DAILY SUMMARY - 1946/06/27

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September 11, 2018
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Approved for Release: 2018/09/05 CO2578572 Approved for Release: 2018/09/05 CO2578572 Approved for Release: 2018/09/05 CO2578572 TOP SECRET SOADW � TIM! 1. WFTU Congress reflects international !zower alignments�Ambassador Smith in Moscow has been told by an "astute and balanced" US dele- gate to the World Federation of Trade Unions (17TTU) that (a) dis- cussions in the current WFTU Congress in Moscow tend increasingly to parallel the diplomatic conflicts between the USSR and the Western Powers, and (b) "the Russians have taught us that trade unions must follow the policies of their respective governments." The delegate has concluded, however, that Soviet labor leaders "are still imbued with the concept of world revolution." 2. State Department favors admission of Italy and Austria to UN--The State Department has informed Herschel Johnson that it has nreviewed its position" on Italy and Austria and still feels that "an effort" should be made to obtain their admission into the UN this summer because it would give both countries a desirable "psychological lift." However, the Department feels that Austria should not be admitted before Italy and that support for Austria "should be dropped" if Italy's admission is blocked. 21 11IN 1946 3. Possiblejg_osl.zt_r1-Alt2anian federation�According to US representa- tives in Tirana and Sofia, there is some evidence to substantiate rumors that the current talks in Belgrade between Tito and Albanian Premier Hoxha foreshadow an imminent Yugoslav-Albanian federation. Embassy Ankara reports that the Yugoslav Embassy recently announced that it would henceforth represent Albanian interests in Turkey. EUROPE-AFRICA 4. VENEZIA GIULIA: Security Police increase authorized�CCS has authorized the Supreme Allied Commander, Mediterranean, to increase the strength of the Special Civil Police in Venezia Giulia to 6000 (see Daily Summary of 17 June, item 4). 5. AUSTRIA: US to sign new control machinery agreement�The War Department has authorized General Clark to sign the new control machinery agreement (which increases the autonomy of the Austrian Government) at the Allied Council meeting on 28 juM isee Daily Sum- con mary of 12 June, item 4). CO Class, CHANCED TO: TS S DDA 111uo, 4 Apr 77 T Auth: DDA RIZ:� 77/1763 1-0�MAR. . Approved for Release: 2018/09/O5 CO2578 gia B: /, NO CHANGE in Ciasri. [] [] DECLASSIFIED Approved for Release: 2018/09/05 CO2578572 161.eit'Fri'DETM4li O. USSR: Emphasis on small Soviet ruling group�Ambassador Smith In Moscow reports that Soviet press photographs of Soviet leaders, published in connection with the death of former President Kalinin, further stress the importance in the Soviet hierarchy of Georgi Malen- kov, Leverenti neriyat and a small group within the Politburo (see Daily Summary of 28 March, item 3). The eminence of this group is believed by Smith to suggest that Stalin considers the present period to be "one of crisis for the regime" which requires vigorous internal control and safeguards against foreign subversive influences. 7. USSR: Soviet views on atomic energy--Smith reports that a 15 June NEW TIMES article by the chief Soviet authority on atomic energy reaffirms certain basic Soviet tenets and propaganda themes concern- ing the military and political implications of atomic energy. The article illustrates the tendency in Soviet propaganda to minimize or deny the revolutionary military implications of atomic energy, and stresses the Marxist thesis that capitalist economic "contradictions" and monopolies ultimately transform productive forces into destructive ones. 8. GREECE: US advises postponement of Premier's trip to US--The State Department has instructed Embassy Athens to discourage any plans for Premier Tsaldaris to visit Washington at the present time. Tsaldaris told Charge Rankin in Athens that he is keenly disappointed at the postponement because (a) he had planned the Washington visit to demonstrate that Greece is a sovereign state rather than a British satellite, (b) he fears that the Department's attitude indicates disap- proval of his Government's policies, and (c) he will be blamed in Greece for his apparent failure to initiate timely negotiations for US economic aid after the termination of uNnr.A. 9. TURKEY: Soviets propose bilateral discussions�The Turkish Foreign Minister has informed Ambassador Wilson that the Soviets apparently are attempting to lead Turkey into "bilateral talks" and thereby cause friction between Turkey and the US and UK. The Soviet Ambassador recently proposed to disregard the question of Turkey's eastern pro- vinces if Turkey would discuss the question of Soviet bases in the Straits. The Soviet Ambassador suggested that these bases would only parallel "US air bases in Turkey." "v4051-1 AC 'FOP -SECRET Approved for Release: 2018/09/05 CO2578572 Approved for Release: 2018/09/05 CO2578572 10. IRAN: gay Kurdish unrising�US Consulate Tabriz reports that according to a "local Kurdish source" new and serious disorders have developed in Iranian Kurdistan, where "large Kurdish forces," Including four to six thousand outlaw Iraqi Kurds, have surrounded Iranian Army units. The Consulate comments that Kurdish head- quarters in Tabriz are "a beehive of activity" and a "major Kurd drive" against the Central Government Army seems to be developing. 11. DENMARK: Faroes Loran station�Foreign Minister Rasmussen has Informed US Minister Marvel that Denmark is opposed to permitting the US to operate the Faroes Loran station now maintained by the British, and desires to train Danes to replace the British, who are being withdrawn. Marvel believes that the Danish attitude reflects fear of Soviet reaction. FAR EAST *ter 12. SIAM: Report o1 King'? death�US Charge Yost reports that a majority of the medical panel appointed to perform an autopsy on the body of King Ananda is inclined to feel that the most probable cause, of his death was murder, with suicide second and accident "a poor third." The American doctor on the panel believes that the Govern- ment was not responsible and accepts the Prime Minister's statement that a coup d'etat group had nothing to gain by regicide. The doctor feels that the King's death could plausibly be laid to ambitions within the Royal family. Yost characterizes the underlying situation as "unstable" and expects considerable public excitement. 13. SOUTHEAST ASIA: British seek shins for deferred repatriation�The War Department has notified General MacArthur that the British are retaining 100,000 Japanese in Southeast Asia until the end of 1946 or early 1947 and have asked for the use, at that time, of some of the ships presently being used for repatriation. The War Department does not favor holding these ships merely to meet this deferred British repatriation program and has asked General MacArthur for his com- ments. NTIj TO ET Approved for Release: 2018/09/05 CO2578572
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