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March 17, 2020
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March 26, 2020
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December 20, 1960
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Z7ZZ/ZW/ZZZZIWZ/Z/ZZ r/Z/ZZIWZA4//////////Z/7//// Approved for Release: 2020/03/13 CO2066873 3.3(h)(2) -1-Urlr-41CL-IVIC - - 'D4 3.5(c) 20 December 1960 Copy No. C CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN' DOCUMENT NO. NO CiC,NEF. Di CLASS. je CUSS. tli TOI TS 3 a NEXT NaLW :WO AUTHI ha 1U.2 ail() JUN 7980 agyiEWENa lop-sEcitEr f Z.A.PproVed for (010%03/4 60S:r6(8f37 A Approved for Release: 2020/03/13 CO2066873 Y41NI" I Vt- -yaw ' Approved for Release: 2020/03/13 CO2066873 Approved for Release: 2020/03/13 CO2066873 SECR 20 DECEMBER 1960 I. THE COMMUNIST BLOC Germany�Interzonal trade talks nearing climax. II. ASIA-AFRICA Laos--Pathet Lao skirmishing around Luang Praliang and in Xieng Khouang Province. Indonesia- -High-level delegation leaving for naval and air force assistance talks in Moscow. Nepal--King has now detained almost all key politicians; intends to rule directly for some time. Congo--Morocco delays withdrawal of UN contingent; USSR threatens aid to Stanley- ville dissidents. III. THE WEST Cuba--West German ambassador tells Cubans his government neutral in "Cuban-c7, US quarrel." l.f�J �Approved for Release: 2020/03/13 CO2066873 A Approved for Release: 2020/03/13 CO2066873 . . . CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN 20 December 1960 DAILY BRIEF I. THE COMMUNIST BLOC *Berlin:an an effort to prod Bonn into reinstating the interzonal trade agreement which otherwise will lapse on 31 December, the East German mass media threaten "seri- ous disorders." however, East German officials indicate they will make important concessions if the West Germans reinstate the agreement. Soviet Ambassador Per- vukhin told Ambassador Dowling on 16 December that Berlin access problems could always be settled by Soviet-US bilat- eral talks, suggesting that Moscow is not interested in a showdown at this point 1 I. A61A-All'kticA *Laos:! LThe Luang Prabang garrison commander states the P�a"-ER ao have conducted light skirmishes with his forces during the past two weeks; the Pathets could mount a major attack if they are able to regroup and bring up rein- -I-) forcements. Pathet Lao elements, reportedly aided by North Jr Vietnamese elements, are apparently exerting strong pres- sure on a government outpost in eastern Xieng Khouang Prov- inc0Shuttle flights by Soviet IL 14s between Canton and Hanoi indicate that the cargo brought in by the AN-12s which arrived at Canton on 18 December is being ferried to Hanoi. Chinese Communist transports meanwhile continue their airlift opera- tions between Nanning and Hanoi. North Vietnam's call for another Geneva conference was supported by the Chinese Com- munist Government in an official statement on 19 December and by Cambodia's Prince Sihanouk, who told a Peiping rally that Laos should be considered by a "new" international con- ference. (Page 1) , 5ECRET,,,, AAPProved for Release 2020/03/13 CO2066873r Ar Approved for Release: 2020/03/13 CO2066873 %ftoo SECRET Indonesia: A high-level Indonesian delegation, includ- ing National Security Minister and Army Chief. of Staff Gen- eral Nasution, will arrive in Moscow late this month, appar- A ently with the dual mission of negotiating more favorable 0 terms for new navy and air force aid programs and accel- erating the transaction. he mission may be led by Foreign' Minister Subandrio. General Nasution represented the mis- sion as a reaction to statements from The Hague on its dis- patch of reinforcements to Netherlands New Guinea. The prospective purchases reportedly total $277,000,000 for the navy and $100.000.000 for the air forct,1 (Page..) Nepal: King Mahendra's continuing roundup of political leaders since his takeover on 15 December has now taken out of circulation nearly all of Nepal's key politicians, including three former prime ministers. alahendra reportedly intends to rule directly for some time, choosing his own council of ministers as he has during; previous periods of palace rule3 The army apparently remains completely loyal to the King, and the populace is quiescent. (Page 5) *Congo: Morocco plans to delay the withdrawal of its UN contingent in the Congo "u.n- til a decision could be reached by African states" concerning possible joint action with regard to the Stanleyville dissident regime. p.a bat , like Cairo, has had second thoughts on withdrawal from the Congo; the UAR as yet has made no move to implement the intended withdrawal of its UN battalion, announced on 7 December. Ghanaian President Nkrurnah has urged that Lumumba's Afri- can allies not pull out of the UN force, but support the dissi- dents in Orientale Province. The USSR may be preparing to assist in supplying material aid to Gizenga's group. Soviet UN 20 Dec 60 DAILY BRIEF ii 0 44-p�roved for Release: 2020/03/13 Approved for Release: 2020/03/13 CO2066873 , tar delegate Zorin toi ber that "the US i making preparatii., There is as v, Austrian ambassador on 16 Decem- _mg preparations now, and we are confirmation .27tat the USSR has obtained per- JAL or flights to Stanleyville. UN la 'Leopoldville has stated that three -Jed at Stanleyville between 10 and he UN "believes" themtflaveheen mission to overfly representative Ri: Soviet-type aircrL.., 14 December, but UAR aircraft. 1 THE WEST Cuba: In his c1 tc, -232uade the Castro regime from establishing diplorn: rel:ions with East Germany, the West German a.mb�,..., �:-ar id the acting Cuban foreign min- ister that West.Gery haz nothing against the Cuban Gov- ernment and is neutral insy2ar as the "Cuban-US quarrel is concerned.", The Ar,--7.an c..arge notes that there is prob- ably not a single for :i chief sT, mission in Havana, with the exception of certain, nii:nerican ambassadors, who has condemned to high Caa c:licials the violation of human rights by the Castro regimeo criticized its raoorochement hthe Sino-Soviet bloc. (Page 6) DAILY BRIEF iii Approved for Release: 2020/03/13 CO2066873 Approved for Release: 2020/03/13 CO2066873 Situation in Laos the Pathet Lao tor the past two weeks had been engaged in light probing actions against the royal capital but that his forces had succeeded in preventing any major Pathet attack. does not believe the Pathet Lao would be able to mount any offensive against the town without extensive re- grouping and reinforcements. He expects Captain Kong Le may move to the Luang Prabang area to join with the Pathet Lao in an attack on the capital. it would take at least a week for Kong Le 's forces to arrive in the area. More detailed information, just made available, on Kong Le's withdrawal from Vientiane indicates that from 500 to 700 troops left with him. These probably include approximately three companies of paratroopers and some irregular elements drawn mainly from the leftist youth movement which developed after his 9 August coup. Eight armored cars and one M-24 tank c.1,7ithdrawing on the road toward Luang Prabang. It is estimated that Kong Le may retain from two to four 105- mm. howitzers and two 120-mm, mortars out of the equipment brought in by Soviet IL-14s before General Phoumi launched his attack on Vientiane. Kong Le probably is now about 25 miles north of Vientiane. In Xieng Khouang Province, Pathet Lao forces are report- edly exerting strong pressure on Nong Het. a government out- post near the North Vietnamese border. a North Vietnamese battalion has been sup- porting the Pathet Lao with mortar fire. General Phoumi earlier had been reported as convinced that the next big Pathet Lao effort would be directed toward Xienglthouang. Phoumi planned to send reinforcements to the area. The three Soviet AN-12 heavy transports which arrived at Canton from the USSR on 18 December will not continue on to SECRET 20 Dec 60 CENITRAI INITFI I IMF:MCP RI II rTim Page 1 Approved for Release: 2020/03/13 CO2066873 Approved for Release: 2020/03/13 CO2066873 ES CHET Now' Noe Hanoi as they were originally scheduled to do but are to fly to Peiping on 20 December. Flights by Soviet IL44s between Hanoi and Canton on 18 and 19, and three flights scheduled for 20 December indicate that the cargo ferried in by the AN-12s is being transshipped to Hanoi. Soviet and Chinese Communist transports continued to shuttle between Nanning and Hanoi through 19 December. Five of the Soviet IL-14s flew from Hanoi to the Vientiane area on 19 December, and five are scheduled to fly two round trips eaoh�irom }lanai/0 Vientiane on 20 December. Also scheduled for 20 December is the flight of three North Vietnamese transports from Hanoi to Sam Neua, On 19 December, three North Vietnamese trans= ports were taking off from Sam Neua. This is the first confirmation that North Viet- namese aircraft have landed at Sam Neua, although previous fliahts to the area a North Viet= namese helicopter en route to Laos may have crashed. contact with the helicopter was lost on 17 Decem- ber and it was still unreported as of 18 December. Chou En-lai on 19 December forwarded to Hanoi a "second Chinese Government statement on the situation in Laos" which noted that Peiping holds that the Laotian question should be set- tled by the Laotian people the:mselves without foreign interfer- ence. It condemned US imperialism for the grave situation in Laos. The statement gave full support to the 17 December North Vietnamese proposal for reconvening another Geneva conference and reactivating the ICC in Laos. Prince Sihanouk told a Peiping rally on 19 December that "a new conference like the 1954 Geneva meeting on Indochina" should be convened to consider Laos. Hanoi will view Sihanouk's comment as evidence of neutral support for the North Vietnamese call for another Geneva conference and reactivation of the ICC. The ICC for Vietnam also has been the recipient of another North Vietnamese protest calling for "urgent measures to stop the dan- gerous activities of the US 7th Fleet in South Vietnam." US fleet movements were linked to events in Laos by North Vietnam's chief of staff, General Vo Nguyen Giap, who sent the protest to the ICC in Vietnam on 17 December. Neo Lao Hak Sat leader 20 Dec 60 rrkITD A I IkITPI I inrkirp RI Ill =TIM Approved for Release: 2020/03/13 CO2066873 Page 2 Approved for Release: 2020/03/13 CO2066873 Stki