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July 16, 2020
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July 30, 2020
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June 5, 1973
,PirpviApproved for Release: 2019/11/05 CO2378347r ity.;-ittliti LRIItL U. UP� i 3.5(c) 5 June 1973 MEMORANDUM FOR THE RECORD SUBJECT: Project AQUILINE Reclassification Request) 1. The C/SMS/DDS&T telephonically requested on 4 June 1973 that OSA consider reclassification of Project AQUILINE material to SECRET. He advised that Mr, Carl Duckett, DDS&T, had approved a request from OTR to utilize Project AQUILINE material in connec- tion with a Management Training Course. 2. The foregoing request was discussed with the EO/OSA who advised that Project AQUILINE material had actually been down- graded to CONFIDENTIAL and made available to various U.S. mili- tary services. He saw no objection to making the requested material available to OTR. 3. On 5 June 1973 C/Senior Seminar/OT, 1000 Chamber of Commerce Building, Extension called the undersigned. He explained that OTR wishes to draw upon the docu- ments in Project AQUILINE to prepare various sections of a Management Course study, He explained that the original documents would not be used by the students in the course but would be used by the instructor to compile course material. For instance, he said sections under project history, project requirements, project technical problems etc, would be produced from an analysis of project documents. As a result this request was really for per- mission to deal with the substance of project documents at a SECRET level. 4, noted that a few documents carried a BYEMAN classification, He saw no reason for utilizing any BYEMAN material and in fact felt that some of the documents may have been so classified for peripheral reasons. 5. The undersigned will prepare a memorandum for for the approval of the OSA Front Office providing authority to use AQUILINE documents was requested. Approved for Release: 2019/11/05 CO2378347