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January 28, 2019
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Approved for Release: 2019/01/17 CO2197590 The President's Daily Brief Toi ecret 7 February 1968 Approved for Release: 2019/01/17 CO2197590 EO 13526 3.3(h)(2) EO 13526 3.5(c) ´┐ŻApproved for Release: 2019/01/17 CO2197590 TOP CRET - DAILY BRIEF 7 FEBRUARY 1968 1. Vietnam North Vietnamese regulars, spear- (as of 5:00 AM headed by nine armored vehicles be- EST) lieved to be Soviet T-34 tanks, were beaten back from the strategic Lang Vei Special Forces camp near Khe Sanh last night. The night-long assault was timed to coincide with a heavy bom- bardment of the Khe Sanh base. At last report the enemy force was pulling back. 2. Korea TO CRET - This is the first time the Commu- nists have used armor in South Vietnam. 3.5(c) The North Vietnamese could be plan- ning another "first," this one using aircraft against allied positions near the Demilitarized Zone. Yesterday three of North Vietnam's eight IL-28 jet light bombers returned to Phuc Yen airfield/ /Although the 3.3(h)(2) IL-28s are old and slow by today's standards, they could reach the Demili- tarized Zone from Phuc Yen. North Vietnam's AN-2 light trans- ports also have been unusually active. Some of these aircraft are adapted for ground attack. A number of South Koreans demon- strated against the Panmunjom talks this morning. The demonstration was at Free- dom Bridge on the road leading through US lines to the meeting site. Some of the demonstrators got across the bridge where they were met and turned back by US troops. There have been no significant de- velopments in North Korea overnight. Pyongyang is rebroadcasting the sixth alleged confession by a Pueblo crewman. Approved for Release: 2019/01/17 CO2197590 3.5(c) Approved for Release: 2019/01/17 CO2197590 LAOS PANHANDLE NORTH VIETNAM Thar(h-Hoa Enemy Control led Territory 0 25 50 7,0 Miles 0 25 50 715 '