DAILY SUMMARY - 1946/06/25

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September 11, 2018
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Approved for Release: 2018/09/05 CO2578599Z RELEASE - Historical Programs [Staff 30 August 2018 Approved for Release: 2018/09/05 CO2578599 Approved for Release: 2018/0970-5 -e-dig78'SW RELEASE - Historical Programs [taTT iuiugust2O18 GEN APAL4 I. Plans for a new Spanish "Republican Government"--According to Ambassa- dor 6a1fery in Paris, a Minister of the Giral "Government"-in-eldle re- cently informed Bevin that President Barrios intends, when Giral returns from the US, (a) to "accept" the Cabinet's resignaticm and form a new Ministry without Giral; and (b) to broaden the "Government" to include Monarchists. Caffery finds it "dilfficult to see" how some important groups which support the "Republican Government" can be persuaded to change their opposition to Monarchist participation. 2. US asks confirmation of USSR tractor sale to Argentina�The State Depart- ment has asked the Soviet Government whether, as recently reported in the press, the USSR is actually "willing and prepared" to sell tractors and farm equipment to Argentina (see Daily Summary of 5 June, item 9). The note states that the US (a) has allotted similar equipment to UNRRA for shipment to the Ukrainian and Belorussian Republics, and (b) does not feel it should make such a "considerable sacrifice" if the USSR is prepared to export similar items to other countries. 3. USSR demands repatriation from US Zone Austria�The Soviet Foreign Office has requested that US authorities in Austria allow Soviet officers to resume the repatriation of Soviet citizens still in the US zone. The Foreign Office asserts that (a) there are 41,000 Soviet citizens (21,600 of them from former Baltic states) still in US camps; and (b) "propaganda, threats and intimidation" are being employed in some camps to persuade these persons not to return to the USSR. EUROPE -AFRICA 4. FRANCE: Caffery's view of new Government�Caffery reports that the formation orthe new Government has temporarily increased Bidates personal prestige and influence, but that there is no "real unity of pur- pose" among the three major Parties. The Goverment is regarded as a "temporary makeshift" to carry on until the new Constitution is drafted. 5. GERMANY: Migration of Jewish refugees�General MeNarney reports that (a) immigration of Jewish refugees from the East into the US zone is expected to increase during the next few months and (b) accommodations In the US zone are "taxed to the limit" MckAaFg? ttke.refore has requested .E,0 CHANGE in Catlin 14 I n DECLASSIFIED Class. CHANCED TO: TS S DDA Memo, 4 Apr 77 TrA4P-4�EIGRET Auth: DDA FIC. 77/1763 nnt . 1 .0 mg 1978' By: 04/ Approved for Release: 2018/09/05 CO2578599y7- LI [APPROVFn FOR RELEASE - Historical Programs Approved for Release: 2018/09/05 CO2578599 2018 War Department � Department permission to close the US zone to "displaced per- son infiltration" from the French zones in Germany and Austria and the UK zone in Germany_ He asserts that there is "no justification" for such movements, except the "general feeling" among the refugees that in the US zone they will receive better treatment and have greater opportunities for "resettlement" outside Germany. 6. CZECHOSLOVAKIA:: Soviet control of Danubian barges�Ambassador Steinhardt, commenting on the Czech request to the US for return of Danu- bian barges, reiterates his belief that the Soviets would exercise effective control over any barges returned to Czechoslovakia at this time. He feels that Czechoslovakia would not dare to challenge Soviet control or to sup- port the US policy on freedom of navigation for the Danube. 7. POLAND: US to reo en Eximbank and s las ro e r credits �In view of the Polish Government s renewed pledges of economic i ormation to the US (see Daily Summary of 18 June, item 6), the State Department is authorizing resumption of US surplus property deliveries to Poland. The US will also implement the Export-Import Bank credit to Poland, but only after receiving the Polish treaty texts and information on quantities and prices of goods involved. (rolish Ambassador Lange has denied press re- ports that he had stated roland was "no longer interested" in the US credit.) 8. USSR: US to begin Russian-language broadcasts�The State Department has informed Ambassador Smith that it will begin Russian-language broad- casts as soon as a satisfactory Russian-language staff can be assembled. (Smith had urgently requested such broadcasts as the only means of com- batting Soviet anti-US propaganda--see Daily Summary for 5 June, item 2.) 9, IRAN: Qa, vam may visit US�Ambassador Mien reports that Premier Qavam has indica.led a desire to visit the US and may be contemplating heading the Iranian delegation to the UN in September. The State Department has Informed Allen that it would welcome such a visit but believes the visit "would lose much of its value" if sponsored officially by the US. Allen reports that the Shah also wishes to visit the US soon and is not pleased at the prospect of a visit by Qavam. Plot against Democrat leader in Azerbaijan--According to US Con- sul Tabriz, a. "local government source' has con-firmed rumors of an abortive plot against the life of Democrat leader Fishevari by a radical CoArRa,-- wc- iv T/Au 'F44.12-SwErklimET Approved for Release: 2018/09/05 CO2578599 Approved for Release: 2018/09A/6-Farg5991R RELEASE - Historical Programs LOLd1 I JL) ru.iyuSt 2018 group who believed Pisheva.ri had "sold out to the Central Government." The Consul reports further that a high Democrat functionary has "inad- vertently admitted" that Pishevari has "constant direct contact" with Soviet officials in Baku. Soviet propaganda against UN--Allen reports that Soviet officials are now attempting, with some success, to persuade the Iranians that "the UN has little or no strength" and that the USSR "kept its troops in Iran as long as it wanted to." FAR EAST 10. CHINA: Opposition to repatriation of Nazis--Charge Smyth in Nanking has pointed out to the Chinese Foreign Minister that, of the original 1700 Germans listed, by the US for repatriation from China, about 700 (in many Instances important Nazis) have been exempted by the Chinese Government The Foreign Minister has agreed to review the matter, but Smyth believes that the Chinese authorities have no real desire to Carry out the "American" deportation plan which runs counter to the per- sonal advantage of many influential Chinese and to many "long-standing friendships." 11. Starvation in Java�US Consul Batavia reports that the food situa- tion in Java "could not be much worse." The Allied-controlled urban areas "must suffer greatly" unless food is imported, and outside those areas starvation is increasing: Approved for Release: 2018/09/05 CO2578599
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