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August 14, 2020
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August 27, 2020
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June 5, 1961
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Approved for Release: 2020/08/12 CO2049794 fj low I Uni"�ZEIVitEl- 3 5(c) 5 June 1961 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN TOP SECRET Approved for Release: 2020/08/12 CO2049794 �Approved for Release: 2020/08/12 CO2049794 TOP SECRET Approved for Release: 2020/08/12 CO2049794 'ApproveTOI d for 2020/08/12 CO2049794 ii 5 June 1961 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE B ULLETIN CONTENTS 1, Laos: Souvanna Phouma says he intends to be in Geneva on 7 or 8 June; Phoumi may go to Nice. (Page i) 2. Dominican Republic: Trujillo's heirs promulgate late dic- tator's propaganda line. (Page it) 3. Guatemala's charges against Mexico may backfire. (Page it) 4. USSR may be withdrawing diplomatic and trade specialists from Albania. (Page iti) 5. South Korea: Leadership concerned to establish legal con- tinuity with prior regimes. (Page tit) 6. Moscow giving Somali Republic long-term credits. (Page iv) 7. Iranian prime minister believes he has Shah's support for reform program. (Page iv) 8. Chinese Communist trade mission in Latin America meet- ing with some success. (Page v) TOP SECRET Approved for Release: 2020/08/12 CO2049794 04:proved for Release: 2020/08/12 CO2049794 ong Soly uRTH VIE N u kieuo . - N----,...2, ehIONG SALY ..... "'"'..... BURMA I N a mT � 1 9 ��� AnDen Bien Phu / ..... �..."-, _, Na Moil::`,....-"" � � -- -..01;*" 1 NAM1THA �/''' ,I,..... '"''..." --''....,..9..- I lyluong Sat ; Nom Bac % Ban Hoe i ..... 1 Sal ....... -" / I LUANG; PRA ANG. ...\4 / .... (AM NEUA Muong Houili ..Luang Praban; 411�.? ___,... ...�.._....., ��,40%., SAYABOURY 13 .I- r111 pl ,.(;,',KHOUANG N, Muonp'Soui 7�__ Rhona Sayan -r 71 -!. , OU Khoun i� Xieng Khouang "Af\ . �\_116 ',ono Ngo711 IF Pa Dong.s....4_,.....Tha Thom C......f ---� Vang Vieng ...../....",..it_ . Itt -,... VIENTIANE . Borikhao5� Ban Hin Heup Pok Sane�j Vien one Nong Khai THA I L AND NORTHERN LAOS Forces *a* KONG LE - PATHET LAO KONG tE - PATHET LAO AREAS � GOVERNMENT (MEO) BASE AREAS ROAD p., 510 . 100 TRAIL . I STATUTE MILES *0 GOVERNMENT 0 ROUTE NUMBER 610531 KHAM Sihommo Pha Lane Tchep Savannakhet Muon- SAVANNAK Dong Hoi VIETNA Houei Sane. 5 June 61 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN Map Page Approved for Release: 2020/08/12 CO2049794 vr/f, Approved for Release: 2020/08/12 CO2049794 03 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN 5 June 1961 DAILY BRIEF Laos: Souvanna Phouma has stated that he intends to be in Geneva on 7 or 8 June, according to Western newsmen who interviewed him at the Plaine des Jarres airfield on 2 June. Souvanna, prior to his departure with Souphannouvong by IL-14 for Hanoi, repeated that he wants neutralism, not Communism, for Laos and that he had so informed Communist leaders in Moscow, Peiping, and Hanoi. Kong Le is reported to have told the visiting correspond- ents that he had done much recruiting and now has five bat- talions of parachutists. The newsmen felt that the Plaine des Jarres area had been thoroughly sanitized; only a few military personnel were in sight, and almost all of these were Kong Le troops. 1Gleanwhile, plans for a meeting of Souvanna, Souphannouvong, and Boun Oum in Nice, with Phoumi participating, apparently are proceeding. Phoumi, who has heard unofficially that the meeting of the three princes under Sihanouk's auspices has been agreed to, plans to leave for Nice on 5 or 6 June if the meeting is confirmed) LThe Pa Dong area was generally quiet on 3 and 4 June. planning for air resupply of enemy troops engaged against government Meo forces there and for the launching of new attacks. No Bloc airlift operations were scheduled for 4 June. (Page 1) (Map) TOP SECRET 11 Approved for Release: 2020/08/12 CO2049794 Approved for Release: 2020/08/12 CO2049794 4�00 Isv Dominican Republic: The press conferences on 3 June by President Balaguer and General "Ramfis" Trujillo, in which they emphasized the regime's "democratic" goals, indicate no change from the propaganda line promulgated by the late dictator, who often went to considerable lengths to try to con- vince world opinion that his regime was moderating its pol- icies. While President Balaguer may possibly wish he could play a part in democratizing the regime, there is no indication that he has the courage and leadership to play any role other than his accustomed one as a puppet for those exercising real power. Balaguer's statement that John Abbes was removed as de facto head of the Military Intelligence Service (SIM) prior to the as- sassination is belied by a reliable American citizen who ob- served Abbes in SIM headquarters on 1 June. "Ramfis," other members of the Trujillo family, and their close associates are dominant in the regime and clearly understand that they will lose everything the moment they permit a free opposition. (Page 3) Guatemala: President Miguel Ydigoras, confronted with mounting criticism from the anti-Communist factions of his divided opposition on the one hand and with increasing Com- munist activity on the other, has publicly charged that Cuban- supported revolutionary forces are preparing to attack Guatemala from bases in Mexico. The Mexican Government, apparently confident that the charges lack substance, has called on the OAS for an immediate investigation. Current information fails to substantiate the Guatemalan charges and refutes the Guatemalan claim that Raul Castro was in Mexico preparing the "Commu- nist invader force." uuatemaian army garrisons in the western and southern parts of the country have been alerted to expect imminent uprisings. Ydigoras has many enemies, civilian as well as military, and one or more of these 5 June 61 DAILY BRIEF TOP SECRET 11 A Approved for Release: 2020/08/12 CO2049794 Approved for Release: 2020/08/12 CO2049794 groups may attempt an uprising in the near future, but there is no information to suggest that a major Communist and Castro-led movement is about to break out in Guatemala., (Page 5) Albania-USSR: The USSR may be withdrawing some of its diplomatic and trade specialists from Albania. flight reservations for one-way trips from Tirana to Moscow were made for ten persons constituting families who may be asso- ciated with the Soviet Embassy in Tirana and for one person associated with the USSR's trade representation there. the Albanians in late May expelled the Soviet naval attache and an unspecified number of military experts. In another development, one of the two Soviet cargo/transport vessels that arrived in Albanian waters on 19 May was scheduled to pass through the Bosporus into the Black Sea on 4 June. The usual turn-around time for such ships in Albania is four or five days. Meanwhile, there has been no indication of any replacement for the submarines which left Vlone B av on 26 May. South Korea: South Korean insurgent leaders reportedly are considering the adoption of a new constitution patterned on that of the French Fifth Republic, providing for a strong execu- tive. After the fall of the Rhee government last year there was considerable interest among more conservative South Korean elements in such a constitution. However, a spokesman for the ruling Supreme Council for National Reconstruction has vigor- ously denounced as "absolutely groundless" and "irresponsible" recent press speculation forecasting an early return to civilian control. US Charge Green in Seoul notes that, so far, embassy contacts with government officials and members of the junta tend to indicate that those insistent on an extended period of military rule continue to exercise decisive influence in the Supreme Coun- cil. Meanwhile, the regime is moving ahead with plans to promul- gate a "basic law" that will in effect set aside those provisions of 5 June 61 DAILY BRIEF iii TOP SECRCII Approved for Release: 2020/08/12 CO2049794 Approved for Release: 2020/08/12 CO2049794 the present constitution dealing with civil rights and the National Assembly and "legalize" the assumption of power by the Supreme Council. The leadership is concerned that unless legal continu- ity, is maintained with the Rhee and Chang Myon governments, Seoul's claim to be the only legitimate Korean government will be regarded as no more valid than that of Pyongyang. The for- eign minister has announced that special missions will visit various noncommitted nations to win greater support in the UN for South Korea. USSR - Somali Republic: Moscow, continuing to broaden its ties with African states through the extension of long-term economic aid, announced on 2 June that it will provide the Somali Republic with $44,400,000 in long-term credits for industrial and agricultural development and with a$7,800,000 credit to finance commodity deliveries. The Soviet Union will also build two hos- pitals, a printing plant, a school, and a radio station as gifts. The announcement was contained in the communique marking the end of a ten-day visit to the USSR by Somali Prime Minister Abdirascid. The economic agreement is in line with the an- nounced intention of the moderate Somali Government to accept aid from all sources; it has been pending since last April when a Soviet good-will mission visited the East African nation. Moga- disci� appears to be headed toward early conclusion of similar aid programs with Czechoslovakia and possibly Communist China, Iran: O'ollowing a conversation with the Shah on 31 May, Prime Minister 4ylini was reported "greatly encouraged" by the Shah's reaffirniation of support for the government and for Amini's reform program. The Shah demonstrated this support by not countermanding Amini's order canceling the appointment of former Prime Minister Eqbal as ambassador to Spain. This appointment apparently had been ordered by the Shah about the middle of May without consultation with Amini and was regarded by many Iranians as evidence of the Shah's intention to undercut) 5 June 61 DAILY BRIEF TOP SECRET iv Approved for Release: 2020/08/12 CO2049794 4Approved for Release: 2020/08/12 CO2049794 %Of 1 %." 1 %La ghe prime minister. Amini hopes to see the Shah frequently to sustain his support for the government. The Shah and Amini have no essential differences on foreign policy and particularly on the necessity of Iran's membership in CENTO. In spite of the present appearance of cooperation, however, there has been no change in the basic source of conflict between the two--the monarch's unwillingness to refrain from direct participation in the government Latin America - Communist China: The Chinese Com- munist trade mission which recently visited Brazil and Chile and is now in Argentina is arousing interest, particularly in business circles. Representations from important business firms in Argentina overcame the Foreign Ministry's initial re- luctance to admit the group. Brazil and Chile plan to send trade missions, and Brazil may sign a trade agreem r, it is still reluctant to grant political recognition. Page 7) 5 June 61 DAILY BRIEF TOP SECRET z Approved for Release: 2020/08/12 CO2049794 Approved for Release: 2020/08/12 CO2049794 LOP / 'void The Situation in Laos Souvanna was or Hanoi by Russians in civilian clothes; hey were from the official Soviet installation appar- entiv at Phona Sayan. AC X.'-1b " food seemed plentiful, although there was a shortage of salt. iPhoumi's plans to go to Phnom Penh for a meeting with Souvanna and Souphannouvong apparently were changed by a re uest from Sihanouk and Boun Oum. Nice was proposed as a meeting place to pre- or Sihanouk and Boun Oum to travel to Phnom clu e t PenhD e nee A drop zone in the Pa Dong area has been arranged by enemy ThsiffiaLtlUr Two further examples of friction between Kong Le and Pathet Lao troops have been noted recently An unidentified Kong Le unit complained on 2 June that it had "no place to stay. . . The post is occupied only by the Pathet Lao. . . . They are assuming the entire control." "We are living outside the post be- cause the brethren and the Pathet Lao are still in control and as- suming full responsibility. Whenever they leave there will be a shortage of mosquito nets and clothing.' the presence of North Vietnamese and Chinese in the Route 9 area of Laos, east of Tchepone. there are two --TOP-SECRET 5 June 61 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN Page 1 Approved for Release: 2020/08/12 CO2049794 Approved for Release: 2020/08/12 CO2049794 l'01) SECRET [South Vietnamese special forces teams observing in the area, said his men had reported that most of the Communist troops there are Vietnamese, identifiable by their North Vietnamese dialect and their color, which is lighter than that of the Pathet Lao. He also claimed that many of the radio transmissions in the area were in 'Peking dialect." Peiping and Hanoi are continuing their charges that Laotian forces, aided by the US, are violating the Laotian cease-fire. Chinese broadcasts of 3 and 4 June attacked Vientiane's resup- ply operations in the Pa Dong area, while Hanoi charged on 3 June that two more US aircraft had flown over North Vietnam- ese territory. Airlift operations for 3 June were, apparently canceled, and preliminary field information indicates that no flights were sched- uled into Laos for 4 June. Weather conditions could account for this inactivity. A Soviet IL-14 and a Soviet IL-18 are en route from Moscow to North Vietnam, both of them apparently involved in freight- carrying missions. A Soviet AN-10--the commercial passenger version of the AN-12--which arrived at Peiping from Irkutsk on 1 June continued on to Canton on 3 June. There are indications that the flight of seven Soviet LI-2s from Hanoi to Canton on 1 June is associated with the arrival of this AN-10. The LI-2s were scheduled to return to Hanoi on 2 June,but this schedule was can- celed because of the delay in the arrival of the AN-10 at Canton. One load report indicated that the AN-10 was carrying 42 pas- sengers but no freight. It is possible that some of the Soviet airmen who have been flying airlift missions into Laos are being replaced by new crews which may have arrived at Canton aboard the AN-10. The AN-12 which arrived at Canton from the USSR on 31 May left Haiphong on 3 June, apparently in a return flight to the USSR. 5 June 61 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN Page 2 Approved for Release: 2020/08/12 CO2049794 Approved for Release: 2020/08/12 CO2049794 LC,/