DAILY SUMMARY - 1946/06/22

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September 11, 2018
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Approved for Release: 2018/09/05 CO2578601Z RELEASE - Historical Programs [Staff 30 August 2018 Approved for Release: 2018/09/05 CO2578601 RELEASE - Historical Programs Approved for Release: 2018/09/05 CO257860 [own .5u /August 2018 'POP-SECRET SOIVRETIA GENERAL griti 1 0 9 1. British to submit inde ndent draft treaci for Austria�llarriman reports that e ritish Foreign (Vice, as a matter of tactics," is to submit its own draft treaty for Austria rather than support the US draft. The two drafts "apparently will not vary greatly." garrima.n comments that the Foreign Office evidently desires to avoid Leftist criticism that British foreign policy "slavishly" follows US policy. EUROPE-AFRICA ' 9. ITALY: Monarchist2.1_,ot--Charge 'Fey has been informed by a "generally reliable" source that (a) shortly before Umberto's de- parture, a "serious plot" involving. high Army and Foreign Office officials was "afoot in the Palace" to preserve the Monarchy by a coup d'etat (including arrest of the Prime Minister and members of the Cabinet); (b) the King was unaware of the plot "until the last moment"; and (c) when the !Ing learned of the plot, he immediately left Italy to avoid strife. 17ey fears that if the plot becomes known, there may be a "purge" of the Monarchists and that the gap between the Republicans and Monarchists may be widened, He adds that Molotov may have had "vague reports" that "something serious" was occurring in Monarchist circles. 3. OLAND: Measures to insure C-ov at victory The US Consul in r oznan has been informed by members of the rolish workers' (Communist) rarty that a Government victory in the refer- endum will be insured by the following measures: (a) violence, in- eluding shootings, will intimidate an estimated 307, of the electorate into abstaining from voting; (b) members of the relish Army security forces and the Citizens Militia will be ordered to vote several times; and (c) personnel of Government-controlled factories and other organ- izations will be marched in a body to the polls and will be given no opportunity to mark their ballots before depositing theme (Blank ballots are to be counted as affirmative votes -- see Daily Summary of 20 June, item 7.) Document No. _P� NO CHANGE in Cj . -1 - DECLASSITT.Ta Class. CHANCED T3: T:3 S (#4 DDA Memo, 4 Apr 77 Auth: DDA-11L'&: 7.7/1763 1-0 MAR 1978 By: dg Approved for Release: 2018/4091 Date:/05)CO25 8601 Approved for Release: 20V8-/-09%-g-C-02-578607LEASE - Historical Programs Staff 30 Li-kugusi zu10 FAR EAST 4 MIA:, British prepare for disorder�US Comraissioner Merrell in New Delhi reports that the British military appear to be making "extraordinary" preparations for "disorders which may occur," whether or not an interim Government is formed. Terrell "still" believes that a Covernment will be formed with representatives of both the Congress Fatly and the Muslim League. 5. AUSTRALIA: Dutch Minister publicly rebuked�Legation Canberra reports that the strain in Australian-70utch relations, which have gradually deteriorated as a result of the "Indonesian affair," was made public on 20 June, 'when before Parliament the Australian rrime Minister severely censured the Dutch Minister for the manner in which he has conducted diplomatic negotiations, TIM AMERICAS C. BRAZIL: IhS assurances on Argentina�Acheson has instructed US Embassy Brazil to assure the Brazilians that the US will not invite Argentina into the hemisphere military pact before receiving proof that Argentina "will meet her anti-Nazi coramitments." Lcheson adds that the ITE position was made clear to Von der Becke during their recent conversation. Approved for Release: 2018/09/05 CO2578601
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