hatville, suggest that opposition to a loose Congo confederation is a unitvina factor between the two main army factions. ville government continues concerne regar from the north.i the Stanley- ssible attack Reports that UN representative Dayal may not return to the Congo may stem from vigorous protests registered bu concernin his anticipated return. no agree- ment between the Le� ille governmen an e --includ- ing that regarding Matadi--would be honored if Dayal returned. Kasavubu in late April reportedly planned to decline A 11 respon- sibility for the "consequences" of Dayal's return] TOP SECRET 3 May 61 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN Page 3 Approved for Release: 2020/08/12 CO2049778 Approved for Release: 2020/08/12 CO2049778 SECRET NW' East Germany Completes Most of Steps to Facilitate Interzonal Trade On 24 April 1958 the East Germans imposed an additional tax of about 70 cents a ton, based on carrying capacity, on West German and West Berlin barges using East German waterways. They explained that West Germany's construction of a dam on the Elbe River near Hamburg would necessitate extensive work on adjacent East German waterways to regulate the water level. The East German decision to abolish these additional tolls on 1 May was announced on 20 April, thus, in effect, meeting a West German deadline; Bonn had threatened to take retaliatory measures unless East Germany moved to reduce the tolls by 21 April. The smaller original tax for barges using East Ger- man rivers and canals and locks on these waterways will be continued. In announcing the abolition of this tax, Neues Deutschland alleged on 21 April that the West German Government had pledged that further work on the Elbe River dam would not re- sult in changes in East German waterways. The West Berlin press notes, however, that revenue from the increased barge tolls has amounted to approximately $17,500,000--considerably in excess of the $12,500,000 originally asked by the East Germans in 1958 as damages and costs to offset the rise in the Elbe water level after construction of the dam. One other technical concession remains to be negotiated: that is to determine how much Bonn must pay for badly needed repair work on a bridge on the southern Autobahn near Hof. So far, East Germany's compliance with the terms of its December commitments has been secured only by Bonn's delay in deliver- ing certain products badly needed by the East Germans. Meanwhile, Neues Deutschland on 24 April attacked West Germany for interfering with interzonal trade, notably because it has issued revocable licenses for certain products exchanged under the trade pact. Such licenses, it alleged, cause "unbear- able insecurity" in the execution of East German commercial contracts with West German firms. The editorial also declared -SECRET-- 3 May 61 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN Page 4 Approved for Release: 2020/08/12 CO2049778 Approved for Release: 2020/08/12 CO2049778 SECRET ,4���, that West Germany was delaying the implementation of import agreements made when the pact was renewed. The Neues Deutschland editorial may be an attempt to camouflage East Germany's current difficulties in securing West German goods without paying hard currency. Kurt Leo- pold, the West German interzonal trade negotiator, noted that East Germany could not export enough products to pay for West German goods purchased under the trade pact, had practically exhausted available "swing" credits, had canceled some contracts, and was importing only priority goods from West Germany. 3 May 61 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN Page 5 Approved for Release: 2020/08/12 CO2049778 Approved for Release: 2020/08/12 CO2049778 General Bakhtiar Continuts Planning tor possitme uoup in Iran In the past two years, General Bakhtiar appears to have moved from a theoretical consideration of the measures he would have to take if the Shah were overthrown to an active belief that the Shah must be removed or reduced to a figure- hea_01 &akhtiar played an influential role in returning the Shah to power in 1953. As military governor of Tehran and later as chief of the National Intelligence and Security Organization (SAVAK), he was a supporter of the Shah. Now, however, he professes to believe that the Shah is prepared to abandon the country whenever serious difficulties arise7 ELn any move against the Shah, military support would be essential. Bakhtiar feels certain that he can rely on some commanders in the Tehran area and in the provinces, regard- less of his own military status. The appointment of weaker personalities to replace some of the high-ranking officers recently removed has, in t3 akhtiar's opinion, improved his chances for success. He apparently also can count on support of some nationalist elements as well as influential bazaar merchants ff_3_akhtiar's reluctance to move probably arises from sev- eral factors, including a residual loyalty to the monarchy, if not to the Shah personally, and a fear of risking a career and a fortune built up to a great extent by support of the Shah. However, some of those who are presently backing Bakhtiar could try to force him to take action--perhaps while the Shah is in Europe in the latter part of May--by fomenting anti- government street demonstrations which would require strong action to controil -SECRET-- 3 May 61 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN Page 6 Approved for Release: 2020/08/12 CO2049778 Approved for Release: 2020/08/12 CO2049778 NNWSECRETNra Moroccan Government About to Be Reorganized The long-awaited reshuffle of the King's cabinet, apparently would introduce no new personalities to the Moroccan scene, but would continue Hassan's technique of relying heavily on the prestige of his father. Istiqlal would gain primarily by the promotion to deputy premier of Minister of Justice Abdelkhalek Torres, a particularly able member of its ex= ecutive committee and former ambassador to Cairo. More- over, the projected nomination of Mohamed Boucetta, also a member of Istiqlars executive committee, as minister of for- eign affairs should consolidate the party's hold over that min- istry. Boucetta has been Morocco's senior representative in the Congo and has been influential in developing Morocco's policy supporting the Stanleyville regime. He is reported to have become the most anti-American member of the Moroccan Government, Both Torres and Boucetta were close to Mohamed V. The proposed cabinet reorganization might alleviate the present stalemate in government operations caused in part by a concentration of such diverse functions as agriculture and in- terior under the prime ministry. It would not, however, ap- pease widespread discontent caused by the lack of dynamism which has characterized Moroccan governmental operations since independence. Unless the King delegates responsibility, this reorganization would not long satisfy the Istiqlal party, whose national council on 23 April demanded both the forma- tion of a modern responsible government with well-defined powers and the drawing up of a constitution. --sratty-- 3 May 61 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN Page 7 Approved for Release: 2020/08/12 CO2049778 Approved for Release: 2020/08/12 CO2049778 SECRET Nur Dominican Dissidents Plot to OverArow Trujilld Regime ighe dissidents, should they succeed in overthrowing Trujillo, plan to approach President Joaquin Balaguer and demand that he sign a proclamation turning the government over to the junta. If Bala er refuses, they intend to depose him and to install the junta [one dissident army general believes he has the loyalty of 35 percent of the armed forces, while two other generals ex- pect to sway more than half of the army in the important north- central part of the country. The revolutionaries also hope for support in the same region from peasants who recently have been demonstrating their loyalty to the local bishop in the face of great intimidation by the secret police. The dissidents, how- ever, are not known to have any collaborators in the air force, but they believe at least half of the 80 pilots are anti-Trujillo. The loyalty of the air force's mobile ground division--a force roughly comparable in size and firepower to a US World War II regimental combat team--is unknown. This force and two army brigades commanded by members of Trujillo's family are stationed at Ciudad Truji1193 fihould the initial attempt to seize or kill Trujillo fail, these units probably would remain loyal to him, while officers deeply implicated in the plot and who are in control of units in outlying towns might decide to risk civil war rather than to face prospects of torture and execution following their arrest. If the dissidents are able to neutralize Trujillo, almost all Dominicans, except for those military men and members of the secret police prob- ably would offer no significant resistance to the revolutionaries. The dictator's sons and several other close relatives are re- ported abroad or planning to leave the country so0n9 Le group which is to capture or kill Trujillo may not have enough arms to ensure success. It believes quick action is necessary before Trujillo learns of their plot--if in fact he has not already done so5) Ileanwhile, Trujillo is reported to believe that exiles in Venezuela are about to invade the Dominican Republic. On 27-) 3 May 61 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN Page 8 Approved for Release: 2020/08/12 CO2049778 Approved for Release: 2020/08/12 CO2049778 Nod SECRET -N�0 [April he reportedly ordered four of his generals to tighten security and assigned Felix Bernardino, head of a paramili- tary peasant force in the eastern part of the country, to be vigilant along the coasts. Artillery and tanks are said to have been sent to strategic places and aircraft to have been dispersed. A member of the opposition told the US Consulate at Ciudad Trujillo that he had heard the invasion is being postponed until Trujillo relaxes these security measures. However, there is no information tending to confirm that an exile force of any size is preparing to invade the Dominican Republi 3 May 61 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN Page 9 Approved for Release: 2020/08/12 CO2049778 Approved for Release: 2020/08/12 CO2049778 EAL V 11 I.L1.1141N .1.ei..1-1 .rry THE PRESIDENT The Vice President Executive Offices of the White House Special Counsel to the President The Special Assistant for National Security Affairs The Scientific Adviser to the President The Director of the Budget The Director, Office of Civil and Defense Mobilization The Director, National Aeronautics and Space Administration Chairman, Board of Consultants on Foreign Intelligence Activities The Department of State The Secretary of State The Under Secretary of State The Director, International Cooperation Administration The Deputy Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs The Deputy Under Secretary of State for Administration The Counselor and Chairman of the Policy Planning Council The Director of Intelligence and Research The Treasury Department The Secretary of the Treasury The Department of Defense The Secretary of Defense The Deputy Secretary of Defense The Secretary of the Army The Secretary of the Navy The Secretary of the Air Force The Assistant Secretary of Defense (International Security Affairs) The Assistant to Secretary of Defense (Special Operations) The Chairman, The Joint Chiefs of Staff Chief of Naval Operations, United States Navy Chief of Staff, United States Air Force Chief of Staff, United States Army Commandant, United States Marine Corps U.S. Rep., Military Committee and Standing Group, NATO Supreme Allied Commander, Europe Commander in Chief, Pacific The Director, The Joint Staff The Director for Intelligence, The Joint Staff The Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence, Department of Army The Director of Naval Intelligence, Department of Navy The Assistant Chief of Staff, Intelligence, Department bf the Air Force The Department of Justice The Attorney General The Federal Bureau of Investigation The Director The Atomic Energy Commission The Chairman The National Security Agency The Director The United States Information Agency The Director The National Indications Center The Director Approved for Release: 2020/08/12 CO2049778 Approved for Release: 2020/08/12 CO2049778 //;�/'Nor- .7E%/IVIC I '1114, #st. e,4,I, . re' 7z. 44r7 / 4r7 Y. e! 7 V g c% , TOP 7/7e/o/- ozoffe ,("4, Approved for Release: 2020/08/12 CO2049778