DAILY SUMMARY - 1946/06/17

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September 11, 2018
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Approved for Release: 2018/09/05 CO2578604 APPROVED FOR RELEASE - Historical Programs Staff 30 August 2018 Now' Approved for Release: 2018/09/05 CO2578604 Approved for Release: 2018/09/05 CO2578604 APPROVED FOR RELEASE - Historical Programs Staff 30 August 2018 TOPticnyr. j1P � /181/1/, GENERAL Now 17 JUN 194 104 1. French "concern" over Soviet troop concentrations--Caffery reports that, according to a etrellable'' Foreign (*ice official, the French are "somewhat concerned" b reports of large Soviet troop concen- trations in the Soviet zone of t p particularly near the western line of demarcation. The French consider that the Soviets may desire (a) to impress the German ma* with their strength, and (b) to engage in a "little war a nerves." 2. USSR and Hungary reported negotiating military allianc,--The US Dole. gale AC t 8udapest reports that, according to an -rrutraseally reliable source," the Soviets and Hungarians are secretly negotiating a milithey alliance in Bodanest. S. Soviet policy in Asia�Ambassador Smith in Moscow points out that the Soviets appear to be cultivating "correct" relations with their Asiatic neighbors, in contrast to their "truculence" in Europe. Smith suggests that the Soviets, calculating that time and "the forces of decay and regeneration" are on their side in Asia, are employing 111111, indirect and "more dangerous" methods such as (a) ingratiating them- selves with the Asiatic masses, (b) contrasting the USSR to the "Imperialist" US and UK, and (c) manipulating native fifth columns. EUROPE -AFRICA 4. VENEZIA GIULIA: sAcivren requests increase of security troops-- The Supreme Allied Commander, Mediterranean Theater, has (a) re- quested CCS to authorize the reinforcement of Allied troops in Venezia Giulia by one regimental combat team from USFET, and (b) reiterated his earlier request for authority to increase the AMG police force in Zone A from 3,950 to 6,000 (see Daily Summary for 3lune, item 6)� He points out that (a) the possibility of a Yugoslav coup' particularly against Trieste" continues, and (b) demonstrations by the local population, both Yugoslav and Italia; are increasingly frequent and aggressive, Yuposlav military action discounted--Charge Shantz in Bel- grade believes that the emphasis of Marshal Titoia recent visit to Moscow was on economic matters. Shantz (a) reports a subsequent
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