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March 17, 2020
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March 26, 2020
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December 16, 1960
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7L9_920021./�0/0Z0z :aseaia JOI panaiddy7 Ar AM, Ar AP' N3'431AVesi rinr 0 'PI"' D. \47.1.1371ng ID\13-9171131N1 \13D L'C't 311 Itivr! R71, IUM 3 S SI 10.1. 'a:417A' 'SSV-13 Ordi15311333 �ssvio Ullowettoi ON 'ON annloa oil 0961 Iecltue3aa 91 (0)9 E u1c 4/fr( EEZ/7//////,,/ 31 r[ rE� � z/i� z s )e /A la >f Ijj1)7/9A rc d/d v/Z/Z/Z/Z/ZZ/Z/ZZ/ Approved for Release: 2020/03/13 CO2066872 �1.01P�SEMET-- im - Approved for Release: 2020/03/13 CO2066872 Approved for Release: 2020/03/13 CO2066872 �SEeRET- 16 DECEMBER 1960 I. THE COMMUNIST BLOC North Vietnam tells free world diplomats that Hanoi has decided not to remain in- active in Laos. II. ASIA-AFRICA 0 Nepalese King's take-over of government control appears motivated by domestic rather than foreign policy considerations. 0 Congo--Armed clashes between Congo Army and pro- Lumumba militia from Orientale Province may take place at any time. The situation in Laos. Ethiopia--Action of Imperial Bodyguard against Emperor Haile Selassie confined to capital, Addis Ababa; important army and air force officers appear loyal to Emperor. 0 0 0 III. THE WEST ()Peronistas may make another effort to unseat Argentine President Frondizi. �Guatemala- -New effort to oust Ydigoras regime may be near. SECRET Approved for Release: 2020/03/13 CO2066872 A � Approved for Release: 2020/03/13 CO2066872 i UI Lt�iniL,.1 %sol *quer CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN N 16 December 1960 DAILY BRIEF I. THE COMMUNIST BLOC SPECIAL ITEM north Vietnam�Laos: North Viet- nam "has decided nn t to reinni7 inactive': ?tin Laos. Hanoi had a "right to intervene' because of attacks allegedly mounted from Thailand against Vientiane. Indonesian and Indian representatives in Hanoi were given essentially the same message The Communist design apparently is to exert the necessary psycho- logical and military pressure to impress the West with the risks of further military assistance to Phoumi and to develop inter- national sentiment for nolitie.al settlement favorable to the Communists in Laos. aanoi and Moscow have been intervening by openly supply- ing military equipment to Kong Le units in Vientiane and greatly strengthening the Pathet Lao bastions in Phong Saly and Sam Neua provinces. However, there are at present no firm indications that either the North Vietnamese or the Chinese Communists are pre- paring an attack utilizing regular units of their armed forces against anti-Communist forces in Laos in the immediate future. Most of the major North Vietnamese units remain in the Hanoi area and there has been no evidence that any of these have been deployed toward the border areas. However, elements of the 316th Division at Dien Bien Phu and the 335th Division at Moc Cha.0 could be infiltrated into Laos where they would be used to strengthen the Pathet Lao forces operating from Phong Saly and Sam Neua. In addition tclj �TOP-SEeRE-T- AApproved for Release: 2020/03/13 CO2066872r / ,'Approved for Release: 2020/03/13 CO2066872 ii Cinfiltration and incorporation of North Vietnamese troops into the Pathet Lao, the Communists could step up the effort, al- ready underway on a considerable scale, to supply military equipment and technicianp...) At least 17 Chinese Communist military transports have been iatntified in the shuttle operation which began on 13 De- cember and terminates at Nanning, a rail center on the line to North Vietnam. On 15 December, two Chinese Communist civil transports flew from Peiping to Hanoi and are scheduled to re- turn to Peiping on 16 December. An 1L-14 flew to Vientiane on 15 December but apparently did not land as the airfield has been under artillery fire, It may have dropped supplies to Kong Le forces, however. On 16 December, all five of the Soviet IL-14's which had been airlifting material to Vientiane were flying from Hanoi to Vientiane, It is not yet known whether they landed or paradropped supplies. Four of the five additional Soviet IL-14's scheduled for Hanoi arrived at Peiping from Irkutsk on 15 December and departed for Hanoi on 16 December. The fifth IL-14 is scheduled to fly to Peiping on 16 December.1.1 a addition to Hanoi's private warnings, the bloc by its propa- ganda seeks to foment international alarm and justify Communist support for leftist forces in Laos. Hanoi, on 14 December, lodged a protest with the ICC for Vietnam charging that South Viet- namese troops were "present in the ranks of Phoumi Nosavan's" forces. In an official statement, also issued 14 December, Peiping charged the US with "crude interference" in Laos and endorsed Hanoi's demands for recall of the Laotian ICC. Peiping, in addition, in a 16 December People's Daily editorial, coupled a promise to uphold the 1954 Geneva agreements on Indochina with a threat to "exert its utmost efforts" to "check US imperialist interference" in Laos. The bloc effort to get international support for a nego- tiated settlement favorable to the Communists may gain some Impetus from Indian Prime Minister Nehru's 15 December remarD 16 Dec 60 DAILY BRIEF Ii TOP SECRET /Approved for Release: 2020/03/13 CO2066872 ;///W/ - v 'Approved for Release: 2020/03/13 CO2066872// _ I T.71-Cr=lef'G-Erf- . ktid 41.01 Ctfiat he had suggested to the USSR and Great Britain--cochair- men of the 1954 Germ Onnferenre�that the T(C! he re- activated in Laos:1 I I. ASIA-AFRICA Nepal: King Mahendra's arrest of Prime Minister B. P. Koirala and his cabinet on 15 December and his assumption of direct rule appear to have been motivated by domestic and personal rather than foreign policy considerations. In- /z__ fluenced by anti-Koirala intriguers among his palace clique, the King has grown increasingly dissatisfied with the per- formance of Koirala's Nepali Congress party government; he apparently also has feared the popular Koirala as a potential threat to the monarchy and his personal supremacy. Mahen- dra's position is sufficiently strong to ensure his retention of personal control of the situation: he annears intent on direct rule for a period of time. ) (Page 1) Congo: Pro-Lurnumba forces in Stanleyville are attempt- ing to secure foreign assistance for large-scale military op- erations against the Leopoldville government, and armed clash- es between the Congo Army and Stanleyville militia may take place at any time. Lumumba's erstwhile army chief General Lundula appealed to Cairo for "planes, ammunition, and soldiers." Although Cairo appears undecided concerning the extent to which it is pre- pared to support the dissidnets, it will probably provide some arms and ammunition through its UN battalion in Equateur Province as long as it remains in the Congo. Congo Army forces on 12 December intercepted a 100-man force of Stanleyville militia about 320 miles north- west of Stanleyville. They freed eleven EuroDeans who had beeti ra.ntured and arrestpd thp militiamen *Litat'cLittle change in the military situation in the Vien- tiane area has been reported. Although the Kong Le forces appear 16 Dec 60 DAILY BRIEF iii TOP SECRET 4Approved for Release: 2020/03/13 CO2066872 ri A 'Approved for Release: 2020/03/13 CO2066872 I vs a *ft�I to be avoiding an all-out clash with General Phoumi's troops, they continue harassment by artillery and mortar fire, sniping, and scattered hit -and-run attacks on Phoumi's forces. Phoumi's artillery has neutralized the airfield but does not appear to have captured it. m Penh, Souvanna Phouma, now in exile in the Cam- tan capital, a development of interna- tional importance would occur before 18 December which would completely change the situation in Vientiane. this may refer to armed aid to the Pathet Lao, action in the UN, or a call to the Geneva powers. Souvanna is said to have had two one-hour conversations with the Soviet charg�n 13 and 14 December respectively. Souvanna also reportedly sent a representative to consult with members of the Chinese Com- munist Embassy on 14 December. Souvanna held a meeting of his "ministers" in which he reiterated his posi- tion that his is the only legal Laotian government. When his colleagues vetoed his suggestion that the government be moved to Pathet Lao-controlled Sam Neua, Souvanna decided to re- main in Phnom Penh to await the return of Prince Sihanouk, now visiting in Communist China, at which time he will request full facilities from the Cambodian Government for the esta.b- ^ � 1 lishment of ,a government-in-exile. 1 r ( Ethiopia: The-actiOn-of the IMWrial Bodyguard against Em- peror Halle Selassie has been confined to the capital, Addis Ababa,L-1, and most important army and air force officers appear to be loyal to the Emperor. Several battalions from outlying areas are being rushed to the Addis Ababa area, and General Mend, the loyalist 4,-/ chief of staff of the armed forces, was delaying his attack on Addis Ababa until the reinforcements arrived. However, in midafternoon \,,of 15 December heavy firing and some street fighting were reported in the capital. Meanwhile Haile Selassie whn is Pn rnutp h air 16 Mc 6ti DAILY BRIEF iv --reici�sEGRra- //okpproved for Release: 2020/03/13 CO2066872V A Approved for Release: 2020/03/13 CO2066872 a tad A-a%.11 %.010 110 from Brazil, was expected to arrive in Ethiopia on 16 De- cember, presumably at Asmara, where the army commander appears to be completely loyal. (Page 2) III. THE WEST Argentina: Peronista elements will probably make another at- empt to oust President Frondizi, expects the effort to be better corrdinated than�, -d' he abortive Peronista attacks on 30 November. aeronista exiles -eo-a- n Uruguay are reported urging action soon...) The armed forces are t6 aintaining special security precautions during their continuing in- estigation of the 30 November attempt and are united in their oppo- ition to Peronista plotting. (Page 3 ) Guatemala: A new effort to oust the Ydigoras regime may be near Leaders of various opposition parties are in contact with a dissident faction of the army which is reportedly planning a coup. this military group numbers over 300 officers, many of whom are high ranking. If so, the President clearly faces a more serious threat than was posed by the abortive military revolt on 13 November which re- quired four days to suppress. the dissidents are "completely anti-Communist and anti-Castro." However, the Communists are aware of the plotting and, have been contacted by the military dissidents. Also, the Castro regime in Cuba is known to be conducting sub- versive activities among Guatemalan Communists and other ex- tremists. 01